Recapping Betsy DeVos’ First Year in Office

Betsy DeVos was narrowly approved to become the United States Secretary of Education about one year ago. While many feared that she would spend all her time advocating for school choice, she has tackled many different areas during her first year in office. The December tax bill did allow parents to set up an educational […]... Read More

Law Schools See Rise in Applications

The Law School Admission Council recently released statistics showing that the number of applicants for law schools rose significantly. The number of applications for the upcoming year was almost 11% higher, as of January of 2018, than it was at the same time in 2017. Also supporting that data is the fact that 27.9% more […]... Read More

An Intellectual Quest to Find the Most Proficient Secretary Of Education for the United States

New brooms, they say, sweep clean and the 45th President of The United States of America, Donald J Trump envisages to be the new broom that the Americans ostensibly deserve. In his quest to sweep clean, Mr. Trump recently appointed a new Secretary for Education, Mrs. Betsy DeVos. This appointment sparked intellectual tantrums across the […]... Read More

Key Figures in the Education Sector

The governance and control of schools are distributed among different departments of the government. President-elect Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to be the U.S. Education Secretary. However, DeVos will not be the only influential figure in education matters. Below are five candidates who could influence the American education system:   Tom Price Price has been […]... Read More