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Grades Up but Test Scores Down

Doing well in high school is a very important step in anyone’s overall education progression. Those that do well in high school and get good grades will have a better chance of getting into a top college which could then lead to more career opportunities. Over the past twenty years, more and more students are getting better grades. However, a recent study has found that this may not necessarily mean that they are learning anything (

The recent study pointed out that in 1998 about 39% of all high school students had a GPA with an A grade average. By the 2016, this level had increased to more than 47%. At the same time, the overall graduation rate for high school students is at an all-time high.
While this would seem to point to the fact that students are doing better in school and learning more, recent standardized test results point to the opposite. In fact, in the same time period the average SAT test score has fallen from 1,026 to 1,002, on the original 1,600 point scale.

The reason for this is not fully known, but the results have been fairly surprising. Most would have expected that the test scores would remain flat at a minimum. Many believe that this points to the fact that grade inflation is rampant in many areas across the country. This could help the average student graduate from high school with a higher GPA than they would have decades ago.

Another fact that was pointed out in the survey is that the highest level of grade inflation is taking place in larger schools in more affluent areas. At the same time, the average GPA of students in less affluent areas are seeing that their overall grades are about the same, but scores have ticked up.

New York City and its plans for establishing a School for three-year-olds

Ever fancy a class for three-year-old babies? Then fancy no more as the New York City will soon roll out its ambitious plan to have three-year-old children attend their school. This plan is going to be offered for free to the many residents with the kids in New York. The plan itself scheduled to be implemented for the next four years to be able to cater to the many residents with three-year-olds. The three-year-olds to attend the schools will visit it for a whole full day and enjoy the programs lined up for children at that age.

Dubbed the “3-K” schools the estimated number of children from the city who will be eligible to attend the school is about 62,000 kids. The new schools are being hoped by many of the children parents to be a way to help their children learn new vocabularies, to help them articulate their words more well, engage in creative play with other children. Hey also hope that the schools will help their children learn to navigate their emotions and learn to start being independent enough when they are away from their parents.

The decision to come up with such schools for children at the age of three was announced by New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press briefing

This decision was reached at after they had considered the decades of data that had been collected by researchers on such K-programs that have seen such children schooled away from their parents. In the programs, the children after reaching the schools in the morning would undergo a small warm up session in different play areas. Learning then would then commence with through play and hands-on activities, storytelling, art works, dress-up and pretend play, math-based games with things such as blocks and many other creative and engaging activities. Before ending their day, they would get a period of rest before later being picked up by their parents.

Tulsa Oklahoma Teacher Is Taking School Supply Needs into Her Own Hands

As the need for teachers that care about what they do and the students they teach, grow. This story was touching a teacher that thought it was not too much to try and get school supplies for the classroom. As we know the government has been pulling lots of grants and money that would usually help fund schools and organizations. This story is just another example of what our schools are going through when it comes to getting an education. Aside from jobs going overseas and closing over here in the U.S.

It has been tough for parents to keep their kids with the right school supplies continually. The school system normally helps with that, but with strained budgets, It has gotten hard. As we continue to move forward and our kids progress through school, we all must pull together to make this happen, or we will all lose if we don’t. Even though, it’s easy for people to point to others when they aren’t doing their part. The truth is we all are to blame for this we need to ban together in where ever we are and make sure that our communities are coming together to help the schools. Our kids are the leaders of tomorrow, and we must set them up for success.

While we can blame the government for a lot, we must make sure we are all on the same page as a community because if we can’t do that schools will take more hits and students and teacher around the country will feel this strong strain around the schools. This story is an excellent example of what we should all be doing not just the teachers but the communities throughout. If we are trusting the schools with our kids we should help the teachers prepare them.

Imran Haque Champions Internal Medicine

According to an article recently published by BroTalk, internal medicine virtuoso, Dr. Imran Haque, is quietly building upon his impressive resume, taking his medical practice, Horizon Internal Medicine, to new heights. Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field. Over that time span, Dr. Inman has treated a myriad of diseases, while seeing his Horizon Internal Medicine practice grow steadily. As  Imran Haque’s portfolio continued to grow, he realized that it would be necessary to be as accessible as possible to his patients, and offices were set up in both Asheboro and Ramseur.

Over the past 15 years, Imran Haque has become one of the leading medical doctors in his field. Imran Haque’s foray into the world of internal medicine began as a student at Universidad Iberoamericana, otherwise known as UNIBE, where he graduated with honors, before enrolling at the University of Virgina Medicine Roanoke-Salem. It was while continuing his studies at the University of Virgina Medicine Roanoke-Salem that he would find his true niche, in the field of internal medicine. Imran Haque’s experience studying internal medicine would soon lead him to complete the necessary training to practice internal medicine in North Carolina. While Imran Haque and his staff at Horizon Internal Medicine have garnered impressive resumes due to the outstanding treatment of their patients, he and his staff are also widely regarded for consultancy, ranking very highly amongst their peers. Imran Haque has a large portfolio for which he is the primary physician, but due to the wide array of services offered, he also performs specialized treatments for outside patients. At Horizon Internal Medicine, Imran Haque regularly diagnoses and treats various illnesses, including diabetes, glaucoma, pneumonia, and epilepsy. At this facility, they offer a myriad of medical services, including weight management, diabetes treatment, and laser hair removal.

