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Fortress Investment Group Hits The Rails With Brightline

Fortress Investment Group has gone into the railway business. Brightline Train, the only private owned passenger rail in the U.S. began its service this past May. The train runs a quick an efficient thirty minute trek between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The first train leaving Miami at 7:10 in the morning, and the last departing at 11:10 at night. It makes its Miami to Fort Lauderdale trip seven times daily, perfect for regular commuter tired of the lagging, traffic filled auto-commute. Brightline is the newest investment from the private-owned alternative investment group, but Fortress’s plans for the railway are no where near done.

Fortress Investment Group plans to establish a Brightline in multiple U.S. Cities. Taking full advantage of long commutes between sister cities for their location choices. Miami to Fort Lauderdale is perfect because many individuals who live in one city work in the other. Although commuting by car takes the same time as Brighline’s run, freeways become congested in the peak hours of a 9 to 5, granting the railway faster, less stressful passage. It also means saving gas and sparing the vehicle a thirty minute trek. Fortress Investment Group hopes to extend to the current railway itself to accommodate the West Palm Beach Orlando route. At present the company is eyeing treks that would connect Chicago to St. Louis and Atlanta to Charlotte.

So far Brightline has garnered much support and looks to be another accomplished feather in Fortress Groups hat. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The company is based in New York and manages around $70.2 billion dollars in private equity firm, hedge funds, credit funds, and alternative assets. It has invested in a variety of business like Brightline, earning profit from a wide margin of markets. The has over 1700 investors funding it and offers prime returns around 40% from the businesses it builds.

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Save more with Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a company in Australia that offers solutions to the financial needs of the people. The company is all about making the public aware about the importance of having sound financial plans, the company which was started in 2103, has been dealing with reduction of debts as well as assessing the people deal with general money management issues. Those who has had an opportunity of working with this company attest of the good results that they have witnessed. Infinity Group Australia is a creation of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker who are financial experts in the country. They came up with the idea of this company after seeing how people were suffering dealing with loans.




Graeme Holm has been in the banking sector for 17 years. He has worked with the top 4 banks in the country and when he says there is problem with the way banks manage clients with debts. He is sure of what he is talking about. After conducting a research about the state of financial knowledge among the people who were taking loans, he realized that many people knew very little about money management. They were taking loans without concrete plans on how they would repay the loan. It is through the assistance of people like Graeme Holm that now people are aware what money management entails.




So, what does Infinity Group Australia offer? This is question that can easily be answered by looking at the website plus the reviews they have gotten from the people they have served. One thing stands out; Infinity Group Australia is offering great financial services to their clients. The company is all about helping the people make sound decisions which will enable them repay loans in time as well as enable them make a difference in their lives by saving more. When you save more,you investment more and in that way, you have an opportunity of improving your financial life. Learn more:




Infinity Group Australia assigns people who come to them personal bankers. Just as a gym trainer is important when working out, a personal banker will assist you make the right decisions about finances. The employees of the company are professionals who will offer the client the best services available out there. They will take the role of managing money on behalf of the client and will provide them with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on their spending habits. They will assist clients to get rid of some of the expenses they do not need.

Journey Of Infinity Group Australia

Entrepreneurs and business consultants like Robert Kiyosak often argue that the success of a company depends first on the knowledge and experience of its founders along with their cooperation the founder have with their employees. Well, Infinity Group is fast proving this argument as correct. Earthed in Bella Vista, NSW Infinity Group Australia was just introduced in the market six years ago but is already on the ladder of success. This does not come as a blow because its founders Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker happen to be gurus in the field of financial management which is the central role of the firm.




Graeme Holm is the pillar of the success story of infinity group. The co-founder and director of the firm dream of Infinity Group Australia began way back in 2001. Here, he realized that most families are struggling with debts and the financial firm available in Australia are not making their situation better as there are offering the clients a poor financial. Due to this, Graeme was inspired to begin a company that as relatively good financial deals that will favor all the members of the Australian community an help them to reduce their debt, manage their finances and create wealth for them hence the emerge of Infinity Group Australia.




