Ted Bauman Thoughts About U.S. and China Trade War?

Ted Bauman Thoughts About U.S. and China Trade War?

Ted Bauman is putting a new spin on things that are happening in the world. First, Ted Bauman is a successful author, entrepreneur, and a coach who can transform your financial situation. Secondly, Ted Bauman is a member of Banyan Hill Publishing where he serves as the editor. Thirdly, this successful entrepreneur is also the face behind Sovereign Investor Daily. Ted Bauman has written a book called Endless Income. However, the book Endless Income has received some awesome reviews.

Furthermore, Ted discusses on Forbes the trade between China and the United States. Ted believes that the United States cannot afford to have a trade war with China. In addition, experts claim that the United States is already in a huge deficit worth billions of dollars. However, the blame for some of these deficits are pointed at Washington and the way things are managed in corporate America. As a result, a lot of big named companies who has investments in China want President Trump to reconsider having this trade war with China. A lot of experts believe that higher tariffs will not dramatically change the economy. Consequently, higher tariffs could possibly hurt the U.S. economy.

Lastly, Ted believes that this trade war can hurt United States companies who operates all over the world. The trade war can have a major impact on stocks which includes Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500. In fact, retaliation against United States companies can be inevitable due to not developing a better strategy. If the people in Washington do not create a systematic or methodical plan; however, China will beat the U.S. at this game by having an influence on commodity prices. Not only will China chip away at the market; however, China will dominate the market globally.


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