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California Supreme Court Introduces a New Bar Exam Cut Score

California has always been known for its difficult bar exams over the years, but things will be different after the recent Supreme Court decision. For instance, New York had an 83% passage rate in 2016 as compared to California‘s 62% passage rate. In order to get the necessary license to practice as lawyers, it is mandatory for every law student to pass the bar exam. However, the sagging passage rates in California have been a cause for concern for stakeholders in the legal fraternity. In order to allay these fears, the setting of certification score was changed by the California Supreme Court, which has the power to make major decision concerning the bar exam. The changes were scheduled to take effect from January 2017, but the exam threshold had not been determined when the decision by the Supreme Court was being made in 2016. Prior to the decision, there had been a debate on whether the144 cut score was realistic or not.

Every state in America offers its unique bar exam, but the multiple-choice sections have in the recent past been uniform across states. The line of passage has always been different for each state, and this has in most instances led to disparities in the number of passages. California has the second highest threshold in the country for passing a bar exam. Delaware is the only state has a higher threshold than California. A study conducted in 2013 by Robert Anderson, a corporate law professor at Pepperdine School of Law in California, revealed that the state had the most difficult bar exam in the country. The Supreme Court changed the score from 144 to 133 in order to increase the number of law students transitioning from law school into practicing law. The new cut score is similar to the cut score for New York.

Law allows Religious College to Uphold their Contraceptive Norm

Generally, colleges like Loyola have been required to guarantee contraception scope is accessible through an outsider supplier, however the proposed bill could extend the extent of the exclusion strategy. That could drive numerous ladies who beforehand had full scope to pay for their medicine out of pocket.

Then, the defunding of Planned Parenthood would make it more troublesome for understudies on religious colleges’ protection intends to get to anti-conception medication, says DiMaggio. A Planned Parenthood focus close Loyola-Chicago’s grounds, DiMaggio says, is “totally the most reasonable human services focus that spends significant time in conceptive medicinal services any place close grounds.”

At Georgetown University, another Jesuit school, the chief arrangement financed by UnitedHealthcare covers around 20% of students incorporates anti-conception medication to avoid pregnancy, as per regenerative equity understudy assemble H*yas for Choice. At the Student Health Center, anti-conception medication can be endorsed just for restorative reasons other than the counteractive action of pregnancy, for example, endless skin inflammation, unpredictable periods or polycystic ovary disorder.

“We realize that a large portion of our group individuals depend on this scope,” says Kory Stuer, a rising junior at Georgetown and the correspondences executive for H*yas for Choice. “The discussion we’re having is about how on our grounds would we be able to ensure our own group. Furthermore, would we be able to ensure that Georgetown keeps on giving the scope that it is as of now giving?”

However, working without formal acknowledgment by the college, H*yas for Choice can just assemble to challenge or appropriate free condoms — which are not permitted to be sold on grounds — in assigned free-discourse zones on grounds. Actually, they utilize a bullet in their name so as not to give off an impression of being formally connected with the school.

Amelia Irvine, an individual from Georgetown’s Right to Life club and leader of Love Saxa, a gathering that advances sound connections on grounds, said she trusts understudies ponder their sexual decisions in light of the conceivable change in the law. “It’s dependably a feasible (and free) choice to pick not to engage in sexual relations while in school,” she says. “Anti-conception medication can make a general public in which pregnancy is dealt with like an infection to be cured, as opposed to a blessing.”

A Georgetown representative said in an email to USA TODAY College that the college medical coverage design won’t change in the coming school year. The college will keep on complying with social insurance laws and screen any progressions to them.

