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California Supreme Court Introduces a New Bar Exam Cut Score

California has always been known for its difficult bar exams over the years, but things will be different after the recent Supreme Court decision. For instance, New York had an 83% passage rate in 2016 as compared to California‘s 62% passage rate. In order to get the necessary license to practice as lawyers, it is mandatory for every law student to pass the bar exam. However, the sagging passage rates in California have been a cause for concern for stakeholders in the legal fraternity. In order to allay these fears, the setting of certification score was changed by the California Supreme Court, which has the power to make major decision concerning the bar exam. The changes were scheduled to take effect from January 2017, but the exam threshold had not been determined when the decision by the Supreme Court was being made in 2016. Prior to the decision, there had been a debate on whether the144 cut score was realistic or not.

Every state in America offers its unique bar exam, but the multiple-choice sections have in the recent past been uniform across states. The line of passage has always been different for each state, and this has in most instances led to disparities in the number of passages. California has the second highest threshold in the country for passing a bar exam. Delaware is the only state has a higher threshold than California. A study conducted in 2013 by Robert Anderson, a corporate law professor at Pepperdine School of Law in California, revealed that the state had the most difficult bar exam in the country. The Supreme Court changed the score from 144 to 133 in order to increase the number of law students transitioning from law school into practicing law. The new cut score is similar to the cut score for New York.


A peaceful demonstration has been organized against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on later this week. The rally, hosted by the Colorado Education Association is planned for Wednesday in Denver where the secretary is set to appear on this week. According to this article, on The Hill, Ms. DeVos will be speaking at the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on Thursday this week. The teachers’ union has planned its protest for Wednesday, a day before Ms. DeVos makes her appearance to make her speech.

The protest is staged against what the union members and teachers view as a plan to dismantle the public institutions which they believe create and support many opportunities for the state’s students, educators and families. These sentiments have borne out of the Secretaries long standing position that the federal government funds alternative education options different from the traditional schooling system. She has also long held that parents should be allowed to seek educational opportunities for their children if the nearby schools are poor. These positions, the protesters argue, undermine the public education system and jeopardize the education goals and opportunities created by these institutions for their students.

Ms. DeVos has, however, been steadfast in her position and believes that those opposed to it are the ones in the wrong. She has previously described them as flat earthers and having chilled imagination. She believes that the current education system has been faulty and has had great negative impacts on American society. To ensure a return to the glory that was associated with American school system, she believes that the current public system should be overhauled, or at least people given options to opt from it for better systems. This, she believes, is a necessity and the federal government should bear the full weight. Ms. DeVos has not made a statement concerning the planned protest.

Law allows Religious College to Uphold their Contraceptive Norm

Generally, colleges like Loyola have been required to guarantee contraception scope is accessible through an outsider supplier, however the proposed bill could extend the extent of the exclusion strategy. That could drive numerous ladies who beforehand had full scope to pay for their medicine out of pocket.

Then, the defunding of Planned Parenthood would make it more troublesome for understudies on religious colleges’ protection intends to get to anti-conception medication, says DiMaggio. A Planned Parenthood focus close Loyola-Chicago’s grounds, DiMaggio says, is “totally the most reasonable human services focus that spends significant time in conceptive medicinal services any place close grounds.”

At Georgetown University, another Jesuit school, the chief arrangement financed by UnitedHealthcare covers around 20% of students incorporates anti-conception medication to avoid pregnancy, as per regenerative equity understudy assemble H*yas for Choice. At the Student Health Center, anti-conception medication can be endorsed just for restorative reasons other than the counteractive action of pregnancy, for example, endless skin inflammation, unpredictable periods or polycystic ovary disorder.

“We realize that a large portion of our group individuals depend on this scope,” says Kory Stuer, a rising junior at Georgetown and the correspondences executive for H*yas for Choice. “The discussion we’re having is about how on our grounds would we be able to ensure our own group. Furthermore, would we be able to ensure that Georgetown keeps on giving the scope that it is as of now giving?”

However, working without formal acknowledgment by the college, H*yas for Choice can just assemble to challenge or appropriate free condoms — which are not permitted to be sold on grounds — in assigned free-discourse zones on grounds. Actually, they utilize a bullet in their name so as not to give off an impression of being formally connected with the school.

Amelia Irvine, an individual from Georgetown’s Right to Life club and leader of Love Saxa, a gathering that advances sound connections on grounds, said she trusts understudies ponder their sexual decisions in light of the conceivable change in the law. “It’s dependably a feasible (and free) choice to pick not to engage in sexual relations while in school,” she says. “Anti-conception medication can make a general public in which pregnancy is dealt with like an infection to be cured, as opposed to a blessing.”

