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Dr. Jennifer Walden Provides Quality Care Through Her Practice at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who graduated as the salutatorian of her class at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Walden completed an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital. Walden built her own successful practice in New York City before co-authoring the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Currently, Walden has been practicing plastic surgery for the past 8 years and she focuses on aesthetic surgeries that help people get the look they desire. It’s a rarity to find an aesthetic plastic surgeon that is females as there are only about 8,100 in the entire US. There are only about 12 in the entire state of Texas.

These days the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is Dr. Jennifer Walden’s own practice that delivers aesthetic plastic surgery procedures to their patients and also maintains the highest standards of safety practices and standards of care to keep their facility in top-notch condition. Dr. Walden’s focus at her surgical center is focused on breast and facial procedures including breast augmentations, breast reconstruction, breast reductions, rhinoplasties, and facial lifts to name a few procedures that are done there on a regular basis. Their office also provides basic procedures that are “quicker” and less invasive in nature including things like botox, collagen injections, and wrinkle reduction injections that are sought by many more patients than the massively invasive surgeries.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is the Vice Commissioner of Communications for the same professional organization. As if that’s not enough to keep Walden busy, she is also a spokesperson and a representative for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeon.

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Student Loan Issue Reaching Crisis Levels

Getting a college degree is a requirement for success in many industries in the United States. While the need for a college degree, and even a further degree, continues to grow in demand, the costs of going to college have increased rapidly as well. Since the costs of going to college are outpacing the rate of inflation in the country, this is making it unaffordable for many people to go. Instead of paying for college at the time, many students are now tasked with having to take out student loans.


According to a recent news article, the amount of debt that students are accumulating has grown significantly and the situation is now approaching crisis levels ( In the past 12 months alone, the 44 million student loan borrowers across the country had more than $1.3 million in outstanding student loan debt. Further, the amount that is borrowed is increasing rapidly. The average student loan balance today is nearly $37,000, which is 70% higher than it was only 10 years ago. Further, more than 2 million student loan borrowers now have debt balances in excess of $100,000, which is unaffordable in many cases.


What has a lot of people more concerned is that more than 11 percent of student loan debt is in default. This is by far the highest level of debt of all types of consumer loans. Furthermore, the rate is increasing as thousands of more borrowers are going into default every day. The reason for the increased rise in debt is attributed to a lot of different factors. Some of these include the ease of obtaining student loans, the rapidly increasing costs of going to college, and even some schools taking advantage of the ease of debt to charge far more to students than they would have been able to otherwise.



Charter School Network Tackles Problem of Poor College Performance

Charter schools throughout the United States have amassed an impressive rate of success when it comes to graduating students and sending them on to college. Unfortunately, it is while in college that many charter school graduates start to have problems. Fortunately, one educational network has begun tackling this menacing issue.

Publicly funded but privately run charter schools are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, with choice and improved academic performance the two major selling points of these educational facilities. In one charter network, an incredible 95 percent of its students not only graduate but go on to college. Among these same students, however, only about 25 percent have actually received an advanced degree within six years of their graduation from high school. According to some observers, the problem is related to the fact that charter schools fail to prepare their students for aspects of higher education that are both academic and social in nature. More information about the difficulties facing students after they attend charter schools is available at

Achievement First, which is a national charter school network, has introduced a new system that promises to better prepare its students for the college experience. Its so-called “Greenfield” system uses a personalized technique that allows students to learn in stages before they advance. The program offers two classes that provide art and dance instruction. Additionally, students will be given the opportunity to experience subjects that are normally not part of the primary or secondary school curriculum, such as architecture.

The new system will be utilized during the coming year in the schools that are operated by Achievement First in Brooklyn, N.Y. A school in Connecticut that employed the same system has shown promising results, with improvements in both math and reading skills among its students. However, it will take time to determine whether this translates to improved performance at the college level.


Nine9 Fosters the Next Wave of Success Stories

For quite some time, I have held onto my aspirations to enter the world of modeling. Through many different periods of my life, wanting to professionally model has always stayed in the forefront of my days. Though I expected breaking out into the industry would be a difficult feat, I had no misconception that I alone shared in my dream to pursue my aspiration, I had not anticipated the amount of difficulty I would face trying to secure my first paying gig as a professional model.