In an attempt of making his company pop out as the best in such a competitive niche, Graeme came up with the idea of incorporating financial coaching because most of the people barely know how to manage their finances. Incorporation of this idea did not surprise those who knew him because with his 15 years’ experience such a brilliant idea would have definitely emerged from Graeme Holms. He hence reached out to Rebecca Walker through a friend as she is an expert in this field and established the Infinity group Australia in May 2012. Learn more:




Today the company is doing well not because of is idea but because of the great team he has with him who embraced his concept of Infinity Group Australia positive. To be precise, Infinity Group works with an estimated 50 members alongside various financial coaches who handle the economic issues of each client with the magnitude it deserves. It is such cooperation that has enabled the firm to stand and grow fast since its establishment, with such a spirit more is to be expected from the company in the next three or five years. Read more about Infinity Group Australia reviews.



Face of Infinity Group Australia

Forget the rumored tale that for a company to do well, it has to have been in the industry for long because with Infinity group Australia Pty Limited this statement becomes a complete understatement. Established only five years ago, Infinity Group Australia is a private financial firm with its headquarters earthed in Bella Vista, NSW. The prime purposes of its establishment were filling the gap that most financial institutions in Australia could not fill such as reducing the debt of Australians and in turn create wealth for them hence securing their financial future as well as the financial future of their children and grandchildren.


The company works through a team of 11-50 employers. As a result of this great team, the company managed to be shortlisted for the customer service experience awards, prestigious Vow financial altitude award and Optus My Business award. Undoubtedly, the company would not be where it is today without the coordination of all its workers and the excellent services they provide to their customers. The majority if not all the people who use the organization applaud its prosperity and services. In as much as this is correct, it would be more appropriate if the glory befalls Graeme Holm.


So who is Graeme Holm?


No doubt you are wondering who Graeme Holm is and why he should be extolled first before honoring Infinity group Australia. Well, don’t stress over it as this article will explain in detail. Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia Pty Limited, and all the primary goals of the company are as a result of his ideas. Interviewed on various social media platforms, Holm admits that his aim while establishing Infinity Group Australia was not to compete with the existing financial firms but rather to better the lives of all Australia especially the ones from the middle and lower class. This is because in his research he discovered that most financial institutions offer poor financial rates to their new and loyal clients.


Graeme success is not a surprise because the guy has been in the financial industry for an estimated 17 years. Here, he worked with four primary financial service providers which exposed him to various financial situations faced by most clients and how to deal with them appropriately. Important to point out is that in 2017, he was recognized as MPA Top 100 Brokers. Besides, all these achievements, Graeme is a licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA) in Queensland and New South Wales which justifies the prominence of his company Infinity group Australia Pty Limited.


To understand more about the benefits that you can realize by working together with this group, you need to Infinity Group Australia Reviews on social media. It is one the best financial partners to work with. Learn more:


Getting Financially Fit with Infinity Group Australia

If you have taken the time to review your finances recently, you may now be aware that you need a little bit of work. Your finances are the key to what you do today and how you live in the future. What have you been doing to ensure that your future is better? If you’ve been managing your finances wisely then you know that you can create long-term wealth. There are so many ways to do this, and many of these ways you may not have considered before. What can the Infinity Group Australia do for you?


After a thorough review of your finances, you can make some determinations about your next steps. This may include figuring out how you can reduce your overall mortgage balance, as well as reducing the number of years that you’ll pay on your mortgage loan. Additionally, you’ll need to learn more about eliminating debt. This can pertain to any other loans or debts that you have outside of your mortgage loan itself. One of the tools that the advisors start with at Infinity Group is a test that determines your financial health. It will help you see where you are right now, and where your finances are headed down the road. This is utilized to help folks determine if they can buy a new home, and what they can afford to do that maybe they haven’t done as of yet.


Securing your future is important, and if you’re not on pace to really live a secure future, it is helpful to turn to a firm like the Infinity Group to make sure you’ve thought about everything. It’s important to build long-term relationships with the right people, and it’s important that you protect your family relationships as well. What about the future of your children? If you aren’t sure that they’ll have enough to pay for college or for covering health expenses should something go wrong, it’s time to re-asses your financial fitness. Where do you stand today? It’s great to believe that you can have it all, but until you’ve paid for everything you owe, it’s a long ways off.


