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American Dream Of College Becoming A Nightmare For Many

While graduation day is fast approaching for many students across the nation, instead of excitement at starting a brand new chapter in their lives, many of these students are facing a cruel reality that the years of hard work they paid into school to pave the way for their college future might have been all for naught.


Per information gathered by the Collage Board, the average cost of a year of tuition at a private university has beyond doubled in just the last two decades now running almost $35,000. Public universities are no better, their annual cost has more than tripled to almost $10,000 per year. The reality of these numbers is that the average cost of a year of tuition including fees, room and board at a public university is beyond 80% of the average annual earning wage of a woman in America and just over half of a man’s annual wages in America. This means that the cost of a college education has risen at almost three times as fast as average wages in the nation. What makes this situation all the more difficult is the fact that there is now less and less financial aid available for students. The end result is dashed dreams for many graduates each year who realize there is simply no way for them to attend college.


It seems that there is a disconnect with reality in America. The American dream is to go to school, go to college, secure a career to buy the home with a white picket fence for the family you’ll have. This dream is slowly slipping away from the majority of the youth in this country though, and findings from a study done by Wisconsin Hope Lab show just that. Of all college students they surveyed, over a third of them are insecure and worried about housing and/or food and around 10% of college students experience some sort of homeless state. For students living in poverty, this is their daily reality that is only exacerbated by college and all the debt they must incur in order to attend.


These students, and their education, is an investment in the future of the nation. In order for the country to continue to grow and succeed on a global scale, we have to place education as a priority. For personal stories of students struggling and missing out on college due to financial constraints, check out this Huffington Post article.

Neurocore Provides Support For Anxiety Sufferers

Many are familiar with the common symptoms of anxiety such as sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and hands that will not stop trembling. These feelings happen to virtually everyone at some time or other in their lives. However, when symptoms of anxiety began to affect the quality of an individual’s life it could possibly be a sign of an underlying mental illness being present.

It is not quite certain why some people are apparently subject to suffer from anxiety more than others but some possible factors are environmental conditions and the brain chemistry of the individual. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The experts at Neurocore feel it is important to note that there is a difference between experiencing stress and suffering from anxiety. Periodic feelings of stress is a normal occurrence and are not cause for alarm. However, when feelings of stress and anxiety began to become the normal state of existence for an individual it may be time to seek assistance.

There are multiple types of anxiety disorders and an individual can suffer from one or, possibly all of these problems. The different types of anxiety disorders identified by the experts at Neurocore are:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Treatment For Anxiety

There is a range of options available to sufferers of anxiety to both manage and provide support for their condition. Some of these options are management strategies, medication, and behavior therapy. Many times it is necessary for individuals to utilize a variety of treatment methods to control symptoms of anxiety.

Discovering the right blend of treatment options depends on the particular patient and the type of anxiety disorder the patient is suffering from. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is committed to providing the necessary care to positively affect the lives of individuals suffering from a variety of mental and emotional disorders.

Neurocore provides the comprehensive assessment that is needed to properly identify the root causes of any symptoms experienced by a patient and uses the intelligence gained by this assessment to develop an individual training program that will result in an improved brain and a better life.


Teacher Protests Close Schools In North Carolia

North Carolina just found themselves in turmoil as thousands of teachers poured out of the classrooms and down the streets of Raleigh where they marched their way to the General Assembly for the state. This is another in a series of teachers from red states demanding changes in the way the public school system is run.


Believed to be one of the biggest in the history of North Carolina, this demonstration created a sea of educators donned in red crowding onto the streets outside the state’s capitol as well as the galleries where the assembly meeting was held. Once inside, the educators let their demands be known, requesting higher funding for all public schools in the state as well as pay raises for all school staffers. The largest school district in the state quickly became aware the lack of teachers would make it impossible to run classes as usual and was forced to shut the doors which left roughly a million students with no school for nine whole days.


