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Troy McQuagge Extends Compassion to the Society

US Health Group is not just selling insurance policies to Americans. Their CEO, Troy McQuagge wants the company and employees to be more. Since Troy joined the organization in 2010, he has ensured that the group maintains it top performing position. US Health Group is among the popular insurance companies in America.

Together with the insurance business, US Health Group values giving back to the community. Troy founded the Hope Foundation. It stands for helping other people every day. Troy did not want it to be a one-off event. This is why he decided to make it an entity that will have a perpetual impact on needy people. The first time the organization participated in helping other was during Hurricane Katrina.

The entire organization played a role in recovering and rebuilding homes for the victims. Troy McQuagge US Health involved his employees intentionally. He wants them to learn how to participate in community matters. He also wants them to learn how to give back to the community. Philanthropy is not all about donating money. Personal involvement is also important. There are some things that money cannot do because they require actual people to participate.

HOPE has grown tremendously in the period it has been operational. It has a sub-section for children with needs but they cannot be helped by their families. In particular, these children suffer terminal illnesses or fatal diseases. The centers for these children are in Arizona and Texas. As time advances, the foundation will open other centers to increase the number of children they are helping. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health at

Troy believes in compassion and hence, the investment in philanthropy. Earning money and fame is not just enough for a company. Troy wants his employees to know compassion and minding the welfare of others. It will also improve how they handle clients and other people. The HOPE Foundation has made a significant difference in the society.

Just as the name states, many people have revived their faith after they received help. US Health Group is glad to see how it is changing the lives of people. The HOPE Foundation anticipates growing and reaching to even more needy people. Its goal is to spread compassion globally.




BBB, which is an acronym that stands for Better Business bureau, is. A company rating agency that reviews the overall performance of a company and rates it in terms of performance and service delivery. The better Business Bureau has been able to establish that USHEALTH Advisors LLC meets its standards of accreditation which include the company’s commitment to speedily resolve customer complaints and queries. However, BBB accredited companies like USHEALTH pay accreditation fees to support the agency in its endeavors and services to the public.


In the same vein, an accreditation does not mean that the company’s products and services have been endorsed or evaluated by the agency. This accreditation does not also mean that a determination has been made with regards to the quality or competency of the services provided. Nonetheless, The Company enjoys positive customer reviews on BBB and this is enough testimony that the company’s services are widely appreciated by the wider populace. The most glaring pluses can be found in the areas of customer service, claims settlement, pricing structure, type of products and coverage. One review especially lauded the marketplace plans offered by USHEALTH due to its flexibility and the price of the coverage.


USHEALTH Advisors Salary

USHEALTH Advisors LLC has a very elaborate salary structure that covers the different levels of their sales staff. These levels are divided in the Account manager, the insurance agent and the contract insurance agent. The Account manager enjoys a base salary as well as additional benefits. The average salary of an account manager ranges from $49,000 to $58,000. This is in addition to other benefits like cash bonuses, stock bonus, profit sharing, commission sharing and others. On the other hand, the insurance agent is entitled to a base salary of $0 to $150,000. Unlike the account manager the insurance agent does not enjoy much in terms of additional benefits. There are no bonuses or profit sharing facilities available to him. The same also applies to the contract insurance agent. This shows that the insurance sales staff is highly remunerated with additional benefits and opportunities for career development.

USHEALTH Group Inc – Leading Health Insurance Company over Years

USHEALTH Group Inc is a private company that has long been providing its services to over 15 million customers throughout over 50 years it has existed. In its operations, the firm and its subsidiaries believe that all clients are unique and one size fits all strategy is always far-fetched.


The company provides a wide choice of affordable solutions, tailored to meet their customers’ individual needs. It provides innovative Life, Specified Disease/Sickness, Accident and Disability Insurance for self-employed people, families, small scale business owners, and their workers.


USHEALTH Group Inc has a wide array of products. This way, qualified parties can benefit from product affordability, reliability, and flexibility. The firms accommodate the customers with a small budget but are concerned to satisfy a high annual deductible before they can benefit from their insurance plan.


They offer them a portfolio of innovative products that provide first dollar benefits for the covered services and great network discounts across a vast spectrum of providers. These plans are highly affordable when compared to the other comprehensive plans, and goes a long way to provide the first dollar protection benefit that is provided in the limited protection plan offers.


Other customers also come requiring a security of a more tailored coverage and can raise the amount by cost sharing a specified sum of money. The firm also provides a unique selection of Particular Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans which are more affordable, flexible and reliable. The bottom line is that the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction with their chosen program.


The firm puts closer to its heart, its advisors that provide clients with an exceptional buying experience, through their licensed and trusted USHEALTH Advisors Agent. It is compulsory that consultants and agents undergo a rigorous, specific product training and certification standards before they are allowed to execute their duties.


Before changing its name to USHEALTH Group Inc in 2005, the Fort Worth, Texas based company was formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. when the company started, it had over 213 employees. It’s obvious that such a successful firm like USHEALTH Group Inc must have an organized executive. At the helm is the 70 years old Mr. Benjamin M. Cutler who is the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has held the position of the company’s President since September 1, 2004.


Initially, he served as an Executive Vice President of Union Security Insurance Company. Ms. Cynthia B. Koenig holds various posts such as Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Senior Vice President and also Treasurer.Mr. Konrad H. Kober, 58 is the Chief Administration Officer and Executive Vice President.The USHEALTH Group Inc is active on the social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and the web as well. It believes that here, the business can also be conducted as well.