“Dr. Mark McKenna, The Businessman with a Grand Plan”

Dr. Mark Mckenna is known for his business developments and plans. He seems to always be involved in the next big business and/or trends. It might come as a shock to those that know about the success of him as a businessman, because his background is not that of a business professional, but a medical […]... Read More

What Nick Vertucci Offers In His Real Estate Academy

Who is Nick Vertucci? Success is a journey with challenges that Nick Vertucci best understands. From his life experience, he understands that these challenges do not determine one’s future, which he has proven through his success story. Nick, who is a mentor, and among the most successful real estate investors in America, is the founder […]... Read More

Nick Vertucci Discusses The Housing Woes Of California

Nick Vertucci has clearly portrayed the dismal state of affordable housing in California. This is why there has to be an immediate legislative reaction which needs to come from Sacramento. Besides, the housing costs at the coasts have increased by nearly 75% over the past 5 years. These places include Los Angeles, San Jose, besides […]... Read More
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A quick insight into Jason Halpern and his works as JMH principal

JMH Development is a company dealing with real estate. It has a vast experience as owners and developers of commercial and residential properties throughout the United States of America. JMH Development is known for developing unique properties in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Miami Beach. Jason Halpern was born on 1st January 1975. In 2010, Jason Halpern […]... Read More