Learn how to build and create true wealth with the help of Infinity Group Australia, and begin to review your finances today and for the future to provide for your family with all they’ll ever need to live on. Learn more:

Stone Energy Joins Forces with Talos Energy in Gulf Coast Merger

Talos Energy owns more than 33,000 miles of seismological information regarding the layout of the underwater topography in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of the United States of America under Louisiana. Talos Energy, founded in 2012, uses the data to more efficiently streamline the process of finding new areas to drill and explore. For seven decades there has been a steady progression in the types of methods used to drill, control oil wells, and find new areas. These techniques have resulted in a slew of increased productivity for drilling and exploration companies across the board. Talos has been rated one of the top places to work from 2013 to 2017 according to the Houston Chronicle, the biggest newspaper in the city of Houston, Texas.

The majority of the operations of Talos Energy occur in the Gulf Coast between Houston and New Orleans. And in working with or being around other oil production companies in the Gulf area, Talos has joined forces with Stone Energy company in a 1.9 billion dollar merger. Stone Energy company currently trades under the Ticker “SGY” on the New York Stock Exchange, but the new company will be called Talos Energy Incorporated, and will trade under the ticker “TALO”. The chief executive officer Timothy Duncan believes that the merger will position Talos To be a more premium drilling, production, and exploration company.

The result of the merger will allow the two companies to accelerate the rate at which they are individually acting on their business endeavors. After the dust settles, current Talos shareholders will own 67 percent of the new company, and stone employees will own 37 percent of the shares. Based on a stock share price of $35.49 on November 20th, the enterprise valuation of the company will actually be at 2.5 billion dollars.

In combination, the new company will have a total of 1.2 million acres from which to explore and produce oil. In 2017, the company was producing on its own 47000 barrels of oil per day and had a reserve of 136 million barrels.

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Market America: Helping You Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their income often find themselves baffled. When these entrepreneurs are in search of a system that allows them to do so, they will tend to turn to Market America.

Market America’s goals are twofold. First of all, they are here to assist entrepreneurs who are in the growth stages. The second goal? Providing customers who rely on online shopping with a better means of doing so. By pairing these two goals with their knowledge of the economy, a better future can be created for the rest of the world.

Whether consumers are looking for lesser known brands or they are interested in the bigger names, the company can help. People are given the power that they need so that they can make the best possible purchasing decisions and entrepreneurs are given the chance to harness the awesome power of the Internet.

Market America is not the type of company that rests on its laurels either. They regularly participate in various community events and spend a great deal of time learning more about all of the various ins and outs of the industries that they exist within.

New updates are also being provided to the site on a regular basis. In recent weeks, the site recently received a number of improvements and enhancements before being placed back online. Market America is well aware of the fact that browsers tend to prize visual appeal when they are visiting a site.

The updates to the site also provide a much greater level of user friendliness. In addition to the aesthetic improvements that have taken place, Market America is also looking to increase the amount of information that is provided to their browsers and this level of dedication is what allows them to stand out among the crowd.

The way that people shop for their favorite products is always going to go through various changes. With a company like Market America at our disposal, these changes can be navigated quickly and easily. One day, we will live in a world where the paradigm has shifted and we can create the economy that we wish to have.

Talk Fusion: A Well-Rounded Service for the Savvy Business Person

Increasingly more business is being conducted in the virtual environment. There are more remote workers than ever before and companies are considering a growing workforce that attends work from the comfort of their own home. For companies that are looking to expand their workforce and tap into the growing trend of work from home opportunities, Talk Fusion is the best application for considerable growth. Companies will find that it is an easy to use interface with a multitude of options that allow them to portray a competent company with exceptional professionalism.


Talk Fusion has caused so much hype in the professional world that a recent article featured on Engadget has nothing but positive things to say about the trending company. Having been founded in 2007, the relatively young company has established a foothold in the technological field that is unmatched by many of their competitors. They have provided a service that has made them not only necessary but vital to companies that choose to do their business in a virtual environment.


