Scottish Writer And Broadcaster Alastair Borthwick Accomplished Many Things In His Life

It is unfortunate that Alastair Borthwick passed away in 2003, but he lived a fulfilled and successful life in many different ways for the better part of 90 years. Alastair was born in a Rutherglen, Scotland, but he traveled a lot throughout his life, including while he was a child. This probably played a part in Alastair dropping out of school while he was still young. Who knows where Alastair would have ended up had he gone through high school and a higher education. That being said, Scottland might be all the lesser for it had it not been for Alastair’s contributions. His writing alone has inspired many people and brought a great deal of tourism to Scotland.

Alastair spent the majority of his life peacefully, writing and working on the radio and even doing some broadcasting. This is why it is almost somewhat unusual that one of his best selling books to this day is known as Seaforth Highlanders. This was actually the name of Alastair Borthwick’s battalion during the second world war while he worked as an Intelligence Officer. Just a few years after the war, Alastair released his book and it quickly became a best seller. Much of his book didn’t recount any actual fighting or warlike scenes, but instead, it showed off what it was like for Alastair and his battalion while they were stationed as Intelligence Officers. Alastair noted that one of the best moments for him during the war was successfully transversing enemy lines in order to navigate for friendly troops.

While Alastair was in the military, he spent a lot of time traveling around throughout various countries, including Germany, Holland, Italy, France, and Sicily. These travels gave Alastair a great deal of perspective as well as new writing material that he would share for many years to come. Alastair was married to Anne Borthwick and traveled with her throughout his life until they settled down in Ayrshire after World War 2.

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