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The Prediction of Matt Badiali

Earlier this summer, Oklahoma became the 30th U.S. state to allow the production and sale of cannabis in small amounts. The sale of marijuana in the U.S. just keeps going up and up. In 2017, it accounted for an estimated $6 billion in sales. Up next is Canada who in October will make legal marijuana throughout all of its provinces. Largely because of this, Matt Badiali, and editor for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali definitely knows his stuff when it comes to investing. He first entered adult life by earning a B.A. from Penn State University and then an M.A. in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. After his education Matt Badiali traveled all over the world, developing a passion for and great knowledge of investing in the process. By nature, he was a meticulous researcher and this made him the perfect investor. All of his investment suggestions are all backed with many hours of investigation of every aspect of a natural resource.

Matt Badiali says that he is not the only investment expert who predicts a huge lift in sales of marijuana. But Badiali also admits that the Canada marijuana market already has a goodly helping of frauds and scammers. But there are many very legit companies. Some of these companies are companies that were concentrated on gold mining at one time. They took on that concentration when gold mining was the hot investment item a while back. The biggest and most successful of these is Newstrike. They are so well known in Canada that one of the most popular bands in the country is supporting them.

Although the sale of marijuana is going on openly now in Canada, as mentioned it will not be completely legalized till later this year. Right now there are few sellers, therefore the prices are steeper, but after the full legalization, there will be a lot more competitors which Badiali predicts will mean decreased costs.

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Quality Values of an Entrepreneur as Applied by Michael Hagele

Update 6-14-2018: Michael Hagele had some interesting things to say about mountain biking.  His hobby has become his number one passion of late, and through Bro Talk he provides some really good points for beginners that might be looking to pursue the sport themselves.

For one to have the best results, the person much be prepared to go through rigorous rehearsals, tackle challenges and define assumptions, as well as use new opportunities and information as they present themselves. This is according to Michael Hagele, an outside general counsel in the field of biotechnology, internet, aerospace, and defense. He says that never giving up and being relentless brings an urge for success that if followed leads to excellence. The early-stage technology and hospitality founder and investor also boast of having rich and resourceful experience when drafting, negotiating, and closing technology agreements.

Michael Hagele sees individual practitioners and small companies as having the potential to offer high-quality and affordable legal services. His extensive legal knowledge in licensing distribution, development and commercial agreements, marketing, and promotional agreements, as well as intellectual property rights, analysis and portfolios have been widely appreciated.

He is quite interested in artificial intelligence especially its use in genetic programming. To this end, Michael Hagele has already invested and acts as an adviser to a company that developed an application to be used by non-profit firms. This app will come up with the best and most useful ways of use of funds in such companies. Michael says that using machine learning algorithms, they can identify patterns and hidden relations in data, which will help to make it known of the assumed impacts of programs. These insights will boost justification efforts in program expansion, lower costs, and help maximize projected program outcomes.

With entrepreneurship, productivity is a crucial aspect of success. Michael Hagele says that to be productive, one has to keep customers interest at the forefront. Entrepreneurs with this habit gain the trust of their clients. He sees that being an attorney a client’s idea, business or even life could be resting in your hands, making it your duty to do your best despite all the pressure to making it possible. He says that this gives him purpose.

To recharge and sharpen his mind, he engages in physical training such as mountain climbing, bike riding or a jog around the block. He says that this stimulates creativity and energy.

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