Serge Belamant: Patents his Inventions

Serge Belamant can be called the father of inventions. He does not only have many inventions but has made sure that the patents are unique. There are still those patent applications that are pending while there those that the United States has patented. One of his creative inventions is the designation of electronic financial transactions. Every financial transaction has an identifier designation that is used in determining the designation whenever a transaction takes place. The designation is normal or duress whereby normal is when the financial operation is being performed by the owner willingly while the duress is when the transaction is done unwillingly or with a fraudster.

In common identifier, the identifier can do a normal transaction, and in duress, the transactions are not permitted. In duress, the transactor’s account will be frozen, and the personnel gets an alert. The other invention that according to Serge Belamant has is the verification of a transactor’s identity. There are an account and verification identity that is used in verifying the transactor’s identity. It also helps verify that the transactor has an account with the given financial institution. Account and identify verification facility comes with a storage whereby the transactor’s details are stored. Secure financial transactions are essential in this modern day and age. There have been several cases of fraudulent activities. Therefore, the secure transactions invention will come in handy to keep transactions safe.

The debit or credit account of the primary account number is simulated. The prime account number that has been simulated incorporates the amount to be debited. The transaction amount and actual account number are embedded in the primary account number that has been simulated. A transactor requires a simulated primary account number which is given to the supplier of goods where the transactor is purchasing the goods. About Serge Belamant, he has also invented a method and apparatus for controlling gaming operations. The gaming industry has grown very fast over the years. With this growth, there has been an increase in fraudsters out to get the money from gaming operations. Belamant created system to control the gaming operations and ensure there is secure processing.


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