Stone Energy Joins Forces with Talos Energy in Gulf Coast Merger

Talos Energy owns more than 33,000 miles of seismological information regarding the layout of the underwater topography in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of the United States of America under Louisiana. Talos Energy, founded in 2012, uses the data to more efficiently streamline the process of finding new areas to drill and explore. […]... Read More

Talos Energy and Partners Becomes the First Private Company to Drill Oil in Mexican Water

Mexico for the first time now has an offshore oil sunk by a private company. That is a rare happening for the fact that for over 80 years now, the country has never had a private corporation explore this natural resource. That was a move by the country to have foreign competitors back to the […]... Read More

Andrew Rolfe – Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe Roles in Ubuntu Education Fund     Last year, after Jacob Leif had spoken on A World Economic Forum held In Davos, he realized that he had been underachieving. Jacob Leif is the founder of the Ubuntu Education fund. The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that raises money to help children […]... Read More

Inside The Ubuntu Model

To understand the Ubuntu Model one has to understand Ubuntu itself. For those who are not familiar, The Ubuntu Fund is a nonprofit organization based out of South Africa’s Port elizabeth Township. The group’s primary aim is to help the South African township of Port Elizabeth lift itself up out of the sorry poverty which […]... Read More