One Thing To Know When Applying To Law School

Think about any common lists of occupations that are sought-after or otherwise wanted. You’ve probably heard lists starting off with or at least including the two following professions: “doctors, lawyers…”   Law school is expensive, requires three years of attendance at minimum, and is incredibly competitive to gain entry to most respectable law schools around […]... Read More

TEACH Loans Killing Teachers With Personal Debt

Public education is undeniably important in modern society. Not just in the United States, Japan, Australia, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, The Gambia, Crimea, or any other particular country across the globe – public education is the ground from which future generations of adults, leaders, politicians, doctors, and literally everyone else grow. Without a solid system for […]... Read More

NPR Education Reveals That U.S. College Enrollment Is Dropping – For The 6th Straight Year

The United States of America is home to unarguably the most fertile grounds for producing the world’s best and brightest academicians and other researchers. Higher education in the United States is widely considered the best in the world. Not only is the quality of the average school’s education higher than the rest of the world, […]... Read More

U.S. Government Contemplates Closure Of School Space Satellite Programs

How many times have you thought about venturing into outer space? As students, most people around the globe – you were almost certainly taught this lineup, too, if you went to school in the United States – are familiar with the eight planets of the Solar System. For whatever reason, even though humanity’s population continues […]... Read More

PTSD And Academic Distress Show Link

Described in general, non-medical terms, post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition typically caused by especially stressful events – things like fighting in wars waged between governments, home invasions, getting involved in street shootouts, being raped, or even getting in fights with one another, though some people come down with the condition stemming from […]... Read More

Tennessee Promise Makes Free College Looks Good

Student debt has plagued both long-term residents and brand-new immigrants graduating from United States colleges and universities with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, if not more, placing significant mental strain on people who thought they were doing the arbitrary “right thing” by attending college. However, thanks to the FAFSA – the Free Application […]... Read More