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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Champions the Cause of Human Rights, Immigrant Rights, and Freedom of Expression

The world as we know it has been going through a massive humanitarian crisis and many countries are suffering from ongoing war on terrorism or civil war within their borders.

It has led to killings of millions of people in the last few years, and millions of people, including women, kids, and infants, are out on the streets looking for shelter, food, and other necessary supplies.

It is because millions of families have lost their homes and they are searching for a new country who can take them in. While many of the countries have welcomed immigrants and refugees with open hands, many others are just denying entry to the refugees to their countries due to the terrorist threats and other reasons. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Such a situation has given rise to one of the biggest humanitarian crisis since the World War, and it is the responsibilities of the world governments to come together to rescue the people in the region. It is the responsibility of the stable governments and developed nations to come together to help these people start their life afresh.

Even though some of the governments are doing what they can, it is the non-profit organizations and human rights organizations that are going out of their way to help these people.

There are many human rights organizations, such as Global Rights, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Foundation, Amnesty International, World Organization against Torture, and more, which are working towards helping the people affected across the world from the human rights violations in their country.

As poor people’s voice tends to get suppressed by the rich and the biased media, these organizations help them give the voice they need to reach out to the concerned authorities and create awareness about their plight in the world media.

Even in the developed countries like the United States, the reports of registered human rights abuses have been on rising. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

After the recent election, the crimes against the minorities, especially the Muslims have increased drastically. Many of the immigrants and refugees in the United States are feeling threatened as well.

Organizations like Lambda Legal, Anti-Defamation League, American Civil Liberties Union, EarthJustice, and others are working hard to stop such crimes and bring peace and harmony in the community.

Recently, the owners of the independent media companies, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who owns Village Voice Media and Phoenix News Times, were arrested from their home at the dead of the night by Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The reasons for the arrest were not valid, and after the arrests, they were harassed wrongfully for long.

They contested the arrest in the court of justice, and the truth prevailed. The court gave them a clean chit in the case and was even awarded $3.75 million for the harassment they had to go through.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey made the assigned amount into Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to help support fight against freedom of expression, immigrant rights, freedom of speech, human rights abuses, and more.


Kabbalah Centre Bringing Positive Change to the World

Kabbalah centre is a non-profit making organization, founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Kabbalah centre has a great impact and has spread worldwide having branches in 40 cities. Furthermore, Kabbalah centre has an online web where they teach interested students. Kabbalah centre makes their student’s life better through their teachers by developing courses, online lectures, classes, books, and audio products.

Kabbalah centre teaches kabbalistic principles and spiritual education, which are understandable and available to interested persons through their freely spread media and schools. Being the first moral school, Kabbalah centre has brought a positive impact to the world in everyday life activities. Kabbalah centre preaches peace and spreads good morals in communities. It has been a credited organization for spiritual education; this has become Kabbalah centre pride throughout the past decade.

Kabbalah has a significant meaning all over the world. It means activation of everybody’s potential. Kabbalah centre, having its free media and education materials, extends its greatness by offering scholarships to people interested in their studies, but life limits them from getting it. Kabbalah centre has created an adorable profile in all its branches. In the provision of advice, Kabbalah centre spreads the gospel of peace and building a great relation between different countries and communities.

The kabbalistic principles, one of the Kabbalah’s centre topics, teach the community about the existence of spiritual laws. In this law, people learn of being kind and obedient to the fruits of holiness. Everybody is equal and has a purpose of living. Kabbalah teaches the principle of fairness and value of our neighbors and that everyone is of great help in our lives. Kabbalah beliefs condemn selfness and encourage sharing, being kind, and respecting others as core values to humanity. Kabbalah teaches that giving and sharing what we owe gives us a reputation of receiving from others.

Kabbalah centre teaches the value of life and humility. Kabbalah educates the community about leaving their comfort zone and work for life and daily bread. Kabbalah Centre encourages the learners and the informed to spread the awareness of treating everyone with integrity and creating miracles to misfortune lives.


Personal Attack of George Soros by the Fox

George Soros is Billionaire who has received a lot of credit and criticism in his entire life. His latest criticism came from the Fox News. The cable television network even prepared a 30 seconds advert that was meant to explain the morality of this program. The advert described George Soros’ mother as being anti-Semitic and was often ashamed of being a Jew. The advert is presented in black and white, and George Soros is described as an individual who doesn’t want to be associated with the Jews. The source of this program is a book known as the World According to Soros and was written by Connie Brue in 1995. What the Fox News does in that they take quotes from the book and uses them without context. This way, the quotes brings out a meaning that is different from the intended one.

