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An Eye Opener on Rocketship Education: An Institution Where Parents Interview Teachers

The construction exercise of the nursing station, gymnasium, and computer lab are underway in the Southeast of Washington. Two of the parents made their way there to see the progress of the construction. Christopher Smith and Rhondesia Small are among the parents that have largely participated in the launching of the school. They plan to have their beautiful five-year-old daughter join the Rocketship Chartered School. The duo has frequently been visiting the building that is on the hilltop of Anacostia and has been involved in the attendance of meetings by the community.

They have also been involved in the interviewing of possible teachers, which is an approach to innovation of having parents involved in the establishment of the academic foundation of the school. This means that parents get the opportunity to ensure that their little ones are in better hands.

Some parents are involved in the interviewing of a teacher before they are employed. Small and Smith have participated in at least six of these exercises in the past few months. The school principal, Josh Pacos revealed that the parents’ opinion matters a lot in ensuring that the interviewers get or miss a job. The parents are involved in the close examination of each candidate, and they always take this task with the seriousness that it deserves. Smith revealed that one of the job candidates had a well-formed background but her attitude was not the best making her miss the job opportunity.

The first elementary schools of Rocketship which is a charter operator based in California were first opened in 2007. Rocketship education gained popularity in the whole nation due to its first test score that was very strong and its learning approach of mixed concepts. Rocketship education system incorporates both the traditional mode of teaching with online and instructions realized by the use of a computer. This ensures that the cost of administration is low. There, however, have arisen some controversy matters especially in sustaining the expanding ability of its test score and the high reliance on technology. The 2013 Board of Public Schools Charter allowed Rocketship to build as many schools as possible.