Jeremy Goldstein Talks About The Benefits And Pitfalls Surrounding Employee Stock Options

Giving employees stock options used to be a more common practice than it is today, according to legal expert Jeremy Goldstein. This was due mainly for four reasons, with the first being to save money. The other reasons included that situations sometimes happened where the value of the company’s stock dropped so far that employees […]... Read More

Fundamentals Concerning Ricardo Tosto, Among Brazil’s Most Illustrious Lawyers

Lawyers are central authorities playing significant legal roles in every nation. They are the professionals who often participate in constitutional amendments guiding legal affairs of a country. Most pledged Brazilian lawyers choose to defend their clients through their firms and make a living out of it. They also have an impressive education background, which gets […]... Read More

Thor Halvorssen Looks to Inspire The Next Generation of Activists

Throughout the 21st century it seems as though the profile and reputation of the human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has been growing at a rate that now sees him viewed as one of the world’s best known human rights campaigners. This popular and well educated campaigner has not limited himself to simply raising his own […]... Read More

Cone Marshall, Ltd. Sets the Standard for NZ Taxation Transparency

Companies in need of international trust and tax planning expertise understand that the firm, Cone Marshall, Ltd. is the leading company in New Zealand to handle such matters. Furthermore, the skill and knowledge required to navigate the legal landscape of taxes and international trust must be handled by professionals who understand the complexity of the […]... Read More