Food Scholarships Can Help More People Finish College

It is hard to succeed in college. If you are hungry, then it is even harder to succeed. It is estimated that 50 percent of students at community colleges do not have access to affordable and healthy foods. Campus hunger is one of the things that stops people from finishing college. Food scholarships can help […]... Read More

West Virginia Teachers To Receive A Five Percent Raise

West Virginia Teachers recently ended a nine-day strike. The teachers were on strike because they felt that they were not being compensated fairly. The lawmakers finally agreed to give the teachers a 5 percent pay raise. When the teachers found out that they were getting a raise, they started saying “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” […]... Read More

California Supreme Court Introduces a New Bar Exam Cut Score

California has always been known for its difficult bar exams over the years, but things will be different after the recent Supreme Court decision. For instance, New York had an 83% passage rate in 2016 as compared to California‘s 62% passage rate. In order to get the necessary license to practice as lawyers, it is […]... Read More


A peaceful demonstration has been organized against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on later this week. The rally, hosted by the Colorado Education Association is planned for Wednesday in Denver where the secretary is set to appear on this week. According to this article, on The Hill, Ms. DeVos will be speaking at the annual […]... Read More

Law allows Religious College to Uphold their Contraceptive Norm

Generally, colleges like Loyola have been required to guarantee contraception scope is accessible through an outsider supplier, however the proposed bill could extend the extent of the exclusion strategy. That could drive numerous ladies who beforehand had full scope to pay for their medicine out of pocket. Then, the defunding of Planned Parenthood would make […]... Read More

Grades Up but Test Scores Down

Doing well in high school is a very important step in anyone’s overall education progression. Those that do well in high school and get good grades will have a better chance of getting into a top college which could then lead to more career opportunities. Over the past twenty years, more and more students are […]... Read More

New York City and its plans for establishing a School for three-year-olds

Ever fancy a class for three-year-old babies? Then fancy no more as the New York City will soon roll out its ambitious plan to have three-year-old children attend their school. This plan is going to be offered for free to the many residents with the kids in New York. The plan itself scheduled to be […]... Read More

Tulsa Oklahoma Teacher Is Taking School Supply Needs into Her Own Hands

As the need for teachers that care about what they do and the students they teach, grow. This story was touching a teacher that thought it was not too much to try and get school supplies for the classroom. As we know the government has been pulling lots of grants and money that would usually […]... Read More

American Education: All American and Nothing Else

According to Huffington Post’s Roque Planas, Tom Horne, a former head of the Arizona Education Department, had stated that he was hoping that a law from 2010 would ban all ethnic studies. This had led to the controversial banning of the Mexican-American studies class that had students and teachers believing that this was due to […]... Read More