Grades Up but Test Scores Down

Doing well in high school is a very important step in anyone’s overall education progression. Those that do well in high school and get good grades will have a better chance of getting into a top college which could then lead to more career opportunities. Over the past twenty years, more and more students are getting better grades. However, a recent study has found that this may not necessarily mean that they are learning anything (

The recent study pointed out that in 1998 about 39% of all high school students had a GPA with an A grade average. By the 2016, this level had increased to more than 47%. At the same time, the overall graduation rate for high school students is at an all-time high.
While this would seem to point to the fact that students are doing better in school and learning more, recent standardized test results point to the opposite. In fact, in the same time period the average SAT test score has fallen from 1,026 to 1,002, on the original 1,600 point scale.

The reason for this is not fully known, but the results have been fairly surprising. Most would have expected that the test scores would remain flat at a minimum. Many believe that this points to the fact that grade inflation is rampant in many areas across the country. This could help the average student graduate from high school with a higher GPA than they would have decades ago.

Another fact that was pointed out in the survey is that the highest level of grade inflation is taking place in larger schools in more affluent areas. At the same time, the average GPA of students in less affluent areas are seeing that their overall grades are about the same, but scores have ticked up.

The Outstanding Charity Work of the U.S Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is one of the most generous women in the United States. She has been appreciated for more than three decades of making positive contributions towards politics and the American education. Betsy’s family has donated millions of dollar towards the education sector and has introduced various policies that improve the standards of the industry. President Trump offered her a chance to serve his cabinet as the secretary of education due to her commitment to improving the field. She has been holding the office since February 2017, and her impact is greatly felt. The American Federation for Children (AFC) once appointed Betsy to serve as one of it administrators. The organization has been striving to ensure that students have an education of choice, and its curriculum enabled children to nurture their future careers by learning relevant subjects. The outstanding work of Mrs. DeVos has allowed millions of children across the country to attend better schools. Read more about her philanthropy at

As the secretary of education, Betsy has initiated and enacted various policies that will enable the transformation of the system. She believes that many children across the country are not able to attend learning institution that can allow them to shape their careers. Mrs. DeVos believes that all students across the United States should have the freedom to join schools of their choice. She has been facilitating the undertakings of the Kids Hope USA by motivating children who are in elementary schools across the country.

Betsy DeVos has managed to make significant accomplishments in charity, business, and politics due to the support that she gets from her husband, Dick DeVos. He is an accomplished businessman and who is currently based in Michigan. The couple owns and manages the DeVos Family Foundation, which is an organization that they have been using to conduct their charity work. They supported the Michigan people by founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is regarded among the state’s best aviation schools.

Betsy has been a member of the Republican Party for over three decades. In 1976, she was appointed to join the campaign team of President Gerald R. Ford during the general election. She has held different positions at the party, and this has enabled her to acquire sufficient experience in handling matters in the grassroots. She was once appointed to the Michigan’s Republican National Committee and also as a party delegate.

The DeVos Family Foundation has offered a lot of money to support art, education, politics, and medical research. Betsy and Dick are considered among the most generous people in the United States. They are committed Christians and have also been facilitating the undertakings of Christian-based foundations. Betsy has a scholarship program that pays tuition fees for students at Potter’s House Christian School. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Better Opportunities Thanks to Betsy DeVos

From the time that she first started her career, Betsy DeVos has been working to put the education of children back into the hands of parents and teachers. She knows that, up until the point where governments took over, education was something that was made better for children and not for any type of special interest groups. She also knows that it is something that needs to be handled by parents and by people who actually care about the education of the children. Since the beginning, this has been the platform that she has stood on and it is something that has given her the chance to be able to see that there are more opportunities aside from just sending children to public school and hoping for the best. It is also something that she has been able to try so that she can make sure that things are being handled in the right way for children all around the country. Thanks to DeVos, parents now have options for their children.

