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Choosing and applying makeup is an under celebrated art form. Being able to present your favorite version of yourself to the world through cosmetics can be utterly transformative and ulimately empowering. So why is it that so many of us seem to fall into the tired, stiffling pattern of uniformly choosing and applying our makeup in a way that makes us attempt to look like the models who helped sell it to us? When did makeup become about fitting in rather than standing out? Is there anyone else out there who feels like we’ve resigned to boring color choices and a sincere lack of imagination? When did makeup turn into a mask that hides us rather than the a face-first expression of ourselves?


For those of us who are no longer willing to sacrifice our boldness for blandness, Lime Crime makeup has come to the rescue! There are wide ranges of dynamic colors available to select from and several different finishes to choose from. The edgy products of Lime Crime make it so much easier to pull off the traffic-stopping, creative looks so many of us have been itching to explore. They are committed to using high quality ingredients that are certain to help achieve the picture perfect look without customers having to worry about using makeup that will be hard on the skin or flake off after two minutes of wear. Their entire selection also happens to be cruelty free, allowing for a guiltless journey into our own beauty. This unique company has a clear dedication to individuality and a serious knack for the unique.


The excitement of makeup has finally been restored! Whether your preferences lean toward the daring, or the demur, these exquisite lines of cosmetic products are sure to achieve whatever look you happen to be going for. From foundation to finish, makeup should be a joy, not a job. And for once, a makeup company heard us. Rather than resigning ourselves to hum-drum selections and a serious lack of inspiration, let’s explore a new kind of makeup that says what WE want it to say. So, what are we waiting for?

Lime Crime Has Taken On The Pastel Hair Trend With Unicorn Hair

It was only a matter of time before Lime Crime released a line of exciting hair dye shades. After all, founder and CEO Doe Deere has been rocking the pastel hair look long before it became a dominant beauty trend.

Having recently announced the Unicorn Hair line of semi-permanent dyes, the brand is once again taking the beauty world by storm. With thirteen shades that originated from Deere’s wild and colorful imagination, there’s a hair color for everyone.

Favorites include Bunny, the quintessential baby pink, as well as Dirty Mermaid, a muted teal. Since the Unicorn Hair dyes are semi-permanent, Lime Crime customers are encouraged to have fun trying out different shades.

Like all of the brand’s products, Unicorn Hair dyes are completely cruelty-free as well as vegan. The formula is free of harsh chemicals and boasts a vegetable glycerin base. Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant derived from plants that draws moisture into each hair strand. The formula has also been designed to not stain surfaces and fabrics.

Each Unicorn Hair shade can be purchased in the form of a tint or a semi-permanent, full coverage dye. Tints last for about ten weeks and add a touch of color to light blonde strands. The full coverage dyes last up to about twelve weeks and will thoroughly coat strands that are darker shades of blonde.

The brand is known for its fun and whimsical packaging and the Unicorn Hair line is no exception. Each plastic jar has a pastel pink label with silver iridescent, glam rock-inspired text. Best of all, each jar is only $16.

About Lime Crime

Since 2008, the cosmetics brand has been launching imaginative products for makeup enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of standing out in a crowd. The brand is known for its fun approach to color, offering products in a variety of dreamy and bright shades.

Doe Deere founded the company in an effort to encourage makeup lovers to have fun experimenting with color. Deere believes that women should use makeup to express themselves rather than cover up their flaws.

To see the variety of Unicorn Hair shades available, visit the company’s website.

Lime Crime; The Only Crime to Have!

Lime Crime is a vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics with the main store located in Los Angeles, California. It has been certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny in never being tested on animals. That’s just one great thing about this store, but when you glance at their site, you are hit by an explosion of color, and different products to meet your needs. The company was founded by Doe Deere, who wanted colors and make-up to match her rebellious personality, having launched her line in 2008. Her product is carried online, but in such stores as DollsKill, Planet Beauty, Amazon, and Dote, just to name a few. Lime Crime is sold globally, not just locally, and it has millions of fans.


Checking out the packaging was fun, as one of the newer products, called MI$F (moms I’d like to follow), comes in a four-color lip pack that looks like a pink cigarette box. They have rose tins of color combinations, pop on nails in funky shades, lip shades in metallic, diamond crushers, and matte. The company offers semi-permanent hair color in a plethora of shades that won’t damage your hair. They have highlighter palettes for your face, eyeshadow palettes for your eyes, and all come in gorgeous packaging. Make-up and hair care so colorful and dazzling, that you can easily channel your inner rebel.


The company also supports several charities and has given over $16,000 to them. They have given to the Red Cross, Adopt NY, which is a charity for animals forced to leave homes during Hurricane Sandy in NY, Girls, Inc., a charity program that educates and empowers young girls, Bideawee, the oldest no-kill animal shelter in the U.S., HOLA, an after school charity for kids in LA., and more.


The company offers gift cards, can get a student discount of 15% even on sale items, refer-a-friend discount of $5 when you spend $30, and there are other promotions and sales going on currently for Mother’s Day. The press on the company is fantastic, as they have been featured in such magazines as Elle, and Marie Claire, and websites such as Refinery29 and Popsugar to name a few. What’s not to love about Lime Crime?