A Georgetown representative said in an email to USA TODAY College that the college medical coverage design won’t change in the coming school year. The college will keep on complying with social insurance laws and screen any progressions to them.

Grades Up but Test Scores Down

Doing well in high school is a very important step in anyone’s overall education progression. Those that do well in high school and get good grades will have a better chance of getting into a top college which could then lead to more career opportunities. Over the past twenty years, more and more students are getting better grades. However, a recent study has found that this may not necessarily mean that they are learning anything (

The recent study pointed out that in 1998 about 39% of all high school students had a GPA with an A grade average. By the 2016, this level had increased to more than 47%. At the same time, the overall graduation rate for high school students is at an all-time high.
While this would seem to point to the fact that students are doing better in school and learning more, recent standardized test results point to the opposite. In fact, in the same time period the average SAT test score has fallen from 1,026 to 1,002, on the original 1,600 point scale.

The reason for this is not fully known, but the results have been fairly surprising. Most would have expected that the test scores would remain flat at a minimum. Many believe that this points to the fact that grade inflation is rampant in many areas across the country. This could help the average student graduate from high school with a higher GPA than they would have decades ago.

Another fact that was pointed out in the survey is that the highest level of grade inflation is taking place in larger schools in more affluent areas. At the same time, the average GPA of students in less affluent areas are seeing that their overall grades are about the same, but scores have ticked up.

New York City and its plans for establishing a School for three-year-olds

Ever fancy a class for three-year-old babies? Then fancy no more as the New York City will soon roll out its ambitious plan to have three-year-old children attend their school. This plan is going to be offered for free to the many residents with the kids in New York. The plan itself scheduled to be implemented for the next four years to be able to cater to the many residents with three-year-olds. The three-year-olds to attend the schools will visit it for a whole full day and enjoy the programs lined up for children at that age.

Dubbed the “3-K” schools the estimated number of children from the city who will be eligible to attend the school is about 62,000 kids. The new schools are being hoped by many of the children parents to be a way to help their children learn new vocabularies, to help them articulate their words more well, engage in creative play with other children. Hey also hope that the schools will help their children learn to navigate their emotions and learn to start being independent enough when they are away from their parents.

The decision to come up with such schools for children at the age of three was announced by New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press briefing

This decision was reached at after they had considered the decades of data that had been collected by researchers on such K-programs that have seen such children schooled away from their parents. In the programs, the children after reaching the schools in the morning would undergo a small warm up session in different play areas. Learning then would then commence with through play and hands-on activities, storytelling, art works, dress-up and pretend play, math-based games with things such as blocks and many other creative and engaging activities. Before ending their day, they would get a period of rest before later being picked up by their parents.

Tulsa Oklahoma Teacher Is Taking School Supply Needs into Her Own Hands

As the need for teachers that care about what they do and the students they teach, grow. This story was touching a teacher that thought it was not too much to try and get school supplies for the classroom. As we know the government has been pulling lots of grants and money that would usually help fund schools and organizations. This story is just another example of what our schools are going through when it comes to getting an education. Aside from jobs going overseas and closing over here in the U.S.

It has been tough for parents to keep their kids with the right school supplies continually. The school system normally helps with that, but with strained budgets, It has gotten hard. As we continue to move forward and our kids progress through school, we all must pull together to make this happen, or we will all lose if we don’t. Even though, it’s easy for people to point to others when they aren’t doing their part. The truth is we all are to blame for this we need to ban together in where ever we are and make sure that our communities are coming together to help the schools. Our kids are the leaders of tomorrow, and we must set them up for success.

While we can blame the government for a lot, we must make sure we are all on the same page as a community because if we can’t do that schools will take more hits and students and teacher around the country will feel this strong strain around the schools. This story is an excellent example of what we should all be doing not just the teachers but the communities throughout. If we are trusting the schools with our kids we should help the teachers prepare them.

American Education: All American and Nothing Else

According to Huffington Post’s Roque Planas, Tom Horne, a former head of the Arizona Education Department, had stated that he was hoping that a law from 2010 would ban all ethnic studies.

This had led to the controversial banning of the Mexican-American studies class that had students and teachers believing that this was due to discrimination. Republican officials had claimed that the study was discriminatory towards white people and that the teachers had been influencing students politically. Although, this would also mean that the law would ban African-American studies, Asian-American studies, and many more. However, Horne was specifically targeting the Mexican-American studies.

