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Alex Hern’s Vision For Tsunami XR – A Foundation For XR

XR is it term Not well identified in mainstream jargon today. All the terms relating to virtual reality quickly confuse those not familiar with the technology. XR, which stands for cross – reality, may be last virtual reality name. That is because XR effectively incorporates all the other virtual technologies. Alex Hearn is one of […]... Read More

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Develops A New Image For EDM

When we think of the traditional image of the electronic dance music pioneer we think of a faceless DJ behind decks in a booth providing the backing to a guest vocalist. The Chainsmokers have heralded the arrival of a new vanguard in the EDM genre by stepping out from behind the DJ booth. DJ’s Alex […]... Read More

The Success Story Of Matthew Autterson

Matthew Utterson is the President as well as the CEO of CNS Biosciences International. Established by Dr. Scott in 2013, CNS Biosciences is a clinical stage medicine research and development firm that aids in the discovery of neuropathic pain drugs. Matthew also serves as a Managing Partner with GL3B Partners Limited, an advisory firm that […]... Read More

Shervin Pishevar warns U.S. government heading off fiscal cliff

Shervin Pishevar may not be known to the average American. But within Silicon Valley circles, he has become somewhat of a messiah to venture capitalists. Shervin Pishevar has enjoyed one of the most successful entrepreneurial careers of anyone in the U.S. tech industry. As the founder of dozens of startups, he has been the driving […]... Read More

Jason Hope Moving Towards the Quality of Life in the New World

Currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur and consultant. Prior in taking up his expertise Mr. Hope was born in Temp, Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University.After he received his master’s degree in business administration from W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope […]... Read More

Why the U.S Needs More Entrepreneurs in its Healthcare Sector

In an article published on Dec 1, 2017, on TechCrunch, Mike Townsend sensationally claims that the American healthcare is hungry for innovators whose ideas will do away with status quo crippling the sector. Townsend supports his argument drawing data from a graph that shows that despite pumping a colossal amount of resources to the industry, […]... Read More

Drew Madden Sees Opportunity In Making Healthcare More Consumer-Friendly

There are opportunities galore to make money in the healthcare industry. These days more than ever, the space is teeming with the chance to make some good money. Drew Madden has seen it time and time again first hand as a healthcare entrepreneur. Drew Madden outstandingly stands out in the healthcare field.   Drew is […]... Read More


Most individuals recognize Bob Reina majorly due to his humorous and relaxed nature. It is not a joke however that for one to be successful, they require commitment and hard work, values that Bob Reina possess and represent, despite his nature. Self-discipline shaped him into what he became and aided him to remain farsighted in […]... Read More

Bob Reina: Trust This Man

It can be hard to take anyone at face value today. The world can be filled with a lot of liars and a lot of cheats. There are a lot of get-rich quick schemes, and they are hoping and praying to pounce on those that are in a bad way ( They know that these […]... Read More