As a young boy, aged about 14 years, Soros acted as a messenger for a Jewish council called Budapest Jewish Council. He would often be sent to tell the Jews within Budapest about the locations the Jews would meet. However, instead of subscribing to the ideas of this council, George Soros Nazi resulted into a more direct approach to fight the Nazis. He was particularly helped by his father who was quite canny. His father would often offer his family fake documents and identification cards that helped them survive the Jewish persecution by the Nazis. The presenter of this program was a guy by the name Glenn Beck, and his main aim was to paint Soros as an anti-Semite and as a person who contributed to the Holocaust. He also aimed at portraying this great businesses man as an enemy of the state of Israel. However, these were just lies. George Soros is known as one of the most successful hedge fund investors in the United States of America. He is well known for funding anti-totalitarian and liberal causes around the world.

George Soros has made his wealth by investing in risky currency trade. He discovered his love and passion for finance when studying at the London School of Economics after he had fled into England in 1947. He was, however, born, in Budapest where he spent his childhood. Currently, he is ranked as the 35th richest person in the World. He is a major donor to the Democratic Party, and he is also close with Hillary Clinton. He supports the criminal justice reforms in the US as well as the immigration reform and religious tolerance. George Soros funded the protests against communism in Eastern Europe as well as opposed the post-communist dictatorship that followed. His current mission is to help fight the dictatorship being experienced by the people of Burma.

The other thing that viewers learned about the show is that it was bad and biased. The notion that Soros is an evil man who manipulates other people to gain is not true. The program also portrayed Soros as a person who uses the Democratic Party, various unions as well as the media and even the president of the United States as his marionettes. Other people in the media industry saw this as a personal attack on a prominent citizen.

Find out more about George Soros on

Historian and Collector Michael R. Zomber

For over 40 years, Michael Zomber has collected various ancient arms and armor from the 16th through 19th centuries. His areas of specialties include Bushido and Japanese Samurai weapons, including swords and armor. He also collects American, European and Islamic weapons and armor. A fan of historical weapons and armor, Zomber knows that these works of historical art are of great value to those who appreciate their rich history and then exquisite craft behind them. These technologies have pushed the world and its technological advancements ahead into new areas. The era between the 16th and 19th century has seen many variations in weapons as well as armor, helping to create a vast, valuable history for any there to appreciate it.

Zomber’s website allows people to take a look into the mind of a dedicated collector and historian. By preserving pieces of humanity’s rich history through his collection and the knowledge of them which he shares, the history attached to the eras from which these weapons are from is preserved. Zomber is an internationally acknowledged expert in Samurai, Bushido and other ancient Japanese war arts.

The History Channel has featured Michael Zomber as a guest historian on their “Tale’s of the Gun” T.V. series. His spots as a guest historian have included “Million Dollar Guns” and “Guns of the Famous”, as well as “Guns of the Orient”. Zomber is also a supporter of organizations that promote peace, such as NGO, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders. A native of Washington D.C., he lives near Philadelphia with his wife and two children. He has a Bachelors with honors in English Literature and Psychology, as well as a Masters in English Literature from UCLA. He has used his education to write several books, including fiction and non-fiction, as well as to produce a documentary film.  Follow Michael on Facebook, to see some of his collection, and keep involved with his historical pieces.

Human Rights Foundation Head Thor Halvorssen

Trish Regan, host of the Fox Business Network show The Intelligence Report brought Thor Halvorssen, head of the Human Rights Foundation, on her show to discuss the evils of socialism in early March. Thor Halvorssen believes that although socialism can work under certain circumstances, it often abuses the rights of the people who live under it.


The Democratic presidential campaign brought the issue of socialism and its meaning to the forefront of American politics. Regan tried to insert her own definition of the political philosophy, but she was cut off by Thor Halvorssen. The Human Rights Foundation head said it could work in countries with long, stable histories of democratic government.


Countries who do not have long, stable histories of democratic government may see leaders come to power using socialist ideals. When these leaders achieve political power, the promises they made are forgotten and the rights of the people are restricted. Halvorssen has seen this personally. Two of his relatives currently reside in a Venezuelan prison.


Venezuela had democratic governments that favored the country’s socialist labor movement before Hugo Chavez came to power. The people have lived under a despotic regime where the right of free speech and the right to bear arms are restricted by the government since Chavez’s reign. Halvorssen’s relatives were arrested for speaking out against the Venezuelan government.


The Human Rights Foundation’s founder said nothing about the suitability of such governments for the United States. Like Bernie Sanders, he pointed to the Northern European countries as examples of how a socialist government could work well.