The reason behind these coordinated protests was due to a cut in funding for North Carolina public schools. The state cut taxes which in turn cut the money allotted per school per student as well as a pay cut for teachers. This cut dropped teacher pay for the state well behind the United States average teacher pay. North Carolina Association of Educators, the group responsible for coordinating the protests, announced their belief that both teachers and students deserved far better than the state was giving them. Their demands were simple and to the point, the state should fix the allocated spending per student and within four years restore teacher pay back to that of the national average. Along with those requests, they also asked for an additional 500 staff members in the form of school nurses and counselors.


These teacher walkouts have been ongoing for months. In late February teachers shut down schools for nine days in West Virginia. Following their success, Kentucky, Arizona and Oklahoma teachers followed their lead and walked out in protest heading to their capitols demanding more funding. For more detailed information on the walkouts and the reasons behind them, click here.


The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Hard rock music legend, Cassio Audi, is both a native and a legend in Brazil. He made history by being one of the first heavy metal drummers to inspire massive sounds across the globe. Audi began performing and gaining popularity in the nineteen eighties and performed his music under the pop and rock genres. He stayed popular and performed well into the late nineteen nineties.

In the beginning of his music career, Cassio Audi helped to form the band Viper which stayed together from the year 1985 until 1987. During his short time with the band Viper, the musician released two albums namely the Krillera Sword in 1985 and Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987; some of the key songs on the album included Wings of the Evil, The Law of The Sword, Knights of Destruction, The Whisper, Killers, and Signs of The Night. On top of being a world renowned drummer, On top of being their drummer, Cassio Audi was also an incredible singer in the band Viper, and demanded much respect from across the globe.

Due to his incredible talent, Cassio Audi is considered one of the biggest hard rock drumming legends to this day. The musicians raw skill played a vital role in helping him bring together other key artists such as Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos, to create his legendary band, the Vipers. Together, the band performed British heavy metal while also being instrumental in ushering in new heights of heavy metal music to the world.

Audi’s time in the music industry was unfortunately a short career. The mere fact that he became a world revered legend in only, roughly ten years, speaks volumes to how well he perfected his craft in such a short time. After his few years of fame, Audi laid down his drumsticks for the last time, and began a career in finance. Though he left his rock star life in his past, Cassio Audi remains a heavy metal drumming legend. and stays in the Hall of Fame not only in Brazil, but globally.

Immigrants In Miami Have Trouble Graduating From High School

Immigrants come to Miami to escape violence and have a better life for themselves. However, they often struggle to get their high school diploma. They are told that they are too old to get a high school diploma. They are forced to enroll in an Adult Education Program. Many of these immigrants know very little English, so an adult education program can be challenging for them.


The path to going to college and get a good-paying job can be even more difficult if you are an immigrant. It is estimated that anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 of the teenage immigrants end up in an Adult Education Program. Daisy Gonzolez-Diego stated that the purpose of the program is to help the students earn a high school equivalency.


One lawyer who worked with a teen who had been denied entry into a high school stated that it is unethical to do this to students. Tatyana Kleyn is a professor at the City College of New York. She agrees that this practice is unethical. She stated that the Adult Education Programs are not a substitute for the high school experience. She believes that it is a watered-down version of the high school experience.


Carlos Rios is the principal of Miami Jackson Senior High School. He stated that it can be difficult for immigrants to make up the credits that they need for graduation. Not everyone has a bad experience in the adult education program.


Franscisca and Lucia Rondom came to Jackson High School when they were 16 and 17-years-old. They did not have a good experience there because they were bullied. They decided to attend an adult education program. They also worked at a local grocery store.

Most Teachers Purchase Their Own School Supplies

The average teacher spent nearly $500 on school supplies during the 2014 to 2015 school year. Seven percent of teachers spend more than $1,000 on school supplies. Teachers spend more money when they work in a high-poverty school than in a wealthier school. Fifty percent of public schools are eligible for the free lunch program. This is a sign that the school is in a high-poverty area.


Teachers around the country are going on strike. They are complaining about the low pay. They are also complaining about the condition of the schools. The average teacher in America earns $56,000 per year. This is a 1.3 percent drop from 2010. Teachers are allowed to deduct their expenses from their taxes.


Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers. She stated that the teacher walkout should not be necessary. The teacher spending issue should have been addressed a long time ago. She also stated that no other job requires that an employee buy their own supplies for their job.


The teacher’s strike in Arizona was a success. The governor signed a bill that would increase teacher pay by 20 percent. This was one of the biggest teacher strikes in history. In North Carolina, thousands of teachers in Raleigh will rally. They are trying to get more funding from the government. They are also rallying to get a pay increase.


The Education Department took samples from all 50 states including Washington D.C. They surveyed principals, teachers and other people who work in the educational field.

Freedom Checks, as Matt Badiali puts it, is a plan worth exploring

Freedom Checks, as Matt Badiali puts it, is a plan worth exploring.

The most significant trend nowadays on the internet is the increasing trend of advertisements of job opportunities where one is offered large sums of money for very minimal work input. Majority of these adverts have proven to be nothing less than a scam. It is for this particular reason that many people now tend to shy away from such opportunities, whether licit or not. A large population of Americans are skeptical about trying out Freedom Checks, an investment scheme, however legitimate it looks.

A geologist called Matt Badiali has fortunately come to the rescue of this investment scheme. The study of natural energy sources has swallowed Matt for over 20 years. When it comes to matters concerning mining and agriculture, he is the man to seek. He works at the University of North California as a lecturer. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali became famous after his recent release of a video on freedom checks. In his video, he revealed a type of investment that could be a solution to the American energy quest. He stated that this investment would come from energy companies especially the ones in the oil and gas business. If these companies were able to produce enough energy to reduce importation of oil from the Middle East for many years, an estimated amount of over $30 billion would be saved to pay out other debts. He suggests that companies that take the opportunity of this investment are expected to increase their profits hugely. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Ever heard of companies called Limited Master Partnerships? Well, these are the firms that are responsible for issuing freedom checks. Master Limited Partnerships deal with energy production, form processing to transportation. It is their responsibility to discover new oil and gas deposits, transport it via pipelines and to refine and process it.

For a company to become a part of the Master Limited Partnership, they have to put a 90% investment into this scheme. Over 500 companies have invested in this scheme. The project offers its beneficiaries a lot of tax benefits in a situation where a company decides to sell its Master Limited Partnership investment. Purchasing shares from MLP is just like doing so from companies like Apple. it is very easy and convenient.

Many have seen Matt vouching for and advertising this scheme. The question is, how did he come across it? Matt Badiali learned about this investment plan while working on a geological project. He was working for a renown financial specialist. This project requires him to travel and meet various energy producing company CEOs. In the midst of this project, Matt stumbled upon Master Limited Partnership. He realized that this investment plan gave back more returns than the popular ones. He as well learned that the more a company invested, the higher it’s profits. The scheme allowed investments for as low as $10.


Talkspace Helping People Receive Online Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Living with anxiety is difficult, and it can lead to numerous physical as well as mental health conditions. The person with anxiety can start to develop heart conditions and have irregular blood circulations that can further lead to blood sugar spikes and other physical issues. The concern might seem like a minor mental health issue at the beginning, but if left untreated, it can lead to severe problems in the future. The person with the anxiety should see a psychologist or a psychiatrist as soon as possible, so they can treat themselves and get rid of anxiety at the earliest.