Finding the Support My Modeling Career Needed

Very early in my modeling career, it was rather easy to find unpaid opportunities to model local designers who ran many of the same circles I did, though certainly a nice place to practice the small unpaid gigs could not extend for the entirety of my career. Faced with the daunting task of branching out and finding new opportunities was a bit more difficult to manage. Between hunting down gigs, talking to runway manages, and trying to schedule the time to meet with aspiring photographers for portfolio work there was very little actual time to model.

After going alone for longer than I probably should have I decided to work with an organization my friend had begun finding work through, she explained it was not quite like other talent agency, she went out of her way to call it an UNagency to completely separate it from my preconceptions of the organization, and had found quite a few opportunities working with Nine9.

Working with the Unagecy Nine9

Fast Forward three months and several paid gigs added to my resume all building off of that initial change to working with Nine9 Talent Agency and I could not be happier with my decision.

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Andrew Rolfe – Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe Roles in Ubuntu Education Fund



Last year, after Jacob Leif had spoken on A World Economic Forum held In Davos, he realized that he had been underachieving. Jacob Leif is the founder of the Ubuntu Education fund. The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that raises money to help children from low-income families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


After that day, Leif realized that he was barely impacting the lives of those children even when money was flowing. All this was because donors came with restrictions. Some would donate only to give a restriction that the money can only be used on a certain program. Others would donate on the condition that they would serve on the board of directors. Of course, this would have been an advantage if they have the relevant experience. However, with no experience, they were only leading the fall down.


He commented that the foundation had lost focus once it begun cultivating for wealthy donors. This donors would come with their restrictions. Some would say that they would only fund a project for a year and that the next year, the foundation would need to reapply while others insisted that their names be on the building or scholarships they gave.


Lief decided that they would no longer be accepting grants from donors that placed restrictions. Today, under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, the fund is doing more than it ever did before. Even if they are not getting as much money, the money that is obtained is more impactful.


About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Ubuntu Education Fund’s chairman of the board of directors. He has been in this position for the last one decade. He has been instrumental in the strategic direction of the foundation. Today, under his government, the fund was nothing like it used to be. The organization now has a stately facility with classrooms, a clinic, offices and a well-manicured garden.


Andrew Rolfe is in charge of supervising the provision of basic needs to the undeserved living in Port Elizabeth.

Renown Health: Reshaping the Medical Industry

With a total of 12 facilities statewide, Renown Health is the leading name in Navada’s health and medical industry. Providing healthcare, clinics and a host of services to the public, the not-for-profit network is set to open a new family practice.The medical network selected the Summit mall located in South Reno as their new location. The new facility is expected to offer the traditional services as well as a few new perks.An on-site laboratory will help increase service and service quality of the company overall. Confrence rooms will be added to ensure profrssionalism and privacy during your visits. Staying true to their roots, Renown Health aims to maintain their well respected comfortable and inviting setting.

The organization possess and upwards of 6,000 experienced doctors, nurses and care providers. Using a host of medical technologies such as x-ray machines, imaging services and the best medical specialties, Renown Health is dedicated to providing indoviduals with a healthier life.As a not-for-profit organization, the company reinvest all earnings back into the organization and locally into the community. Renown Health works exclusively with a variety of elite companies within the health care and medical industry.

Renown’s partners include Standford Healthcare, Standford Children’s Healthcare and Stanford Medicine.The current President of Renown Health hones an impressive 15 years of experience. Known as Dr.Slonim, he has helped reshape the medical industry. With a long list of volunteer work for the Special Olympics and other profoundly established organizations, Dr.Slonin continues to add value to the medical team of Renown Health.