American Education: All American and Nothing Else

According to Huffington Post’s Roque Planas, Tom Horne, a former head of the Arizona Education Department, had stated that he was hoping that a law from 2010 would ban all ethnic studies.

This had led to the controversial banning of the Mexican-American studies class that had students and teachers believing that this was due to discrimination. Republican officials had claimed that the study was discriminatory towards white people and that the teachers had been influencing students politically. Although, this would also mean that the law would ban African-American studies, Asian-American studies, and many more. However, Horne was specifically targeting the Mexican-American studies.

It’s important for ethnic studies to be implemented in schools because it’s important to understand how the American Dream came to be. Sure, students might be upset at others because of how we’ve treated each other previously. However, it’s the teacher’s responsibility to show students that with time and with the knowledge of others’ cultures, we can make reasonable change with how we perceive each other. Banning these kinds of studies only further prove that some aren’t tolerant enough to understand that people, including their own race, have done things that we aren’t proud of. As most of us know, we can’t change the past, but we can change our future.

Horne and the Republican officials do not understand that to embody the American Dream and for our future Americans to grow strong and proud of the country they live in, a school needs to be the foundation for seeking the identity of self, others, and our country. That means learning about the cultures of all Americans, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg-The Brains Behind Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg make a perfect team for the establishment of successful brands. Adam Goldenberg quit school to develop an advertising site for gaming organizations. Goldenberg later sold his site to Intermix Media. Don Ressler was also involved with Intermix media and this is how the two business oriented youths met. Don had a fitness-focused site that helped many organizations raise capital. Since some of the companies that Don dealt with were apparel companies, he was inspired to venture into fashion. He partnered with Adam and they both established online business ventures that dealt with fashion and beauty.


How Don and Adam Built Their Brands


Don and Adam embarked on building their brands based on pain points and brands. Through research they found out that customers do not like it when they cannot find what they want. Since finding the right size, color, and style of shoes or clothes was time consuming for potential customers, the duo decided to establish personalized online based services. JustFab and TechStyle were huge successes but Fabletics became one of their greatest inventions.


The Birth of Fabletics


Fabletics was derived from t he word Fabulous. Don and Adam used women of all sizes in their advertisements as a way of demonstrating that the company had something for everyone. Members were offered special discounts which was a great incentive for signing up. Fabletics membership further gave women clothing items that suited their individual preferences. Don and Adam partnered with actress Kate Hudson to add more popularity to their athletic line.


Online Shops


With more than 1 million members since its establishment in 2013, the popularity for Fabletics is on an all time high. To meet the high demand for its offers, Fabletics further opened brick and mortar stores all around the country. All the shopping is centered on technology. The company utilizes a five-facet software to guarantee complete customer experience. The software includes a membership system, retail system, personalized styling tools, customer management, and a fulfillment system.


The technology that has been employed for brick and mortar shops is impressively innovative and is beneficial to customers and also to the company. Members are scanned when they go through the store and once they enter, they get recommendations according to their profile to make shopping much efficient and easier. The technology also tracks purchasing trends for Fabletics to be able to analyze. As a result problems like insufficient stock of popular goods or overstocking the  wrong goods are eliminated.

Universal College Admission Test Are Becoming More Universal

The, ACT, which score indicates what a student knows and the SAT, which score indicates what the student is capable of learning is recognized as universal college admission tests. Although some of the most talented students are not taking either of these tests and as pointed out by the New York Times less than a week ago at this trend has recently taken a turn for the better.

There are many obstacles in the way of low income students when considering attending college. There are entry essays, fees, admissions testing, and most of the low income students do not have the resource of a parent who has been through this process before. School counselors deal with a high student to counselor ratios. ACT and SAT fees can be waived for students on the reduced or free lunch program but receiving this waiver takes the assistance of overworked school counselor, who is not always available. Students often choose to skip the test rather than go through the hassle of receiving a financial waiver.

The good news is several schools are now offering ACT and SAT during regular school hours for free. The results are nothing less than amazing. A number of the students who have previously chosen not to take the tests are receiving high scores. Schools are able to easily identify low incomes students with great academic potential. They are then able to match these students with the resources available to them in order to mentor them about their chooses regarding college admission. Low income students who would have not gone to college are now able to attend an elite university or college. This trend is breaking some of the buriers of higher education to low income students. Universal free testing of ACT and SAT can be life changing and should continue to be offered in more states. It has resulting in a greater diversity of students in the regions it has been offered making the true of universal shine.