Lime Crime Offers The Tools For Colorful Creative Self-Expression

Lime Crime is a makeup line created by former model, fashion designer and rock musician Doe Deere. The company has been an internet sensation from the start. People love that the brand offers makeup in the brightest, boldest colors imaginable and has the most creative names for its colors. People also love the fact all Lime Crime products are made from vegan ingredients and are never tested on animals and so are cruelty-free. Plus their products encourage freedom of in an industry that generally tries to get people to blend in.


Founded in 2008, this innovative cosmetics line offers lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, rouge, hair dye, glitters, primer and a whole host of other radically colored beauty products. The products enable the wearer to make bold, expressive statements that show their individuality and their inner unicorn. Doe Deere created the cosmetics line when she couldn’t find makeup in colors loud enough for her to be seen on stage with her rock band. The brand has now been embraced by millions of people worldwide determined to make their own loud, colorful statements.


If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, consider the liquid eyeliner, metallic or matte Velvetines lipstick, Venus Palettes eyeshadow, Diamond Crushers

Iridescent Lip Topper, bold, opaque and recklessly bright Unicorn Lipstick, Unicorn hair dye in blazing bright colors, neon bright nail polish and dazzling pop on nails. With Lime Crime cosmetics you can make a loud statement without speaking. The brand is now popping up in boardrooms, business meeting, courts of law, schools and medical centers as highly-skilled professionals now dare to display their colorful inner unicorns.


When you’re ready to let your makeup do the talking and make a blindingly bright but socially conscious statement, this is the only brand of cosmetics you need to wear. Initially Doe Deere made her makeup by hand and shared it only with the select few that visited her online makeup tutorial. Today millions use the products and have turned it into a movement and a symbol of colorful, stylish self-expression. Are you bold enough to join?


New Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime

Unicorn Hair is Lime Crime’s fabulous new collection of semi-permanent hair dyes— and these colors are so fun and happy looking, you’ll feel free and fabulous like a unicorn. These colors are adorable and vibrant, and they’re very affordable at only $16 a jar.


If you want a bright, saturated unicorn look, the full coverage tones are for you. “Strawberry Jam” is a good one if you’re looking for a flashy pink, or you can emulate your favorite animated characters with “Anime” blue. If you’re looking for something a little more muted, you should check out “Dirty Mermaid” for an intense bluish color. There are so many choices!


This is also a great dye if you’re going for something a little more sheer and pastel. Their tints include some pretty great unicorn tones, like the dusty rose “Sext” or the springy seapunk green “Salad.” “Bunny” is a softer shade of pink for those who want to feel like a bubble gum princess.


Because this is a semi-permanent dye, how long the color lasts depends on you. It can last up to six weeks if you don’t wash it too often. Something great about Unicorn Hair is that it ages gracefully, too. It doesn’t start looking gross when it fades; it just gradually becomes more pastel as it wears off.


With 13 colors to choose from, everyone is sure to find a color, or even a mixture of colors that works perfectly for them. Lime Crime encourages mixing tones to make new ones, and if you find one that you really like, you should let them know. They might make your creation a new member of the Unicorn Hair line!


Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s CEO and Head Unicorn has worked to develop this product for over three years. Her signature color, the super bright purple “Pony” is included in the Unicorn Hair family, too.


Lime Crime uses all vegan ingredients in their products, so you can rest easy knowing that Unicorn Hair is 100% cruelty free, as certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. The vegetable glycerin base makes for vibrant, vegan-friendly color!

Lime Crime – Offering Dynamic Hair Color Range That’s Sure To Tickle Your Wild Side

Lime Crime is one of the youth-oriented cosmetic brands that has a cult-like following, and its inspiration comes from the brand’s founder, Doe Deere, who herself is a self-professed Unicorn Queen. Taking inspiration from her hair styling and preferences, considering that she sported candy-rescue locks for years, the brand research on rainbow colored semi-permanent hair dyes for nearly three years, before finally launching 13 shades recently under the hair color range named Unicorn Hair. The shades available for color dye are naturally wild, gorgeous and lovely, and are targeted towards young and old alike, who the company likes to say, have a “wild” side to their personality.


The good thing about this hair dye range is that they are completely natural and is not stuffed with the harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your locks. It is a hair color that is completely based on Vegan ingredients with vegetable glycerin as its base, thereby leaving no scope of worrying to death about what it would do to your hair.


Most of the people, when they see the kind of flamboyant hair colors as offered under Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hairline, thinks that it would be stuffed with synthetic ingredients that would crush the quality of the locks. However, it is not the cause at all, and Lime Crime has spent over three years researching on the Unicorn Hair color range.


The colors available under the Unicorn Hair Color range are Jello, Salad, Blue Smoke, Neon Punch, LeeLoo, Strawberry Jam, Anime, Dirty Mermaid, Chocolate Cherry, Sext, Pony, Bunny, and Gargoyle. These colors are as wild and imaginative as it can be, and for people who love to make a style statement or does not mind flashy hair colors, it is the perfect range of hair colors to choose from.


The hair colors offered under the Unicorn Hair Range comes in two different formulas that deliver varying results, depending upon the kind of result you are looking for and your particular hair type. For people looking to go all guns firing with the innovative hair colors and want a full hair color results, going with the Full Coverage formula is an ideal choice. However, for people who want a more soothing end results with pastel color results, going for Tint Formula is a more suitable option.