USA Education Department Headed By DeVos Reverses University Regulations

For profit universities in the United States have long been a point of debate in the USA education sector because many feel that the tactics used to enroll and get students to agree to rising costs is predatory. Recent developments under the new administration has seen an alarming number of regulations protecting students and consumers […]... Read More

The Abandonment of the American Public School System

The American public school system, while funded like no other nation in the world, is in an extremely poor state of being. With the Republican appointed new U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos cutting funding to the failing system and redirecting focus specifically to the private sector there may be little hope for any real […]... Read More

Teacher Arrested After Inquiring About Superintendent’s Pay Raise

A teacher has been arrested after questioning the pay raise of her school district’s superintendent. The woman, identified as Deyshia Hargrave, is an English instructor at Rene Rost Middle School in Kaplan, La. The incident occurred at the Vermillion Parish, La. school board meeting Monday night. In a video posted on YouTube, Hargrave is seen […]... Read More

Betsy Devos Urges Major Reform In Higher Education

United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is calling for a major reform in higher education. She says that we have to put a focus on apprenticeship and other workforce integration programs. She said that traditional students, meaning those who study for 4 years in college and graduate within 4 years, are very few. A […]... Read More

Strategies for Improving Education in Public Schools

Everyone believes education is vital and crucial to personal success and social mobility. However, America, one of the countries with excellent higher education, has been criticized for performing poorly in primary and secondary school education as compared to schools from other industrialized countries. Funding for students has been reported to be rising rapidly over the […]... Read More

Current Legislation Could See Teachers Lose Tax Deduction on Erasers and Pencils

Teachers who use their cash to acquire classroom supplies will end up losing their tax break if the current Republican legislation makes its way through Congress. The existing tax code allows for a deduction of up to $250 from their gross income. Therefore, if the tax bill pushed by Republicans is adopted, it would scrap […]... Read More

Special Education Needs Improvement in NYC Schools

The New York City Department of Education has released their yearly report on special education, and the data shows that the city’s school system is not providing all of their special needs students with proper instruction. Over 100,000 schoolchildren in New York require government-mandated special instruction. However, the report shows that not all children are […]... Read More

Betsy DeVos under fire for schedule oddities

Since she was first nominated by President Donald Trump to be the United States secretary of education, Betsy DeVos has come under fire for one reason or another. This week, the problem with DeVos, who has been known to be hostile to public schools for decades is that her published schedule doesn’t seem to mirror […]... Read More