So, what are some of the services that Talk Fusion offers to their customers? One of their biggest, and most renowned, services are there customizable videos. Clients that opt for this service will not be disappointed. It allows them to upload a video into the application and edit it with a high degree of personalization. This means that they will be able to add company watermarks or follow suggested formats provided from Talk Fusion. These formats are vital for startup companies as they learn the services and set out to establish their brand. Talk Fusion even offers courses for those individuals that are less than tech savvy so that they are able to still provide high-quality material to their own clients. Talk Fusion University is one of the ways that Talk Fusion strives to be accessible to anyone that might want to utilize their services.


Some of the other services that Talk Fusion provides our video conferencing and live chat sessions. Video conferencing is becoming a go-to for many companies with remote agents and even a valuable training tool. Talk Fusion has tapped into this necessary component of online work to help create an optimized environment for creativity. Talk Fusion is even available for clients in their personal lives as well, meaning that they can even connect with friends and family through the service. It seems that this company has all of the priorities necessary to create a well-rounded life. Learn more:


“Dr. Mark McKenna, The Businessman with a Grand Plan”

Dr. Mark Mckenna is known for his business developments and plans. He seems to always be involved in the next big business and/or trends. It might come as a shock to those that know about the success of him as a businessman, because his background is not that of a business professional, but a medical professional. He started off as a Tulane Medical School graduate earning a degree in medicine. After graduation and furthering his education by obtaining a license in Medicine and Surgery through Florida’s and Georgia’s State Board of Medical Examiners, he went on to open a real estate business. Mr. Mckenna stated the reason for his change in professions is because he saw how hard it would have been making a living as a doctor.

Dr. Mark Mckenna is described by his colleagues as a loving patient, community advocate with a martial entrepreneur mindset. His personality and business mind has kept him furthering his portfolio, impressing those that understand true success. Dr. Mark Mckenna first started off as a doctor, and then he went on to become a real estate businessman in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina hit, he aided his city in redeveloping some of the low income homes. After completion of the task he moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

OVME is the name of the Mr. Mckenna’s newest business venture, and it is an app that will connect physicians to clients. The app is based around people wanting cosmetic procedures and their ability to have it done at their house by a freelance practitioner. The practitioner will use the app to receive extra money for their services such as Uber drivers do with transporting people. The freelance practitioner will drive to the patient’s home or meet up somewhere so the procedures can be done, taking away all the red tape dealing with setting up doctor appointments and etc. Mr. Mark has found a way to connect medical providers around the world with clients and vice versa. Mr. Mckenna is indeed a businessman with a grand plan.

Flavio Maluf Talks About His Latest Business Deal

The world of Brazil business offers many rewards for those who are able to pursue them. Doing so takes a great deal of vision and a willingness to take risks in search of potentially lucrative rwewards. Those who can take advantage of them can proper. One such person is Flavio Maluf. He understands this part of the world is one in which there is tremendous possibility for expansion. This is why he is pleased to announce that Eucatex and Duratex have agreed to do business with each other going forward. As part of this plan, Eucatex will give a farm that presently exists in Capão Bonito. In return, the firm will get access to a much needed factory in Botucatu. The company will manage the farm in order to help produce the raw material that the company needs. The plant Botucatu employs over two hundred people. The company can produce roughly 200 thousand m³ each year. Read more about Flavio at

Proud to Announce

Flavio Maluf is also proud to announce that Duratex will be resuming the production of materials via a factory that is located inItapetinga. He is confident this is a good move for his company and employees. This will happen during April of this year. As the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has let the employees at him company know what’s going on. He believes that it is a good idea to make sure that every one of his employees is kept in the loop and understands the company’s policies as they move forward under his leadership. Maluf has also announced to the public that his new business will be approved by CADE, an important regulatory agency. He and his company staffers are hopeful that the new venture will serve the needs of the local community as well as the international community. The new venture is part of his overall vision for local development that will help secure a profitable future going forward for the entire region. The new venture will increase production of several types of materials that the company produces. This includes fiber sheets, paper printing and paint. Learn more: