Need a Job? Become a Big City School Superintendent

If you glance at the help wanted ads in Washington D.C., Oklahoma City, Houston, Seattle and Las Vegas, you might notice a similar help wanted ad. These communities are all looking for school superintendents. While the pay often ranges up to $500,000 a year, there is a shrinking pool of candidates interested in accepting the […]... Read More

The Gate’s Discuss Wishes for US Education

Bill and Melinda Gates are quickly recognized for their substantial wealth and status. A lesser known factoid about the couple is their immense contribution in philanthropy. Throughout the successful years that Microsoft has grown as a company, the Gates’ have always made philanthropic endeavors a priority for their investment portfolio. The Gates’ family has given […]... Read More

American Teachers Join Gun Control Debate

A week following the deadly shooting that left 17 students dead at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, the gun control debate is heating up across the United States, and schoolteachers are now at the center of the controversy. After President Donald Trump met with survivors of the Parkland shooting as well as […]... Read More

Majority of Southerners Support Increased Education Spending

A recent large-scale poll illustrates just how much people in the South support public education. After results of The Education Poll of the South were analyzed, it was found that 84% of the respondents believe that the state should adjust school funding to achieve more parity between communities. Additionally, 57% of respondents were willing to […]... Read More

Inspiring Teachers Making a Difference

Stop for a moment and think about the teachers that inspired you to keep giving your best. Day after day, they were there encouraging you to keep trying. Perhaps, it was the high-school-science teacher who helped you construct your first rocket that inspired your astronomy career. it may have been your junior-high-social-studies teacher who made […]... Read More

Education Department May Cut Student Relief Payments by 60%

According to new information obtained by the Associated Press, the U.S. Department of Education plans to cut relief payments made to students defrauded by for-profit schools. The AP reported Wednesday that they had seen an internal estimate stating that the payments would likely be reduced by as much as 60%. The new plan involves the […]... Read More

Massachusetts Names New Education Commissioner

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education announced on Monday that they have selected a new state education commissioner, Jeff Riley, the superintendent and receiver of the Lawrence Public School District. Riley won the board’s vote by an 8 to 3 margin. Riley first drew attention in November 2017 when he announced he would […]... Read More

Tebow Bill Shot Down, Southeasterners Want To See Public School Spending Go Up

The Education Poll of the South recently surveyed educators, parents, and community members from the twelve states it serves regarding their attitudes towards public education. Collectively, the Southeastern think tank found that the average voter was in favor of beefing up spending on public education. Public Education Is Highly Valued In 2018’s Southeast Of 2,200-odd […]... Read More

Special Education Students Need More Consideration Than Some Schools Are Providing

Every student deserves the chance to excel in life after graduation. However, some high schools in the U.S. are failing to offer adequate post-schooling plans for students with disabilities. Federal law dictates that all high schools must have in place Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to provide students with disabilities the resources they need to create […]... Read More

Facebook is Looking to Go More Local

Facebook has pledged to start offering more local content to allow for better community engagement. For those in school or involved with education at any level, this is exciting news indeed. Part of this effort will involve more local news stories showing up in users’ feeds. Because this action is part of a broader effort […]... Read More