Success Academy is Leading the Charge

If the proof is in the pudding, then perhaps the educational system as a whole should have a look at the recipe devised and executed by Success Academy. Leading the charge is Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools. The first school opened in 2006 and has since grown to 32 locations.
The results that Success Academy has achieved are undeniable.In 2014 students in New York scored a 29 percent rating in English proficiency and a 35 percent rating in Math. While Success Academy posted 64 percent in English proficiency and 94 percent in Math. If we look at those numbers through a competitive lens, that’s a blowout victory for all the scholars and staff at Success Academy, over all of the privileged and well-funded suburban schools.
A look at some of Success Academy’s practices should provoke more than a bit of thought. For instance, students are not referred to as “students” but as “scholars.” Not only in a conversation among adults but also in addressing the young scholars. In name alone, being called a scholar rather than a student is empowering and should serve the much-needed self-esteem young minds need, especially those from poor and humble backgrounds. Each morning the hungry young minds are greeted by the principal with a handshake and a “Hello.” Being greeted by a figure of importance with eye contact and a handshake offers further experience children need. Various studies have shown the drastic drop off of social skills in millennials. Mostly attributed to hyper-connectivity via the internet and interactions dominated on social media rather than in person.
At Success Academy, the scholars have a longer school day and a longer school year, allowing teachers to focus on each of the scholar’s needs and goals; Is more education and mental stimulation a bad thing? It appears Success Academy challenges conventional education practices. Considering many of those practices have led the United States to its current atrocious rankings in the international community, bucking those trends and shaking things up to get results can’t be a bad thing. After all, shouldn’t we strive to give parents broad choices and children a solid foundation to build on?

Phenomenal Orthopedic contribution by Dr. Greg Finch

Greg Finch is a renowned orthopedic surgeon who has specialized in spinal surgery, pediatric orthopedics and trauma, and orthopedic surgery offering high-quality surgical procedures at zero risks. Orthopedic surgery is about treatment, management, and diagnosis of spinal diseases and conditions. His training at Auckland Medical School- MBChB 1991, Royal College Surgeons Melbourne –FRACS in 2001 and Australian Orthopedic Association in 2004 has fully equipped him with relevant knowledge, expertise, and skill suitable for the profession.


Greg has also served under admirable spine surgeons in Germany, UK, and the USA for two years. He is passionate about minimally invasive surgery although he is trained in spine surgery as a whole. This is because the procedure is less painful and the patient recovers quickly. He has a clear record of accomplishment with successful surgeries and is widely known in the USA.


Orthopedic surgery deals with the treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system, be it an injury, fracture, tear or break down. The musculoskeletal system refers to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and the underlying soft tissues that prevent friction of the bones and allow for movement. The most common orthopedic surgeries are done on athletes, but this is not to say it cannot be done on other people only that they are most likely to injure their bones, ligament, and muscles during games. The widely known procedures include replacement of broken shoulder, arthroscopic knee surgery, hip replacement, foot and ankle injuries, arm and wrist injuries, arm and elbow injuries, internal fixation, repair of soft tissue, pinched nerves and herniated discs.


About Greg Finch

Dr. Greg Finch together with other Orthopedic surgeons has helped victims of accidents who have hurt their musculoskeletal system lead normal lives. He has done so through correction, treatment, and therapy. Babies born with the bone disorder also benefit through this procedure repositioning and alignment of bones and joint.


Dr. Greg Finch does a lot of research work to give his clients better care and has performed successful surgical procedures, which have made his valuable in handling sophisticated spinal revision and reconstruction. He is a member of the Spine Society of Australia, North American Society (NASS) and Australian Orthopedic Association. In the past he has worked with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Sir Gairdner Charles Hospital, Perth Royal Hospital, New Zealand Orthopedic Association, Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and the Shiners Children Hospitals.


Benefits Of E-Governe Technological Solutions In Brazilian Economy

For over 25 years now, e-governe group has been providing technological solutions for effective public management in the Brazilian Market. The firm has focused on creating systems that offer better cooperation among various government agencies, thus leading to transparency, productivity and efficiency. Today, e-governe has over 15 modern tech solutions serving almost all government agencies.


E-governe Health


Brazilian health sector has benefited to a large extent from e-govern tech solutions. Effective manage of state and municipal health facilities is one of the most challenging task of public management. Implementation of e-governe in these institutions has made them more economical, functional and simpler to operate. The e-governe systems can integrate all healthcare providers to enable medical professionals schedule effective appointments that eliminate queues within the facilities. Indeed, the solution has improved the quality of services offered to patients and general population.


