Talos Energy Enters Into Gulf of Mexico Partnership For New Offshore Well

For many years Mexico did not allow anyone but the state-owned company, Petroleos Mexicanos, explore or drill for oil in its offshore oil fields. It was way back in 1938 that the Mexican company had nationalized the oil industry. In the past few years this has slowly changed and the result is that in 2017 […]... Read More

Jeanmarie Guenot; Brilliant Health And Business Management Expert

  CrunchBase.com writes that Jeanmarie Guenot has over twenty years experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as a pharmaceutic business executive. She is the chief executive officer and current president of Amphivena Therapeutics Inc, a company involved in the development of a form of bi-functional antibody therapy for hematologic deficiencies and malignancies.   The […]... Read More

The Career Accomplishments of USHEALTH Group’s Troy McQuagge

The chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, was recently honored by being named as the CEO of the Year during the highly esteemed One Planet Awards. The award is international, and it acknowledges business and professional accomplishments in various sectors across the globe. Companies from all parts of the world are allowed […]... Read More

The changes that IAP is making to improve service delivery

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the procurement of different services both to the federal government and the private sector. The company has been in existence for close to six decades no and their business growth and development points towards the presence of very strong leaders at the […]... Read More
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Jason Halpern: Brilliant Real Estate Developer

Real estate development is Jason Halpern’s blood. His family has been in the development industry for decades. He finally got his chance to take over and lead the JMH Development in 2010. The company is a full-service real estate developer. They’ve handled development projects of residential and commercial properties all over the United States. They […]... Read More