In many cases, even if the anxiety can’t be eliminated entirely from the person’s mental health system, it can be suppressed and with time wholly eradicated. However, sooner the treatment starts, better it is for the patient. If you are wary about visiting the psychiatrist’s office, then you have the option to consult with one online. Talkspace is an app that lets you consult with the licensed therapist with ease. The prices for consulting with the licensed therapist through Talkspace are literally a fraction of what one pays at the office of a therapist. If anxiety or any other kind of mental health problems are taking over your life, then it is time that you take action to get back your life together.

Talkspace has helped hundreds and thousands of people to put their life together with the help of the expert and licensed therapists on Talkspace. The company has more than a thousand therapists that are trained, certified and licensed. Since the time Talkspace began operation, it has provided counseling to more than 500,000 people, and that figure is increasing rapidly. Talkspace helps people with mental health issues, and it is easy to use as well because people can practically counsel with a therapist through the use of their phone any time of the day from anywhere.

Find out more about Talkspace:

Talos Energy and Partners: Frontiers in the Zama Oil Discovery.

Talos Energy is a technical operating, independent oil and gas exploration and production company. They acquire most of their assets around and in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. This progressive company was founded in January of 2012. This Houston, Texas based company has recently had explosive success in their many new business ventures.Talos Energy LLC and Stone Energy Corp recently came together to merge all of their stock. Thus, forming a new company known as, Talos Energy Inc. Talos Energy stakeholders will own 63 percent, while Stone Energy holders own the other 37 percent. According to SEC prices, combining these 2 successful companies awarded Talos Energy Inc with 136 millions of barrels of oil equivalent in reserves.

Which, based on this new discovery, probably has increased significantly.Talos Energy is also part of a major Zama oil discovery project, located in block 7 of the Sureste basin, right off the shore of the Port of Dos Bocas in Mexico. Zama-1 well was the first to be drilled and explored after Mexico was awarded their first international license in 2015. In 2017 they discovered an oil-bearing opening. Talos Energy, premier oil and Sierra Oil and Gas are currently negotiating with PEMEX on the appraisal drilling plan. The plan seems to be heading in the right direction with talk of drilling by early 2019.

Talos Energy remains the main operator in the Zama oil project and owns 35 percent interest in block 7. While Sierra oil and gas own 40 percent and Premier oil owns 25 percent.There is a drill ship mobilized and ready to start the temporary suspension of the wells. The permanent abandonment of the wells will be subsequent to their temporary suspension. However, government approval is needed for the field abandonment and decommissioning plan. All the while the floating production storage and offloading vessel is being prepared for sail. So far, the progress is steady for securing the specific permits needed to move forward with the potential drilling campaign of 2019 and 2020.

States Uses Initiatives To Get More Of Their Residents Back To College

Policymakers determined to reach older students in the bid to lure them to attain their degrees.

When Laren Blount a 32-year-old, from Southern, Mississippi and a mother of two received a call from a man who acclaimed that her college credit is enough to be awarded a degree, she was in doubt. She stated that she almost hanged up the call as she thought it was only a scam.

However, her doubts were cleared when the man mentioned her prior courses and dates of enrollment. She later understood that it was part of the state’s initiative and efforts to channel millions of adult Americans to complete their college degrees.

The policy is focused on those who have enough credits or few more credits to earn a degree, in the like of Laren who a few years back had enrolled in some nursing prerequisites at her local community college.

The major relapse that the policymakers are facing is how to find them and get them to continue.

Old students are sometimes untraceable or can be difficult to track down. Others are confronted by bureaucratic and financial constraints to re-enroll. Still, yet, others are discouraged by the academic requirements which only favor young adults of 18 to 22 years old students although it is not a major criterion.

Currently, the states are utilizing every possible tool to track them down and lure them, from tuition discounts to direct-mailing. However, these efforts are turning to be difficult considering the outcome of the strategies used.

According to the according to the U.S. Census, there are over 25 million adults with some college credits, but no degree, out of more than 35 million adults. The efforts to reach these dropouts by some states such as Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi and others have shown that the students graduating from U.S. high school are not enough to cater for the college graduates needs of the nation.