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Francisco Domenech- Bridging the Gap the Easy Way

The name Francisco Domenech rings a bell in minds of many Americans and more so Puerto Ricans. Domenech is the managing partner of POLITANK, a state affairs law company that is renowned for developing strategies to present private interests in the best manner before any governmental meetings. He is also the former Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico a position he served from 2005 to 2008. While servicing in the office, he was in charge of more than 130 staffs and he streamlined the office for the few years he served in the office.See more of Francisco Domenech at Linkedin.

His leadership skills led to surge in the growth of services provided by the Legislative library. Even the blind and physically challenged were able to access the services of the facility. Before joining the Office of Legislative Service of P.R, Francisco Domenech held the position of Puerto Rico Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel. In the office, he provided legal advice and made known the interests of the senate before the courts of law. His duties included running all the internal counsel duties and ensuring the court sessions proceed as anticipated by his clients.

Francisco Domenech was a member of the Democratic National Committee where he represented the interests of Young Democrats of America. The year 2008 was a great period for Domenech has he served as the Deputy Campaign Manager of Hillary Clinton. This was during her primary campaign in Puerto Rico where she defeated Senator Barrack Obama by a huge margin. He also helped in organizing Hillary Clinton’s campaign trip to Puerto Rico in 2016.

Education wise, Domenech has been a champion. He is a Juris Doctor and also a Bachelor of Arts degree holder in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico. While attending the law school, Francisco Domenech, also attended the University College of London and enrolled for a number of courses in comparative law for one semester. He has also served in various leadership positions while studying. Through his political endeavors and capacity to represent the interests of others, Mr. Domenech has been on forefront organizing voter registration campaigns. He has also used his influence to support many philanthropic initiatives. And through his lobbying company, he has been the link between business entities and government. Indeed, Francisco Domenech has been a mastermind in the law and governance sector



Getting to know Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to always put the care of the customer first. His day is intensely dedicated to finding what will help his clients best. To do this he manages his time by splitting work up with a creative and relaxing break in the middle of the day where he often finds himself to be most creative. More info here.

As he gives counsel to his customers he also keeps a passion for the outdoors and physical activities. He is an avid mountain biker who’s favorite app is Strava; an app that tracks you and other users while you bike or run a trail. He uses physical activity as a rock to his schedule where time is of big importance to him. He claims the best $100 he spent was on TSA PreCheck because of the time it saves in the airport.

Not only is Hagele dedicated to his customers he is also dedicated to the future of technology. He frequently invents in start-up tech companies where his favorite technological development is artificial intelligence. Hagele is keeping up with the times by understanding that Social Media and even artificial intelligence is the future of the world as we know it.

He also is cognizant of his past. When explaining the biggest mistakes he made as an entrepreneur he made note of those mistakes and has avoided making them again. He also learned from his past from the worst job he ever worked as a car washer in the winter of Chicago, claiming that he knew from that point on he wanted to take control of his education and career.

Overall, Michael Hagele seems to be a very person focused business leader. Where no one comes before the customer and where hard work and tenacity are met equally with physical activity and play time.

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Quality Values of an Entrepreneur as Applied by Michael Hagele

Update 6-14-2018: Michael Hagele had some interesting things to say about mountain biking.  His hobby has become his number one passion of late, and through Bro Talk he provides some really good points for beginners that might be looking to pursue the sport themselves.

For one to have the best results, the person much be prepared to go through rigorous rehearsals, tackle challenges and define assumptions, as well as use new opportunities and information as they present themselves. This is according to Michael Hagele, an outside general counsel in the field of biotechnology, internet, aerospace, and defense. He says that never giving up and being relentless brings an urge for success that if followed leads to excellence. The early-stage technology and hospitality founder and investor also boast of having rich and resourceful experience when drafting, negotiating, and closing technology agreements.

Michael Hagele sees individual practitioners and small companies as having the potential to offer high-quality and affordable legal services. His extensive legal knowledge in licensing distribution, development and commercial agreements, marketing, and promotional agreements, as well as intellectual property rights, analysis and portfolios have been widely appreciated.

