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Felipe Jens gives out the Projects to Be Effected in The Northeastern Region

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, several Northeastern stated have taken into investing in private initiatives by assets’ transfer, through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) concessions. This is a way of evading the federal transfers restrictions and fiscal accounts tightening without interfering with the investments.

One such example is the Light Rail Vehicle Project (VLT) of the Bahian government. The 19 miles railway line with 21 stops is aimed to substitute the operating surbabian train, with 1.5 million benefiting from this project.

Another is the Piauí government which has 24 concession projects and PPPs, as made aware to Viviane Moura the Concessions and Partnerships superintendent. Their largest concession is going to expand the sewage network to cover more areas in Teresina, from the current 24% to 80%, states Felipe Montoro Jens. The state launched internet connection improvement project which their first PPP in August 2017 which is under the responsibility of the private partner. The fiber optic and 1500 access points will be installed from the coast to southern end. 2.1 million Piauíans will benefit from the project.

Maranhão government is also aiming to have a prisons construction PPP. The four prisons are likely to open two thousand places and this operation is expected to start in 2019 June, as Felipe states.

In Pernambuco state, National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has incorporated Pernambucana Sanitation Company (COMPESA) in an initiative aimed to boost the engagement of private companies in the sector of sanitation. To make this achievable BNDES has even outsourced consultancies to examine the best model that will draw investors in 15 states.

COMPESA wants the PPPs signed by the government expanded so that more models can be embraced since there are available resources that can complement the partnership from Inter-American Bank and World Bank, says Robert Travas COMPESA’s president.

Making the production and distribution systems more efficient in the Interior is also something the Pernambuco government is interested in.

Paul Mampilly Shares His Insights On Investing In The Stock Market

Paul Mampilly has proven that he has the ability to predict the stock market and point out the securities that will gain in value. For him, this is not luck but a skill that he has perfected over the years.

Paul spends several hours studying the stock market. To this end, the investor has been able to know the factors that can make or ruin stocks in the various segments of the market. Paul has used these skills to grow the accounts the he manages, thus greatly benefiting his clients. Paul is a former hedge fund manager and the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Competition.

When Paul picks up a stock, he does over 30 hours of solid research on the same. This gives him the opportunity to know the company much better by identify its strengths and weaknesses. He then uses over 20 hours to write a report with recommendations on the stock. Recently, the investor has produced positive recommendations on precision medicine, electric vehicle, and food delivery services.

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According to statistics, millennial constitutes the largest proportion of the living generation. This group has deeply embraced food delivery services, a factor that has enhanced the growth in the industry. Mampilly noted that the high demand for food delivery services has created one of the best investment opportunities. This way, the companies that have invested in this industry will continue to grow fast over the next decades. Innovative services such as Blue Apron and Plated have also wooed the generation.

In addition, Paul Mampilly recommends stocks in the electric vehicles market. According to the financial expert, the auto manufacturing industry is about to experience the same transformation that the cell phone manufacturers enjoyed with the introduction of the iPhone into the market. He notes that the market shares of traditional manufactures such as Chrysler and Ford are bound to shrink as new companies like Tesla gain a larger market share. The public appreciation of the capability of electric cars will cause this market shift.

Paul contends that precision medicine is poised to be the next big things due to the ability of professionals to provide patients with therapies that are customized to their needs. With the passage of time, more people will opt for precision medicine over traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ health care concepts that are currently in use.

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The Social Security Conversation by David Giertz

12-08-2017 Update: Looking into retirement, there are many aspects of financial planning that people ignore for one reason or another. We all know the percentages and what you’re supposed to save so that you’ll be well established financially. However, have you ever considered your health? This is definitely something you should start thinking about. So let’s take a look at David Giertz’s outline for health savings.

10-31-2017 Update: David Giertz says that you can still spend money after retirement. While that may sound counter intuitive, Giertz who is a respected financial manager in his own right, says that with the right planning literally anything is possible. So open your mind to a completely new concept of saving money. Find out more here.

Social security advice is a necessity for Americans and people can get help from financial advisors who understand the sensitive issue of Social Security to a comprehensive retirement plan. Customers require training prior and then afterward retirement to settle on choices at these key ages. With more than 60 million people born after WW2 nearing retirement by 2030, there’s the need for comprehensive education and planning particularly with regards to Social Security benefits at

Monetary counselors can act the basic part in helping America’s people stay away from an approaching retirement emergency on Bloomberg. Also, with four in five Americans saying if their counselor doesn’t help them amplify their Social Security benefits they will change to a consultant who does – getting up to speed on a customer’s filing alternatives is useful for the guide’s business too.

To help improve this muddled issue and support these dialogs, Nationwide Financial gives a conclusion to-end Social Security program and retirement solutions that prepare counselors to be the specialists their customers need to guarantee they have enough cash for retirement. The Retirement Institute as of late propelled the Social Security 360 SM program to help counselors boost their customers’ Social Security benefits. According to, the patented software that won award looks at all the decision procedures accessible to wedded couples, single individuals, separated individuals, government workers, widows and even the individuals who have effectively chosen the product.

Mr. David Giertz serves as the CEO of DGC One AB until 1999. He has also been a Director of DGC One AB since 1991. Besides, he filled the Director position of David Giertz Holding AB. David L Giertz is counselor in financial sector with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. David Giertz works out of Columbus, OH and additionally he is in charge of the distribution of private-sector retirement plans and wholesale strategy, mutual funds though banks & specialty markets, annuities, independent dealers & brokers, warehouses and regional firms.

Igor Cornelsen Helps People Restructure Their Investment Thought Process

If a portfolio was a vehicle, Igor Cornelsen would be in the driver’s seat. He would be the driver that is giving information to the first time driver that is sitting in the passenger’s seat. Igor has a wealth of information that he can pass down, and it is beneficial to anyone that is considering investing and building a portfolio to take heed to what he offers.


He has the ability to give this abundant amount of information because he has worked in America and abroad. What Igor Cornelsen has managed to show investors is that there is life beyond investing in American stocks. He knows because he has made a great amount of investments in Brazilian stocks In Brazil where he used to work. His time in Brazil was very valuable because he learned about the culture and he learned about the exports that were going to drive certain stocks. He is an excellent source of information for anyone that may be trying to build a diverse portfolio.


A great number of investors are looking at what he has managed to do in his own life, and they are becoming very impressed with the results of the returns on investment. It is much easier to maximize a return on investment when there is a diverse portfolio in play. Sometimes Brazilian stocks are simply going to yield more than stocks in America. This is what Igor is trying to get people to realize. Even when the economy is in an economic downturn in America there still may be opportunities to make money in other countries.


He is a firm believer in this, and he urges people that invest in Brazil to become familiar with the culture. Igor urges people to also consider damaged stocks over damage to companies. He has set in motion of chain of responses that one can have for the financial investment world that can benefit them. Everyone will face issues with their investments in portfolios at one time or another. Igor believes that it is not about the crisis but how the crisis is dealt with.