In the past, children were simply sent to public school or private school if they could afford it. There was a huge gap in the way that things were able to be handled and the education level that the children had when they were done with school. It caused a lot of problems and Betsy DeVos knew that it would continue to be a problem unless someone did something about it. She stepped up and stepped in to make education a better option for everyone. Children no longer had to go to public school just because they couldn’t afford private. Read more news on

While DeVos did a lot of philanthropic work surrounding children and the options that their parents had for school, she also worked to make sure that things were better for these children. The idea of charter schools, which was led by Betsy DeVos was something that created an entirely new opportunity for children and for parents who didn’t want to have to choose between a private and a public school. It gave her the chance to show people that there was more to life than just choosing one option.

Despite the things that happened during the time that she was working with charities and to create opportunities for children, Betsy DeVos did what she could to show people that they had opportunities. She also wanted to make sure that everyone knew what they were doing and that they were going to be able to choose new things for the children that they had in their care. It was an option that nobody had heard of and was something that DeVos created for other children who needed a better education. Visit:

Betsy DeVos Wants A Reform In Education Sector

Betsy DeVos, the current U. S. Secretary of Education is known as a reformist in the education sector. As a person who has great regards to her views and activities, I am delighted with her elevation. She is known to be a driver of quality education efforts with the option to let access for everyone without any barriers. Her initiatives including the charter school system and school of choice with the voucher system and tax credits were appreciated by many. I see the popularity of these initiatives as a number of Democrats came to support it, though it was initiated by Betsy, the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. We must accept that when there are some initiatives which are really beneficial to the society, it will get the support of everyone. The future of the country lies in her thought process of creating an environment of quality education without any discrimination. With her assistance and support, school of choice programs started in many states like Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and more.

Betsy is also leading or advising a number of educational groups, and it includes being the Chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children (AFC). She is on the board of Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, and Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, etc. Betsy DeVos understands the quality of education in the country, especially in public schools is deteriorating, and she started working against it in full throttle, and that impressed me a lot. In a recent interview, she said she is part of a radical movement that gripped her by working closely with many worried parents and educational groups. She and her husband Dick DeVos lent support to low-income families by offering scholarships for Children’s education. This helped the families to choose schools of their choice. I appreciate her for lending her support not only for what she contributed, but the way she imagined wanted to be. Check this related article from

She and Dick set up a foundation called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to support various philanthropic contributions. Since the foundation launched in 1989, it played a major role in shaping the education movements in the country. Earlier she completed her graduation from Calvin College located in Grand Rapids. In 1989, she and Dick set up an investment management firm called the Windquest Group. It has investments in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology and Betsy was the former Chairman of the firm. She and her husband give greater importance to philanthropic activities, and contributions to the family believe it is not about the way they dress or the car they use, but about what has given to the society. When she is just a month in the office of U. S. Secretary of Education, we can expect her radical education reforms would benefit millions of our children.

Visit Betsy’s profile on

California’s Cheap Community Colleges

California has many colleges and universities. However, not every student can attend them because they cannot afford to pay for their high tuition fees. Numerous community colleges are affordable. It is not advisable for students to take loans to pay for their tertiary education when they can easily attend community colleges. You should also remember that many community colleges have high acceptance rates and offer financial aid to the incoming students. Below is a list of the cheapest community colleges in California:


Cypress College

The college has approximately 16,000 students enrolled in their various degree programs. Cypress College charges a tuition fee of $1,135 per student. This amount is easily affordable. The college is an excellent choice for students seeking the traditional associate degree.


Las Positas College

The college has a population of 8,500 students. It is located in Livermore and covers 147 acres. Las Positas College charges $1,140 for tuition fees.


Yucaipa College

It is a great college for students seeking to pursue radiology courses. Many students earn a degree at the beginning of the year from Yucaipa College. Each student pays $1,126 as tuition fee. The college has enrolled approximately 5,549 students. It is also a great institution and a cheaper option for students taking political science.


Antelope Valley College

The college has enrolled 14,324 students. Its tuition fee stands at $1,114. Antelope Valley College is a good selection for honor programs. The school offers live discussions of important topics to enable the students to grasp concepts of critical issues.


