Matt Badiali Takes An Out Of The Box Approach To Natural Resource Investing

With the tech revolution and all the digitization of various products, the market has made tech stocks a hot investment while often ignoring some traditional markets including energy and natural resources. But one investor, Matt Badiali is very much tuned into this market and is always researching new commodities in the market that could pay surprising dividends to investors. He knows a lot about natural resource investments because he has spent time out in the field.

Matt Badiali has served as a lead geologist who has helped analyze data for mining companies, oil companies and has visited drilling sites. He has also taught extensive geology courses and has traveled around the world to oversee study teams. Matt Badiali spends most of his time now writing on how to find profitable natural resource companies as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, and he also is one of the men who discovered freedom checks.

Matt Badiali explains in his newsletters that freedom checks are like most regular stocks you can buy, but they have some special characteristics that can allow you to earn big dividends tax free. The companies they are invested in are looking to end their dependence on foreign oil imports and have been working on initiatives for fracking and extensive domestic oil drilling. Badiali mentioned that these freedom checks could have the potential to pay out dividends as high as 1,000℅ on returns or even somewhere in the ballpark of 40,000℅ if investors buy into the right companies. Some of his readers have taken his advice to heart and discovered companies that had freedom check investments, and they have mentioned earning thousands of dollars in portfolios. Badiali always recommends finding these companies early before profits hit big highs and buying into them becomes too expensive. You can read more about Matt Badiali and his freedom check recommendations by joining Banyan Hill and subscribing to his “Total Wealth Insider” newsletter.

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