Barbara Stokes: The Innovation Leader of GSH of Alabama

The disaster relief construction industry is considered as one of the toughest playfields to succeed. It is because of the conventional business strategies and processes cannot produce results in the sector due to its complex nature. The industry requirements are not uniform and heavily fluctuating – huge service needs at times, whereas negligible business during […]... Read More

Susan McGalla, a Woman Leader

Gender miscellany is essential for the development and proper progress of every institution and company. Performance is better to enterprises that are open to new ideas, and this can be done by diversifying gender and ethnicity. Because in many organizations men are on top and high ranking roles, women are often left to lower positions. […]... Read More

What you need to know about Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been in forefront advocating for the rights of children. She seeks to empower parents to make choices that won’t include confining their children to unfavorable environment regarding education.Since her times in Calvin College, Betsy DeVos has been active in politics driving change and bringing policies that seek to solve major life challenges.Betsy […]... Read More