E-govern tech solutions play vital role of controlling how drugs and medicines are distributed from pharmacies. Furthermore, it controls application of vaccines and the process of accessing specialized examination and medication. The e-govern solutions are also applied in ambulatory services, hospital bed control and overall management of financial resources. This system has potential to operate fully when integrated with e-government services. Some of the benefits realized by health sectors after using e-governe solutions include:


  • Patients moving from other municipalities are controlled
  • Effective management of agreements between municipal health facilities or state and municipal units
  • Efficient management of cash transfers
  • Improved organization within health facilities
  • Controls transfer of patients between health facilities
  • Enable players to structure effective programs beneficial to health sector


Implementation of E-governe by Instituto Curitiba de Informática (ICI)


The municipality of Teresina installed servers to facilitate effective implementation of e-governe system. According to Miguel Oliveira, the executive of Teresinense Data Processing Company, the Municipal Education Department had already signed the agreement that would lead to optimization of e-governe solutions by Instituto Curitiba de Informática. The first e-governe tool to be implemented by ICI will cover the entire human resource department. However, the City Hall plans to expand this technology to other public sectors. The Mayor of the city, Silvio Mendes believes e-governe systems will serve very critical role at Teresina.


Instituto Curitiba de Informática also signed an agreement with Osasco Municipality to implement e-governe systems at different learning institutions within the municipality. In addition to the system, ICI was also contracted to supply computer devices and installation of electric system to facilitate successful implementation of e-governe. The program was expected to cover 138 learning institutions within the city. E-governe solutions in education play several roles including: Enhancing security of information, leads to integrity, eliminates duplication, easy access of the internet, management reports are issued in real time and making shared reports easily available. Due to the economic status of Osasco City, e-governe systems will play important role of enhancing operations and service delivery. It is obvious e-governe solutions have been embraced in several Brazilian cities, and the number is expected to grow in future until the entire country is covered.




Adam Goldenberg: a Visionary Business Executive

If you are into fashion, Adam Goldenberg is a name you should know. He is the co-founder and CEO of Fabletics, one of the hottest, most innovative and most successful online subscription fashion companies ever created. Goldenberg co-founded the company with marketing maven Don Ressler and actress Kate Hudson. Together the trio have created an e-commerce juggernaut that has millions of subscribers worldwide and plans to open as many as 100 retail stores around the world in the next five years at Over the three years since the founding of Fabletics the company has generated more than $1 billion in revenue.

No one that knows Adam Goldenberg is surprised at his success. He’s been successful in business practically his entire life. When he was a teenager he created an online company called Gamers Alliance. By the time he was 17, Intermix Media bought his company and offered him a job. Soon Adam Goldenberg was the youngest person ever to be a publicly traded company’s COO. At Intermix Media Goldenberg flourished. Working with marketing expert Don Ressler the duo created Alena Media, the performance marketing arm of Intermix Media. Alena Media generated hundreds of millions of dollars and became Intermix Media’s primary revenue stream.

In 2005 News Corp bought Intermix Media. The next year Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler teamed up to form a business platform called Intelligent Beauty. Goldenberg was named company CEO. Under the Intelligent Beauty umbrella Goldenberg and Ressler started the wildly successful companies DERMSTORE and SENSA. During that time Adam Goldenberg was also president of Brentwood Cosmetics and a venture partner and advisor at CrossCut Venture Management, LLC. In 2010, Adam Goldenberg and the Intelligent Beauty team created a company that broke new ground in the online subscription fashion industry, JustFab.

JustFab made Adam Goldenberg a bona fide star. JustFab quickly became the hottest new company in the fashion industry. It was able to combine social media, customer engagement, personalized shopping and subscription fashion sales to create an entirely new business model on Just when it looked like Adam Goldenberg and JustFab couldn’t get any bigger, they joined forces with Kate Hudson to form Fabletics. The brand took JustFab’s subscription marketing model to an entirely new level with its marketing of a unique line of stylish, comfortable clothing for work, fun and fitness called Athlesure wear. Adam Goldenberg is now among the biggest names in the subscription fashion industry according to VatorTV.