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Troy McQuagge Extends Compassion to the Society

US Health Group is not just selling insurance policies to Americans. Their CEO, Troy McQuagge wants the company and employees to be more. Since Troy joined the organization in 2010, he has ensured that the group maintains it top performing position. US Health Group is among the popular insurance companies in America.

Together with the insurance business, US Health Group values giving back to the community. Troy founded the Hope Foundation. It stands for helping other people every day. Troy did not want it to be a one-off event. This is why he decided to make it an entity that will have a perpetual impact on needy people. The first time the organization participated in helping other was during Hurricane Katrina.

The entire organization played a role in recovering and rebuilding homes for the victims. Troy McQuagge US Health involved his employees intentionally. He wants them to learn how to participate in community matters. He also wants them to learn how to give back to the community. Philanthropy is not all about donating money. Personal involvement is also important. There are some things that money cannot do because they require actual people to participate.

HOPE has grown tremendously in the period it has been operational. It has a sub-section for children with needs but they cannot be helped by their families. In particular, these children suffer terminal illnesses or fatal diseases. The centers for these children are in Arizona and Texas. As time advances, the foundation will open other centers to increase the number of children they are helping. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health at

Troy believes in compassion and hence, the investment in philanthropy. Earning money and fame is not just enough for a company. Troy wants his employees to know compassion and minding the welfare of others. It will also improve how they handle clients and other people. The HOPE Foundation has made a significant difference in the society.

Just as the name states, many people have revived their faith after they received help. US Health Group is glad to see how it is changing the lives of people. The HOPE Foundation anticipates growing and reaching to even more needy people. Its goal is to spread compassion globally.



Who is Helping New York City’s Animals?

New York City has a lot of fun things, from Broadway to shopping on Fifth Avenue and enjoying some of the nation’s most expensive restaurants. However, when winter comes to the streets of the big city, there are many animals that are left on the streets.

Cue Ross Abelow. He has been a registered attorney in New York City since 1990. After he got his legal registration, he set out to help the people of NYC. He’s registered to help with delinquent cases – IE cases where young people are involved and are being prosecuted by the state or by someone in their neighborhood.

Now, Mr. Abelow is going one step beyond what he is registered to help with, and it requires no registration or law degree. All his next act of kindness requires is money and a GoFundMe campaign. Oh, and animal shelters. Many animal shelters, all located in NYC.

He has started a GoFundMe campaign to help these animal shelters get the supplies they need to help more animals during the winter. Many of the shelters in New York City reach capacity during the winter as pets given as Christmas gifts are abandoned when they become too much work. Whether the shelter reaches capacity because they don’t have enough supplies to take in as many pets as they could, or they don’t have the space to take in more, whichever animals cannot be taken in by the shelters are left to die in the harsh winters.

Abelow’s campaign to raise the money to help was launched on January 13, 2016. He plans to raise $5,000, but there is no deadline. He simply wants to help the animals that are left out on the streets without help.

This past winter has had record cold temperatures. No animal should be left out in that kind of cold. With temperatures reaching far below freezing and snow worthy temperatures outnumbering simply blustery days, there are still animals out there. There are still animals who suffer in the cold, roaming alleyways and hunting for any little scrap of food and warmth they can get.

Some get lucky and get the help they so desperately need. With the help of Abelow’s fundraiser, those animals who would not have been lucky will be able to get help – or at least some of them. There are too many animals in need of help here.

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