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OSI group, taking the food industry by storm

Managing to steer any business to a global level has never been a walk in the park. There are so many obstacles that often lie in the path such as government regulations of different countries, cultural impact, marketing problems among many others. The scenario is even worse if the business operates under the food industry because it not only has to tease and satisfy the consumer’s taste buds but also outshine competitors. That is why it only takes a firm with exceptional management skills such as OSI group to succeed in the food industry.

OSI Group is a global food processing company which has had a long way coming and one whose success proves that there is nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it. OSI group began as a family meat market in Illinois in 1909 but thanks to excellent leadership from its well-known management team such as the CEO Sheldon Lavin and the president David McDonald, it continues to scale great heights with each dawn.

The company which is headquartered in Aurora is the market leader in the supply of value-added protein items such as hot dogs, veggie products, beef patties, pizza, sandwiches and sausages to top food service and retail brands. Since it was established, OSI group continues to conquer the food industry arena and today it prides itself on over sixty top of the shelf production facilities spread across different parts of the world such as Asia, America, Pacific region and Europe. It is easy to think that with all the success in hand, the company would stop at that, but you will be surprised to know that plans for expansion are still underway. For instance, the company plans on launching two new facilities which will make it the largest poultry producer in America.

In another strategic move which will enable it to provide a diverse array of products to its consumers, OSI group recently acquired a European company known as Baho food. By purchasing Baho foods, OSI group will now be able to serve its European market more efficiently. Baho foods is already well established in Europe and as such, it will be much easier for them to penetrate the European market. Additionally, Baho food’s products complement those of OSI group which is an added advantage as it will be easier for OSI to introduce their products. OSI group also recently purchased Tyson foods which is located in Chicago for similar reasons, and so it can be able to meet and exceed the rapidly changing needs of its customer base.

Unlike most successful global companies, OSI group does not reach all these milestones at the expense of its workers because they are well paid, and neither does it cause any harm to our environment. Fortunately, the world seems to take note of all these, and that is the reason why the company recently bagged the esteemed Globe of honor award for exceptional environmental care. The company gives back to the society by offering employment to more than 20,000 people in the seventeen countries where it operates. It currently ranks 58th on America’s largest private companies list and is also among America’s top 100 food companies.

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A Few Effective Weight Loss Strategies For Busy People

If you are looking forward to lose weight in a healthy manner, there are different weight loss strategies you can follow. These are strategies that are designed to help people loss weight to promote their health and fitness. One important thing you need to note is that not all the strategies will work for you, so you have to apply due diligence and learn more about each of them in order to choose the best. Here are three programs that can help you attain a healthy weight.


This is a diet based weight loss plan that offer prepackaged foods with controlled calories. It also offers food suggestions that will help you attain the desired weight. It claims to help you lose five pounds within the first week of following it. It gives suggestions on the type of foods you need to prepare, but a large percent of comprise of nutrisystem meals. The several diets are reviewed thoroughly to ensure that they are effective.  To read about Nutrisystem for men, and what you can expect Pure Health Living has a breakdown:

There are different types of pre-packed foods containing the right amount of fiber and protein that help reduce appetite. The other great thing is that the diet is well balanced. The diet contains the right balance of nutrients your body needs to maintain good health. The foods do not contain unwanted ingredients that can cause negative effects.

High quality ingredients

Nutrisystem prepackaged foods contain different kinds of ingredients. Most of the foods eaten are real meals meaning that they offer the right benefits to the body in addition to the weight loss benefits. Nutrisystem is not only a low calorie diet plan, it ensures that each of the meal can help reduce appetite and offer the body the nutrients needed for it to thrive. The foods do not contain artificial flavors, colors and other sweeteners. The fact that the foods are low calorie, it becomes possible for you to maintain real weight loss.

Personal trainer food

This is another weight loss strategy that offers the correct foods and plan that helps

you lose weight. This is a strategy that applies the right approach known to offer positive results. It offers different meals because people have different goals when it comes to losing weight. Personal trainer food has wide range of plans that are created to fit your specific goals. There are more than seventy five quality men items to select. It makes it possible for you to customize your meal plan to fit your preference.

Tasty full portion of foods

Personal trainer food offer meals that are rich in tasty food. The products contain high amount of protein, right amount of carbohydrates and essential fats. The products are prepared in a way that they do not require fillers and sweeteners.

Proven results

Personal trainer food offer positive results because it contains healthy foods that can help you lose weight fast. In addition, it also designed to ensure that you do not regain back the already lost weight.

Easy to follow

This is one of the easiest weight loss strategies because there are no complicated counting points and systems involved. So, it is easy to apply it in your weight loss routine.

Weight watchers

Weight watchers is another weight loss strategy that will help you lose weight in an effective manner. When you follow this strategy, you have the freedom to eat what you love. This is more of a lifestyle change program that is geared towards encouraging people eat healthier and engage in more physical activities. This helps you lose weight permanently. You have the opportunity to follow the program online by yourself. Here you just need to track your food selections and workout and find the right workouts and recipes. You can also opt to undergo coaching in case you require a one on one consultation by text, phone and email.

When you follow this plan, there is no food that is forbidden. However, you do not have to purchase any packed foods you get. This weight lose strategy is created with the aim of helping you change your habits for good. It is a very flexible program, meaning that it is easy for adapt it in your life. You learn how to shop for the right foods, prepare healthy foods and eat in a way helps you lose weight in a healthier manner.

The OSI Group is a Huge Success

When the OSI Group first started out as a small meat market, they had no idea that they would grow to be as big as what they currently are. They want to make sure that they are getting the most out of the food service business and this has allowed them to be as successful as what they are. It has given them the chance to show off the skills that they have and has also given them the option to help the clients who they serve in different areas around the world with what they have to offer.

The OSI Group first started out as a meat market. They served local people and they made sure that they always had the highest quality. Not only was the meat that they had to offer extremely high-quality, their customer service was a great quality too. They wanted to make sure that their clients were always happy and they went far above what other companies did to get to that point because they knew that was how they were going to be as successful as possible with the products that they had to offer.

According to Forbes, as the OSI Group got more and more successful with the meat market that they had they recognized the need that they had to move to a bigger business model. They wanted to make sure that they were able to serve all their clients no matter where they were located at. This meant that they needed to make sure that the business was bigger than a simple market. They grew into a family-run corporation that allowed them to meet the needs of all of the clients that they had acquired. It also allowed them to purchase more and to offer more.

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They are now a full-service food industry company. The OSI Group serve companies around the world and works with restaurants in different areas with the options that they have. This has given them the chance to truly grow and has allowed them to see a very high level of success. It has also allowed them to be one of the best. With their global reach, they have been able to help restaurants that may not have been able to get the same level of service in the past. This has helped them to make a difference and has helped them to skyrocket to the success that they have had.

Now that they have worked so hard, they want to continue going up with what they have to offer. It has not been easy to get to that point, but they plan to make sure that they are going to do better in their business. They have big plans for the OSI group ( and they are going to make the most out of the things that they have to offer for their clients. There are many ways in which they can work to help people and to ensure that they are getting the most out of the business.