IAP Ranked Among the World-Best Employers

IAP Worldwide Services Company takes this opportunity to bring their unique expertise and skills for the company, bringing together their unique knowledge form a cohesive whole. They believe that a universal force for good is better than individual experience. For this reason, they engage in working and developing solutions together. IAP Worldwide has been ranked […]... Read More

History Of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the leading companies that specialize in facilities management, infrastructure development and logistics management. It is based in the United States and serves clients such as the United States government and military on a regular basis. The company provides assistance to these entities in various locations throughout the world that […]... Read More

IAP Worldwide Services’ Varied Commercial and Humanitarian Ventures Worldwide

IAP began offering logistics and procurement services in 1990 as a specialized unit. The establishment of IAP was the result of a contract to deliver generator items to U.S troops in Saudi Arabia. It then proceeded to play a vital role in supporting the Army during Operation Desert Storm. In 2004, IAP acquired JCWS Inc. […]... Read More