Special Education Needs Improvement in NYC Schools

The New York City Department of Education has released their yearly report on special education, and the data shows that the city’s school system is not providing all of their special needs students with proper instruction. Over 100,000 schoolchildren in New York require government-mandated special instruction. However, the report shows that not all children are […]... Read More

How Much Should a School District be Forced to Pay for Special Education?

Did you know that a critical court case involving education law is being argued in front of the Supreme Court? It’s true! The outcome of this case could change everything for school districts across America. Basically, the case involves the rights of disabled children. For example, it is considered unconstitutional to simply refuse to educate […]... Read More

Special Education Sparks Legal Conflict in Connecticut

A ruling issued by the Connecticut Superior Court in November has prompted a legal standoff between state and federal officials.   The United States Office of Special Education Programs recently reached out to the Connecticut Education Commission and issued a warning about how the state courts handled a case involving access to special education programs. […]... Read More