Improving the Skin Appearance During Winter with Genucel

Winter weather is a great time to spend with your family indoors and treat oneself to a warm supper at the fireplace. However, while winter may be the best time for many, it is the worst times for the skin. During winter, a person generally lessens their water consumption by almost half because of the cold. This alternatively causes the skin to become drier and chapped because of the sudden reduction in water intake. All the dryness on the skin takes a toll on it as the skin tends to wrinkle and crack. A drop in humidity during the winter also affects the skin since there is no moisture getting to it.


To ensure your skin stays smooth and soft during the winter, it is important to do more than just moisturizing it. The essential thing is to maintain the glow and elasticity of the skin during these harsh weather conditions. With Genucel products you can maintain the glow you might otherwise lose during winter.  The following are some of the steps that one can tale to up their moisturizing game.

  1. Drink a lot of water

While drinking water comes easily to some people, for others it is the last thing they think about while they are going about their day. If you are always having problems taking in water during the day, you can take certain precautions to ensure that you do. For instance, carry a water bottle with you or flavor your water.

  1. Use a humidifier

During winter, ensure that you run a humidifier in your house to ease your skin and body through the dryness that it is experiencing. The humidifier will moisturize your skin preventing it from forming wrinkles– this is a nice compliment to a Genucel skin routine.

  1. Lay off the acne treatments

Many people use acne treatments to get rid of acne but wait they fail to realize is that these creams work best during hot and humid conditions. During winter it is important that one strays away from using this product as they cause harm to the skin.

Winter is a time to enjoy and be cheerful, and there is no need of letting dry skin getting in the way. Always apply lip balm and drink plenty of water before stepping out.

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