How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Started A Luxury Fashion Company

Before Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg met each other, they had no idea that they were going to be able to try new things and put together one of the most premier companies in all of the fashion industry. They tried to make sure that they were doing something that would make a difference in the world and something that would change the way that people could do things. They had no idea that the fashion industry would be able to change something that they could try to do new things and offer the new opportunities that they have in different areas.


Since the men knew what they were doing and since they were so confident in their abilities to make things better for their clients, they also knew that they needed to provide them with all of the options in their own business. It was one of the only ways that the men could make a difference and one of the reasons why their business has been as successful as what it currently is. They took their time and researched the niche that they were going to have so that they could make sure that it was something that would be successful for years to come.


There are many people who exercise and many people who want to look good while they are doing so. The idea behind Fabletics is that women are able to get the best look possible with their workout attire so that they will be able to make the best choices possible. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to make sure that women who were working out could feel good about themselves and feel good about the way that they experienced different things that were going on. It was something that made a difference in the way that things worked and in the way that people felt while they were working out.


For Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to be able to do all of this, they had to market their business and make all of the right choices. They had to make sure that they were showing people what they could do and how they could improve the options that they had. Thanks to Fabletics, the men are now able to profit from the company and people are now able to feel good about the way that they look when they are working out.

Susan McGalla and her contribution to gender-diverse leadership

Upon reading a news article on the Phillypurge website titled “How Pittsburg’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership” I had a first-time look into Susan McGalla’s success story and how her success serves as a role model for women with leadership abilities. The article starts off with a brief overview of McGalla’s rise to leadership with American Eagle Outfitters which led to her success with other organizations such as the Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers as well as the P3 Executive Consulting which she founded herself. The article then goes on to provide the reader with useful information that can be used to defeat gender barriers to leadership positions and provide women with opportunities to find the same kind of success that Susan McGalla did. One major solution that the article suggests is the use of executive sponsorships which alongside mentorship can be used to make companies more gender-diverse. Ultimately, the article reveals that according to statistics, companies with higher diversity levels tend to outperform others.

Further research into the story of Susan McGalla led me to discover that she was born in East Liverpool, Ohio on May 31st, 1964. Susan was raised by a father who was a football coach and would always strive to push her and her brothers to be the very best that they could be, regardless of their gender. Susan’s parents emphasized hard-work, dedication and not being afraid to present new ideas. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing at Mount Union College, she worked her way up through numerous executive positions at American Eagle Outfitters that were normally run by men.

She eventually worked her way up to the the position of president of the entire company before leaving to establish her own company called P3 Executive Consulting where she worked as a private business consultant for retail and financial industries. She has also held other highly-esteemed executive positions for companies such as HFF Inc. where she was appointed Board of Directors and Wet Seal Inc. where she became Chief Executive Officer. Susan credits a lot her success to her ability to work comfortably with both genders and serves as a role model for women with leadership abilities.

Fundamentals Concerning Ricardo Tosto, Among Brazil’s Most Illustrious Lawyers

Lawyers are central authorities playing significant legal roles in every nation. They are the professionals who often participate in constitutional amendments guiding legal affairs of a country. Most pledged Brazilian lawyers choose to defend their clients through their firms and make a living out of it. They also have an impressive education background, which gets the society revering them. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the most highly regarded lawyers practicing in Brazil with his primary areas being business and corporate law. Ricardo’s design of negotiating issues in courts is on a superior level. He practices among other lawyers whose profiles are available on several online platforms.

Niceties Concerning Brazilian Law

Brazil is to known to have many lawyers. According to statistics taken in 2010, São Paulo had 222, 807 out of the total 621,885 lawyers the entire the country had at that time. Rio de Janeiro followed with a total of 112,515. Brazil celebrates lawyers and ensures they produce the very best. For one to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law, they must take five years in a recognized law school and after that sit a bar examination. Should one fail in the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil then they do not practice. In Brazil, they obtain their laws from Portugal, Italy, Germany, and France. Their federal constitution has been in effect since 1988 and is described rigid written outline.

Basics Informing Ricardo Tosto’s Immense Success

Mr. Ricardo went through law school for five years after which he sat the Brazilian bar exam and passed. After that, he started developing his brand by working in a small law firm. He has made significant milestones ever since and risen to become among the best Brazil ever had. As at now, his highly reputable company is recognized across Brazil for their unparalleled experience and expertise. They have helped many people by handling their legal issues and winning litigation cases. Of all other traits to be admired, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho understands the value of his clients. As such, he attends to them in a courteous manner, which makes him an ideal choice for many, if not all.

About Ricardo Tosto: