Sheldon’s Achievements and Awards

Sheldon Lavin, the company CEO of OSI group, has achieved quite a lot through his hard work and unwavering determination to excel and achieve success for OSI Group. Sheldon has proven immense responsibility in the positive turn-around of a small company in Illinois that served restaurants and supermarkets, as well as supplying meat for the McDonalds.

The company has grown into a great food processing company serving both its locals and international clients. Sheldon Lavin was able to command partnerships and relations that were aimed at extensively increasing, and expanding the food processing company to unbelievable heights. Among the beneficiaries of Sheldon Lavin’s expansion was Amick Farms, Sheldon Lavin also ‘managed to establish ten food processing facilities in China and subsequently Japan. Sheldon Lavin still went on growing OSI Group extending ties with more countries including Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, and Germany; He is genuinely a determined entrepreneur.

His company grew roots in most European countries. Sheldon also acquired processing firms in Toledo, Spain, Hungary, and Poland. OSI Group has created an excellent reputation for processing healthy nutritious and delicious varieties of food products that mate the expectation of different dietary preferences for its clients. Above all, Sheldon set very high standards of workplace safety policies, and systems aimed at taking care of the environment. He makes sure that these policies are not just achieved but, they are sustainable. Sheldon makes sure that all his plans are enacted ahead of time, for example, the green policy. He managed to strike international mutual benefits through Producers, and different governments agreements. It’s not easy for one to achieve 70 food production facilities in 17 countries and have customers in a total of 85 countries; Sheldon Levin’s achievements are indisputable. To know more about him click here.

Having worked so hard to put OSI group in the limelight as the peoples most preferred food processing company, building the company for 43 years without relenting, enacting environmental policies and bringing his vision to reality; who would not want to be associated with such a leader? He positively impacted the food processing industry. Hence the recognition award of a Global Visionary Leader by the Vision Institute.


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