Dabie Tsai’s Vast Global Experience from One of the Big Four

The accounting industry has seen some changes over the last few decades. For instance, the Big Eight is now down to the Big Four. This term refers to four of the largest global accounting firms, namely Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Price water house Coopers. Advancements in technology are responsible for the […]... Read More

Celebrity Publicist’s Top 4 Online Reputation Management Strategies

Powerful and highly famous political leaders, music stars, and business tycoons know that their careers and fame depend on keeping their reputations clean. The social media has affected the way people live, and high reputations can be ruined within minutes of negative publicity. That’s why celebrities have to employ experts in online reputation management to […]... Read More

Alexandre Gama: As Artes são a Sua Coisa

Poucos profissionais no mundo recebem reconhecimento nacional e internacional como mestres da publicidade, do cinema, da arte, do ensino e da música. Ainda menos pessoas recebem prêmios por seu esforço em qualquer empreendimento em que participem. Ainda menos recebem as recompensas financeiras que seu reconhecimento merece. Alexandre Gama é um homem assim. Esta casa cultivada […]... Read More

Nizan Guanaes: A Key Player in the Brazilian Advertising and Marketing Industry

Global advertising is an important contributor to economic growth, but individual marketing agencies differ on the role advertising plays. Whether an organization is small or large, marketing is used as an avenue to create customer interest through consistent advertising. This involves frequently creating advertising campaigns that involve an array of decisions for planning, formulating, delivering […]... Read More

What Admen Can Learn From Nizan Guanaes

Marketing your business can be very expensive, but it is a vital aspect that should not be overlooked. The heart of any venture lies in its marketing. The overall marketing comprises of advertising, promotions, sales and public relations. Marketing makes existing and potential clients aware of the products and services in your industry. Without marketing, businesses and companies may have to close due to crashed sales. An effective integrated marketing plan also builds strong customer relations. The importance of marketing cannot be overstated.   From hot new venture to local stores, Nizan Guanaes understands that every business can benefit from heightened brand awareness and increased sales that an excellent marketing campaign can provide. Nizan Guanaes is a Brazilian advertising executive who has taken marketing to a different level. Mr. Guanaes is notable for his unique marketing works that have gained worldwide recognition. He started his career as a copywriter in Bahia and later moved to Rio de Janeiro to work for Artplan. He later relocated to Sao Paulo where he worked at DPZ andW/GGk as an advertising copywriter. Here, Nizan advanced his skills and built his reputation as a proficient advertising copywriter.   As the founder and a partner of ABC group, Nizan Guanaes has committed himself to advancing the company in every way possible. Through Nizan Guanaes’ leadership, ABC became the 19th largest marketing communications group in the globe, a decade after it was incepted. ABC is a Brazilian holding company that operates in 14 agencies. The agencies deal with advertising, content, entertainment sectors and specialized marketing services.   Nizan is also a philanthropist and a member of several non-profitable foundations such as Endeavor, World Economic Forum, Women in the World Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Nizan is also a co-founder of the Together for Girls, an initiative designed to identify and stop sexual violence against girls and women. http://www.unesco.org/new/en/goodwill-ambassadors/nizan-guanaes/... Read More