How Doe Deere’s Brand Lime Crime Made It Cool To Look Like A Mermaid

If you don’t follow beauty trends then you can probably be forgiven for not noticing that aiming to look like more ethereal is definitely in. While it might seem improbable for people who have tastes in fashion and beauty that are more conservative many more people are embracing the idea that looking like a character […]... Read More

Join Doe Deere In A Rare Online Interview

Have you heard the rave about velvetine matte cosmetics? Doe Deere, successful female entrepreneur, technology expert, and marketing specialist was one of the first designers in the industry to base her cosmetics with matte. When other designers weren’t up for the risk, Deere was ready to launch her newly designed colors to the market with […]... Read More

Whitney Wolfe Creates A Women Centered Dating App

Who Is Whitney Wolfe? Whitney Wolfe is a female entrepreneur and technology executive. She is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her father was a property developer and her mother was a housewife. Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University in Texas and studied international studies there. She graduated from the private Presbyterian affiliated college with a bachelor’s […]... Read More

Susan McGalla Gives Advice for Women to Succeed

UPDATE: February 27th, 2017: Susan McGalla is proud to announce the newly name vice presidents to the Steelers family! Read more here: The increase of women in the labor force has caused a bit of a fluctuation as women have now gained greater work opportunities; however, while women make up an estimated 47% of […]... Read More

Helane Morrison’s Impeccable Career Highlights

At Hall Capital Partners, Helane Morrison serves as the chief compliance officer. In San Francisco, Hall Capital is among the largest advisory organizations. In this corporation, Helane is also an executive committee member. Hall Capital highlights how individuals lost their hard-earned money. This way, they lost trust with the financial industry because of the 2008 […]... Read More

Founder Of Lime Crime Cosmetics: Taking Cosmetics Beyond The Limits

The founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics makes no secrets about the limits that are the set standard for cosmetics these days. This sassy, strong femme fatale has a unique eye for what is believed to be the straight-laced, norm for color palettes and makes no bones about it. Colorful character Doe Deere believes that no […]... Read More