It’s important for ethnic studies to be implemented in schools because it’s important to understand how the American Dream came to be. Sure, students might be upset at others because of how we’ve treated each other previously. However, it’s the teacher’s responsibility to show students that with time and with the knowledge of others’ cultures, we can make reasonable change with how we perceive each other. Banning these kinds of studies only further prove that some aren’t tolerant enough to understand that people, including their own race, have done things that we aren’t proud of. As most of us know, we can’t change the past, but we can change our future.

Horne and the Republican officials do not understand that to embody the American Dream and for our future Americans to grow strong and proud of the country they live in, a school needs to be the foundation for seeking the identity of self, others, and our country. That means learning about the cultures of all Americans, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Trump Shows Further Education Support

One of the biggest challenges that the nation’s economy is facing right now is the pending student loan bubble. Due to the continued dramatic rise in the cost of college, more students than ever before are forced to take out debt to pay for school and a large percentage of this debt is guaranteed by the federal government in some way. Unfortunately, many students are not able to pay back this debt as agreed due to low entry-level salaries. This has led to a higher rate of default in student loans.


While it was unclear how this problem would be handled by the new administration, another recent news story ( has confirmed that the Trump administration looks forward to continuing to support the higher education needs of young adults.


This past week, the US Aid Funds announced that it would be able to continue to support its loan partners. The US Aid Fund is a federally sponsored entity that guarantees a significant amount of student loans. In total, this entity, and others like it guarantee over $50 billion. One concern that many people had was that the new Trump administration would no longer support these loans, which would have ultimately led to a much higher cost of borrowing. Fortunately for students, they have showed more support recently.


Beyond the recent show of support, the Trump party has given indications that it would like to offer relief to those that have high student loan payments. These could include forgiveness of debt, interest rate reductions, and extended repayment terms.

Trump to Focus on Student Debt Reform

Having a college degree is a practical necessity to be able to get a job in a professional setting and achieve financial success. Unfortunately, getting a college degree now costs most people well over $50,000 to go to a public school and far more to go to a top private school. Since many families cannot afford the high cost of school, many students end up graduating with a lot of student loan debt, which at times is unaffordable.


The current student loan crisis is becoming more significant every year as more and more students fall behind on debt. According to a recent news article (, Donald Trump is working on a plan that would help to alleviate the concern and allow those in debt to receive some relief.


While the plan is far from being formalized, Trump has given some indication about how he could tackle the issue. One of the suggestions offered so far will make students only pay their loans for a limited period of time. In this situation, student loans would be due for the first 15 years of the term and then be eliminated and waived entirely after the 15th year, if all payments were made on time leading up to it.


Another option that is being considered is providing more relief based on need. Today, there are very few ways to reduce your loans, even if you are in financial duress. The plan will take more of a look at each debtors needs to determine a reduction.


An Intellectual Quest to Find the Most Proficient Secretary Of Education for the United States

New brooms, they say, sweep clean and the 45th President of The United States of America, Donald J Trump envisages to be the new broom that the Americans ostensibly deserve. In his quest to sweep clean, Mr. Trump recently appointed a new Secretary for Education, Mrs. Betsy DeVos. This appointment sparked intellectual tantrums across the U.S.A; there erupted a battle of wits regarding the propriety of the appointment of Betsy DeVos as the new Education Secretary.


The appointment of Betsy DeVos has been fervently lauded on one hand and vehemently disproved on the other hand. On the hand that vaunts for the appointment, there is Senator Lamar Alexander who has voiced his support for Betsy DeVos. He portrays Mrs. DeVos as a woman of impeccable character and exceptional personality. He further affirms that that Mrs. DeVos is not an educational extremist and as such she deserves the job.


On the other hand of the spectrum is the camp which opines that appointing Betsy DeVos as the education secretary was not only wrong but also disingenuous. In the critical eyes of this camp, Betsy DeVos jeopardized her credentials of being the education secretary when she blatantly refused to answer questions posed by a conglomerate of elite government officials during her confirmation and hearing.


Other affiliates of the anti-DeVos appointment are a caucus of 1000 Calvin College alumni who have come up strongly to dispute her appointment. The disapproval was set off by the group of alumni signing a letter sharing their reasons for not supporting Betsy DeVos. Among the key deficiencies in Mrs. DeVos’ portfolio were that she was not qualified for the job, she hardly had any experience and commitment to public education. They also pointed out the fact that she never worked in any educational institution as an administrator.


Irrespective of which side of the coin one lies, it is a matter of fact that the appointment of the Education Secretary of the United States of America is a delicate issue that must be dealt with meticulously. It is an issue that touches on the futures of many and prosperity can only be attained mutatis mutandis.