Everything You Need to Know About Organo Gold

Organo Gold deals in a wide variety of products such as supplements, coffee, tea, and even body management. The Canadian based company was founded in 2008, and it deals in the distribution of coffee worldwide. The company has achieved tremendous growth over the years and is making its way to the one percent coffee market globally. The products contain Ganoderma mushroom powder which boosts the immune system and antioxidants.

One can become a distributor of the company’s products after getting sponsorship by a current distributor. Organo Gold is on a mission to help people achieve a wellbeing and freedom. Organo Gold does not sell its products to stores but through individuals. Thus, it can offer consumers a personalized experience. Organo gold’s founder is Bernardo Chua, and he has enabled the company to grow to over 50 countries. Bernardo Chua co-founded the company with Shane Morand who has expanded the firm’s leadership base. Organo does not only produce coffee, but it infuses it with Ganoderma mushroom powder that helps build a healthy immune system.

The Ganoderma lucidum is what makes the company’s product stand out. The powder has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. When it comes to coffee and tea, Organo Gold offers its consumers with varieties. There is the cafe mocha, black coffee, cafe supreme and cafe latte. There are also three types of tea; red, black and green. The combination of the antioxidants and Ganoderma powder create delicious tea that is good for one’s health. Both tea and coffee come in packets customized according to the customers taste.As for the beauty products, Organo Gold deals in dietary supplements and meal replacements to help with weight. One of the beauty products is Fenix which provides consumers with required daily nutrition. There is also Fenix-dx that supports the immune system.


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