Florida Legislature Passes Multiple Education Reforms

This week, the Florida Legislature wrapped up voting on a number of new educational reforms within the state. These new laws included expansion of the state’s school choice laws, new regulations for teacher’s unions and several other measures. The most widely reported law had to do with expanding the state’s school voucher program to those […]... Read More

Massachusetts Schools Earn Top Ranking

U.S. News & World Report has released their annual education rankings and Massachusetts has snagged the first-place spot in primary and secondary school education. With a high school graduation rate of more than 88% and high reading and math scores across the board, Massachusetts was judged the best state for students from pre-kindergarten to 12th […]... Read More

Congress Grinds Away At Formulating New Higher Education Act Policy

Anyone paying attention to the top media headlines these days might be surprised to learn that Congress is getting closer to passing significant new reforms to the U.S. higher education system. The Higher Education Act is in serious need of a rewrite. The current policy has not been updated in 10 years. Several committees in […]... Read More

Law Schools See Rise in Applications

The Law School Admission Council recently released statistics showing that the number of applicants for law schools rose significantly. The number of applications for the upcoming year was almost 11% higher, as of January of 2018, than it was at the same time in 2017. Also supporting that data is the fact that 27.9% more […]... Read More

Research Shows That US Students Need More Motivation for Math Tests

The United States economy is the strongest in the world. Since that is so, you would expect that United States students are the best in math, since education is correlated to the economy. However, many people are baffled as to why students in the United States seem to do worse at math than students in […]... Read More

Betsy Devos Urges Major Reform In Higher Education

United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is calling for a major reform in higher education. She says that we have to put a focus on apprenticeship and other workforce integration programs. She said that traditional students, meaning those who study for 4 years in college and graduate within 4 years, are very few. A […]... Read More

Common Misconceptions About Choosing a College Major

When going to college, many students have trouble choosing their college major. Sometimes, they get advice from friends that is not accurate. Other times, they will switch their major a few times. The truth is that there are many myths about college majors, according to the New York Times. The first myth is that you […]... Read More

Strategies for Improving Education in Public Schools

Everyone believes education is vital and crucial to personal success and social mobility. However, America, one of the countries with excellent higher education, has been criticized for performing poorly in primary and secondary school education as compared to schools from other industrialized countries. Funding for students has been reported to be rising rapidly over the […]... Read More