Barstow Community College

It is a good institution for students interested in arts. The college recently opened a performing arts center. The tuition fee is $1,232. There are approximately 3,455 students enrolled in the institution

How Much Should a School District be Forced to Pay for Special Education?

Did you know that a critical court case involving education law is being argued in front of the Supreme Court? It’s true! The outcome of this case could change everything for school districts across America. Basically, the case involves the rights of disabled children. For example, it is considered unconstitutional to simply refuse to educate a student who has a disability. The school district is responsible for educating all students. This means school districts often have to hire additional staff and splurge for extra resources to help certain students.


For the most part, districts are happy to provide extra money for special education services. Naturally, this seems like the humane thing to do. However, a family in Colorado felt that the services the school district provided for their autistic son weren’t enough. In protest, they removed their son from the school, and they placed the student in a private school that employed a host of experts and plenty of resources for their son. Not surprisingly, the parents felt their son did much better in this private school.


The case before the Court is about who is supposed to pay for this expensive school. The tuition for the school exceeds $70,000 a year. The parents feel the school district must pay for the tuition, as they stress it is the school district’s responsibility to educate their son. The school district is arguing they already offered more than enough support, and it is not realistic to expect the school district to pay for such an expensive school based upon the preferences of the parents and their child.


So far, the justices seem to struggling as to how to rule. They understand students should be helped, but school districts shouldn’t be forced into bankruptcy to do it. What do you think the ruling should be?


What Does The Every Child Succeeds Act Mean For Public Schools?

The discussions began the minute President Obama signed the Every Child Succeeds Act back in 2015.


The act is a stark opposite to Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. The new act will go into effect the start of the new school year beginning in 2017 and will give educators a unique opportunity to try new ways of reaching student’s potential.


The most talked about aspect of this new act is that it allows the school leaders the power to create their own measure of success. The act was built around the idea that every educational system is unique and has different issues.


Of course, educators from struggling schools see this as a chance to finally find a way to help their students succeed academically. They will no longer have to cater their curriculum around quarterly standardized testing, Instead, they will be able to teach their students in whatever style seems to work for the specific demographic of their particular school.


So, how will schools deal with this new change when the time comes? Some teachers argue that while the new act has great potential, educational leaders might not be open from allowing teachers to deviate from the curriculum that has been used for years. This could hinder any progress to be made from the new measures.


It is important to note that schools will still have to report student’s progress, especially those that are considered undeserved, such as special education students. Schools will also need to create goals and report on the progress they have made to reaching them throughout the school year.


It will be interesting to see how the new measures will play out in public school districts across the country.



Public Education in Arizona Set for Change with Proposed Law

At his first official address for 2017, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey delivered a substantial portion of his speech to talking about Proposition 123, which is considered by many to be a reform of the state’s school system.


The amendments and improvements being proposed include a new funding system that would stay ahead of the looming inflation. This new financial system would not require an increase in taxes; however, it only guarantees adequate funding for the next few years. Log-term funding would have to be tackled by the next Governor, who may very well be Ducey if he seeks reelection.


What is interesting about Proposition 123 is how it intends to obtain funds to cover public education: Arizona is one of a handful of states that has a public Land Trust that can serve as a source of funding. Proposition 123 calls for active management of the State Land Trust so that all the revenue earned goes back into the trust for reinvestment.


Prior to the introduction of Proposition 123, the Arizona public school system used to receive 2.5 percent of the State Land Trust, currently valued at $5 billion. The new law increases that rate to 6.9 percent. What is important about this reform is that the Land Trust managers must be very skilled in keeping it profitable. The Wall Street climate of 2016 certainly helped in this regard, but this is not a guarantee for 2017.


With the new reforms in place, Arizona now has plenty of money to ensure that all public schools can provide textbooks to their students. Proposition 123 also guarantees raises in the salaries of Arizona teachers; all the same, these raises may not be enough to prevent educators from fleeing to neighboring states such as California and Colorado, where the are bound to earn more.