How Playing Poker has Redefined Nicki Vertucci Approach to Business

Nicki Vertucci is one of the people that have continued to make a difference in the world of investment. He is also one of the few professional investors that have taken the brave step to publish on investment world and more specifically real estate. It is impressive to note that his book is currently one of the best performing books on online retail spaces. As an investor, Vertucci is also one of the most brilliant and futuristic individuals in this niche. His latest inclusion on poker tournaments is worth a mention. According to one of his most recent interviews, Nick Vertucci explained exclusively why he is in love with one if the tactical games in the world. Nick Vertucci points out that being in a game with some of the best players has taught him so much about business.

Poker has been his best approach a better approach in business. He points out that through poker, he has learned the art of patience, which according to him, lacks in many people. He has also mastered the art of contrasting his patience with other people’s patience before making a significant move. Nick Vertucci is also thankful that poker has exposed him to the world of tactics and better planning. He points out that just like other businesses, tactfulness is vital in the investment world. No other game according to him has a better perspective to tactic than poker. Also, it is through this game that Nick Vertucci has explored the art if understanding the human mind. He points out that through this game, his perspective on understanding the human mind has completely changed.

In conclusion, Nicki Vertucci points out that although there are many games he is interested in, his love for poker is unmatched. He is fortunate to work with some of the best minds in the world. It is interesting to note that his status in the game is one of the fastest growing in the USA. Vertucci points out that he intends to continue playing poker for more interaction with brilliant minds as well as shaping his decision-making abilities.

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