He is quite interested in artificial intelligence especially its use in genetic programming. To this end, Michael Hagele has already invested and acts as an adviser to a company that developed an application to be used by non-profit firms. This app will come up with the best and most useful ways of use of funds in such companies. Michael says that using machine learning algorithms, they can identify patterns and hidden relations in data, which will help to make it known of the assumed impacts of programs. These insights will boost justification efforts in program expansion, lower costs, and help maximize projected program outcomes.

With entrepreneurship, productivity is a crucial aspect of success. Michael Hagele says that to be productive, one has to keep customers interest at the forefront. Entrepreneurs with this habit gain the trust of their clients. He sees that being an attorney a client’s idea, business or even life could be resting in your hands, making it your duty to do your best despite all the pressure to making it possible. He says that this gives him purpose.

To recharge and sharpen his mind, he engages in physical training such as mountain climbing, bike riding or a jog around the block. He says that this stimulates creativity and energy.

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Ricardo Tosto excellence as a lawyer

Brazil has the biggest number of law schools in the world. It is estimated that the number of law schools in all the other countries in the world cannot match up to the number of law schools in Brazil. The net effect has been a country that have a huge number of lawyers. With law schools being many, Brazil also churn out a very high number of lawyers every year. It is estimated that Brazil has more than a million lawyers. However, not all of them practice law. There are relevant bodies that are supposed to make the necessary approval needed for one to be allowed to practice law.

Brazil is one of the litigious nation. With a very high population and a justice system that is very rigid, the demand for legal representation is highly appreciated. For a person who have no experience in legal practice, it will be almost impossible to navigate through the courts in Brazil. The nature of laws in the country have made it necessary for clients to look for lawyers who offer the best representation. Lawyers who are best in the country are the ones that are approved by the bar association in the country. These are the lawyers who have successfully accomplished the procedure of certification as a lawyer in the country. The process of approval as a lawyer includes one earning a degree in law from a reputable university in the country and then proceeding to join a law school in the country. Successful lawyers are the ones that will sit and pass the bar exam which is done at the end of law school.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in Brazil. He has been is a founding lawyer of one of the big law firms in the country. Ricardo Tosto is approved by the relevant authorities to practice law. He is among the best lawyers in the country on commercial law litigation. He has been very dedicated to his work and always makes sure that he helps his clients deal with the issues they are going through. Ricardo Tosto is fluent in English and Portuguese which makes him one lawyer who can do representation in more than one language in a country that is predominantly Portuguese.

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The Brazilian Law and Ricardo Tosto the law profile

Brazil has the highest number of Lawyers both professional and training lawyers. The Brazil Law. Their legal systems are regulated by the Brazilian Federal Constitution which has been applied since October 1988. The Brazilian Legal System is formed by the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Court as its most essential elements. The two have a large contribution and manages the application of law throughout the country.

The court systems in Brazil are formed by the Ordinary Courts and the specialized courts which are entirely operated by the Government of Federal. The Brazilian Courts are made of the Labor Courts, Military Courts, and the Electoral courts. The Supreme Court ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the Federal Constitution in its mandate focus.

One of the most famous Brazilian Lawyer is Ricardo Tosto. He has a proven expertise and experience for in the business law for over 15 years. He has shown excellent results in bankruptcy, bank drafting recovery, and the credit recovery. Among the founding partners of the Tosto e, Barros Advogados is Ricardo Tosto. Some of the top legal areas of specialization for Mr. Ricardo comprise of, Acquisition Review, Administrative Law, Bank Contracts, Credit Recovery, Commercial Law, Civil and the Election Law.

In his career, Mr. Rosto has served the Legal and HR Management of several Brazilian companies as the company advisor. He was crowned by the Who’s Who Legal as one of the top lawyers during their nominations for Commercial Litigation category. Also, Mr. Tosto has appeared in the Brazilian Legal publication Analise 500 and Legal 500 having been recognized for his outstanding law skills and expertise.

Mr. Tosto acquired his degree of law for the undergraduates at the Mackenzie University and later went for a Business Administration extension. In his profile, Mr. Tosto has worked in the legal service department of the government and several companies. He formerly worked as the President of Judicial Reform Committee at the Sao Paulo Section/Brazilian Bar Association and the Judicial Modernization Committee