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The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

cassioaudiHard rock music legend, Cassio Audi, is both a native and a legend in Brazil. He made history by being one of the first heavy metal drummers to inspire massive sounds across the globe. Audi began performing and gaining popularity in the nineteen eighties and performed his music under the pop and rock genres. He stayed popular and performed well into the late nineteen nineties.

In the beginning of his music career, Cassio Audi helped to form the band Viper which stayed together from the year 1985 until 1987. During his short time with the band Viper, the musician released two albums namely the Krillera Sword in 1985 and Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987; some of the key songs on the album included Wings of the Evil, The Law of The Sword, Knights of Destruction, The Whisper, Killers, and Signs of The Night. On top of being a world renowned drummer, On top of being their drummer, Cassio Audi was also an incredible singer in the band Viper, and demanded much respect from across the globe.

Due to his incredible talent, Cassio Audi is considered one of the biggest hard rock drumming legends to this day. The musicians raw skill played a vital role in helping him bring together other key artists such as Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos, to create his legendary band, the Vipers. Together, the band performed British heavy metal while also being instrumental in ushering in new heights of heavy metal music to the world.

Audi’s time in the music industry was unfortunately a short career. The mere fact that he became a world revered legend in only, roughly ten years, speaks volumes to how well he perfected his craft in such a short time. After his few years of fame, Audi laid down his drumsticks for the last time, and began a career in finance. Though he left his rock star life in his past, Cassio Audi remains a heavy metal drumming legend. and stays in the Hall of Fame not only in Brazil, but globally.

All about Market America Unfranchise

Like a normal franchise system of business, The Market America Unfranchise system offers a modern management system, standardization, marketing and merchandising tools, better visibility and the chance to own multiple locations at once.However, the Unfranchise model from Market America is even better. You do not need to pay any franchise fee, there are no territorial restrictions, monthly royalties, and best of all the startup expenses are minimal or non-existent. Besides that, you do not need to quit your job to join the Unfranchise network by Market America. You can simply work part time and on flexible hours that are most convenient for you.This model of business offers you two primary ways through which you can earn an income. The first one is by offering products through your Market America web portal.

You will then be able to earn a gross retail profit of between 30 and 50 percent by fulfilling the wants and needs of about 10-15 selected customers. The second method of earning through this model is by creating sales organizations with others in the same line of business.In simple terms, this model of business provides you with a simple path of becoming financially independent by offering you to have a secure stream of income for years to come. For you to start building your Unfranchise business and earn a steady income, you will need to follow a detailed plan. You will also be given a Customize Web Portal and other tools to manage and run your business.Market America will create the services and products, come up with the marketing content, and handle all distribution and shipping. Your job while working on the web portal will be mainly to serve the needs of the customers and create financial security for yourself in the process.

Richard Blair Takes Away The Guess Work

Finances are a very tricky thing to navigate by itself. Many people who try to figure out their own finances find themselves in a tricky situation. For one thing, life is very unpredictable. They can find themselves faced with some unexpected expenses. For instance, it can be very hard to come up with a good plan for retirement, especially for people who only have one source of income. This is one of the reasons that people need financial advisers. They can find financial experts like Richard Blair of Wealth solutions who will not only help them come up with a solid financial plan, but also give them insights into the world of finances.

One thing that people will learn about is the importance of having more than one source of income. Even people with really high paying jobs can benefit from alternative sources of income. One of the reasons that alternative sources of income can help is that it gives people something to fall back on. Among the many alternative sources of income are investments and other jobs. Some of these alternative forms of income take a bit of time to build up. Fortunately, Richard Blair is available to help with the choices on alternative sources of income.

One of the issues that many people are faced with is finding out what type of source of income is right for them. If they try to guess at it, then they could take a wrong step. Richard Blair is there to educate his clients on all of the different opportunities that are laid out before them. This not only gives his clients the insight but also gives them the confidence to move forward with their choices.

Richard Blair is willing to help his clients with every aspect of their finances so that they can make the right choices in saving for their retirement. One of the common occurrences in the financial world is that people have more assets than they know what to do with. Richard Blair teaches them what they can do in order to put it to work for them. Learn more:


Equities First Holdings Gives an Alternative to Bank Loans

Individuals and businesses seek credit facilities to expand or start their businesses. Some borrowers need to raise capital quickly; therefore, they seek quick loans. However, banks and other lending institutions have tightened lending criteria. That explains why Equities First has realized more traction margin loans as well as stock-based loans. Equities lending is becoming an alternative in the current economic climate where banks and credit institutes have made their lending policies tight.

Banks have increased interest rates, cut the lending options available to borrowers, and tightened loan qualifications. Al Christy, Jr. is the founder and chief executive officer of Equities First Holdings. According to Christy, loans collateralized by stocks have helped borrowers to seek working capital, and they are an innovative alternative to borrowers. Stock-based loans have fixed interest rates and a higher loan-to-value ratio as compared to margin loans. The features make it easier for borrowers to have certainty throughout the life of the transaction.

Christy noted that stock-based loans offer a hedge unlike a typical two-year loan term since market fluctuations are unavoidable. Stock-based borrowers lower their investment risk in a downside market. Christy noted that the best part about stock-based loans is that they have a non-recourse attribute that enables borrowers to walk away from a stock anytime they feel that the stock’s value is depreciating. The borrower can still keep the initial loan proceeds without further obligation to the lender.

The specialties of Equities First

Equities First Holdings (EFH) was established in 2002. The firm is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and it has a satellite office in New York City. It specializes in securities based lending for individuals and businesses. Equities First Holdings offers loans based on the evaluation of the risk and the future performance related to the treasuries, stocks, and bonds.Borrowers who require capital quickly would benefit most working with this firm since it is a leading securities firm all over the world. High-net-worth people can also access loans from EFH. If you want to expand your business or pay an expensive debt, then you can benefit from working with EFH.

Martin Lustgarten Helps Clients through Investment Banking

Investment banking is a field in the finance industry that deals with the process of helping companies increase capital. On a regular basis, there are a number of companies that are looking to get more funds in order to stay in business, avoid bankruptcy, offer more services, offer more products and increase their stock price. In order to accomplish these goals, a company will often seek an investment banking firm to help them merge with another company or find ways to increase their value. The most common transaction that takes place in investment banking is mergers and acquisitions. This is the process of two companies coming together to combine their resources into one entity.

The investment banking field has a number of departments which all serve an important function for clients. These departments include corporate finance, trading and research. There are also a number of professionals who help operate an investment banking firm. These include analysts, associates, vice presidents, managing directors, traders and research specialists. With the help of these professionals, clients will have the expertise they need in order to best manage their finances.

Most investment banking firms assist large companies and help them merge together as well as manage their capital. However, there are quite a few investment banking firms that work with small companies and individuals. One of these firms is one owned and run by Martin Lustgarten. He has been involved in the boutique investment banking industry for many years. Martin’s firm is based in Florida and over the years has helped a number of people get sound financial management. Lustgarten works with a number of small businesses as well as individuals who are looking to get the most out of their financial resources.

Martin works with small businesses by referring them to other companies to get the funding they need. This allows Martin’s business clients to get the capital necessary to expand and reach their goals. He also helps a number of individuals who are often looking to better invest their savings. While serving his clients, Martin often researches securities to find one’s that will get the best returns for them. With the expertise and work ethic of Martin Lustgarten, many businesses and individuals are able to get the best management of finances on a regular basis.

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) is a lending firm that offers financing solutions to businesses, global financial services firms, and high net worth individuals in need of non-purpose capital. It has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and offices in nine countries including London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. They mainly specialize in alternative finance solutions, allocation of capital, and providing financial services. Since inception in 2002, the company has completed approximately 1,000 transactions, which amount to $1.4 billion. Al Christy Jr, the company’s Founder and President, is in charge of about 50 employees at EFH.

Equities First have turned to be the next best option for the borrowers who need the capital urgently and are not qualified for the credit-based loans. In this era where the banks have increased on the banking interests, raised the credit qualifications, and minimized their lending options to the borrowers, the equities have alternated to the use of stock-based loans. This is because they provide a fixed interest rate and their loan to value ratio is equally high. Stock-based loans ensure that the borrower gets to enjoy the proceeds of the loan even if the stock value goes down without many restrictions.

There are differences between stock-based loans and margin loans. In margin loans, the money borrowed has restrictions, used for a particular purpose, and have the loan to value ratios of 10-50%. Whenever a margin call happens, the lenders liquidate the collateral without prior notice. Their interest rates are variable too. On the other hand, the stock-based loans interest rates vary between 3-4 % and there are no restrictions on its use.

The loan to value ratios range between 50-75% and the borrowers are free to walk away even with a decrease in stocks value. Equities First Holdings ensures that all borrowers meet their financial goals and all stocks returned after the transaction matures.
Equity First Holdings has teamed up with several banks (both custodian and investment), law firms, and international law jurisdictions. The collaborations have contributed to a 30% growth since 2002, and they aid in delivering the best services as the global leading company in alternative lending.

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Keith Mann Shows His Support For New York City Police Officers

Dynamic Search Partners CEO Keith Mann says police officers should be appreciated and commended for all the good they do. In the wake of recent events in New York City, which resulted in violence and protests, Keith Mann is showing his appreciation by feeding a New York City Police Department precinct.

On Friday, Mann, along with his wife Keely, supplied food for New York’s 54th Precinct. He said it was merely a small gesture to boost moral and make officers feel appreciated. New York City has seen its share of protests in the last year after the death of Eric Garner and other unarmed citizens.

Mann says he feels a special connection with the police because both he and his wife have police officers in their family. He sent lunch to the 54th precinct in January and February. Officers of the 54th Precinct were very appreciative of the gesture. “We have been under a lot of pressure lately. It’s good to know that we have support,” said an unnamed officer.

Mann also wanted to make it clear that although he fully supports law enforcement, he doesn’t want to see innocent citizens get hurt or killed due to the actions of a careless officer. “It’s a two-way street.

There have also been two support rallies held in support of police officers since January. Mann says that all police officers would just be happy to know that they have the public’s support.

Mann created Dynamic Search Partners in an effort to play high-level employees in the financial world. His company has offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He has filled over 200 vacancies all over the world since its opening.