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Orange Coast College New Recycling Facility is Set to Improve Environmental Conservation Efforts

Orange Coast College (OCC) has decided to lead on environmental conservation efforts from the front. This is after the school announced a recent completion of their recycling facility. Orange Coast College recycling facility is arguably one of the largest of its kind in America. The facility, unlike the previous one, covers around five acres of space and was completed in one year four months at a cost of seven million US dollars.


OCC is no stranger when it comes to environmental conservation services and in particular the recycling part. This school started offering these services more than 40 years ago. With the increasing demand for recycling services, it was only fair to increase its capacity. In addition to the current facility being built on a five-acre piece of land, it has a vehicle parking lot that can accommodate up to 45 vehicles, meeting rooms, office spaces, and shower rooms.


Services offered at OCC recycling plant

With the nature of the OCC plant, the facility offers a wide range of services to the residents of Southern California. Now more than ever, anybody can walk into the facility and drop whatever unwanted equipment they have. The list of products that get recycled is endless but includes aluminum cans, glass containers, metal scrap, plastic containers, and even an assortment of papers ranging from magazines to cardboards.


The good news with this is that you will be compensated for your recycles while at the same time the facility staff ensures you are safe. The compensation is always per-pound basis and will depend on the item you have brought.


While it’s true that you can dispose anything at the facility, there are a number of items that the facility does not allow. For instance, you cannot dispose car batteries, engine oil, boats, chemicals, paints, old furniture, and aluminum cans and plastic bottles that exceed 100 pounds. The OCC recycling plant has an eco-friendly design thus helping conserve energy resources by minimizing wastages.


About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a community-based college located in Orange County in California, USA. This institution was established in 1947 after a popular vote by the citizens and currently seats at an old US military base. The college admits over 24,000 undergraduates every year in its different educational programs. Learn more:


Orange Coast College – article recap

There are big things happening at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa campus, especially in the recycling area. Last week, a ribbon was cut to inaugurate a building which took about a year and a half to complete. This new building will now be the new recycling center and it is quite a bit bigger compared to previous one. This was done based on a need. The recycling center of this college is a popular place for those who are interested in recycling waste, such as cans, plastic bottles, glass etc. This includes those who live in neighboring towns. Learn more:

The facility cost the college around $7.5 million and is located on Adams Ave, and it covers 5 acres, a far cry from the previous facility, which took roughly one acre. It will be the first facility of its type to feature amenities such as showers and break rooms. This is for the staff who will be running the place, which includes students working there part-time. Another interesting feature is the classrooms that will be located in the building and will teach classes connected to environmental studies and related subjects. In fact, the electrical supply for the building will be supplied by solar power and other environmentally friendly add-ons such as solar tubes for indoor light.

Orange Coast College is one of the largest and oldest community colleges in the US. From its humble beginnings of just a few hundred students dating back to the 1940’s, the college has grown to accommodate over 25,000 students. However, it is not only about student population size that makes this college stand apart from the rest. It ranks high in the number of student transfers who go on to study at the larger universities, in California as well as around the nation. This includes both state schools as well as private colleges. Learn more:

Orange Coast College is a member of the Coast Community College District. Classes start for the fall, winter, summer and spring semesters. Students who do not plan on transferring to a four-year college will usually complete their Associate’s degree in many of the college’s technical programs.