David McDonald Explains How OSI Industries Maintains Profitability

David McDonald OSI Group was born in 1964 and brought up in Northeast Iowa where he did his studies up to the University. In 1987, David graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 1987.

In the same year, he began his career by joining OSI Industries, an international food production, and marketing company as the Project Manager. His work was to help the Chicago Company grow internationally especially in Asia and Latin America. Over the years, the company has spread its wings wind under through David’s leadership. The company today owns sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. David McDonald OSI Group is the current President and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Industries. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of OSI Industries and other OSI subsidiaries. He was once a Board member of Marfrig Alimentos S/A, one of Brazil’s largest integrated protein producers.

Since David McDonald OSI Group spent most of his career at OSI Industries, the company has benefited a lot from David McDonald because of his experience in the food industry. He gained the experience by working with local suppliers, governmental agencies and retailers both locally and internationally. In Europe for example, he facilitated the acquisition of Creative Foods formerly Flagship Europe and Baho Foods to increase the company’s supply to OSI’s customers. Baho specialized in supplying of snacks and deli meats while Creative Foods provided high-quality bespoke products to the European market. The acquisition of the two was an achievement to OSI Industries because it would supply its customers better.

David McDonald OSI Group admits that since he joined OSI Industries more than thirty years ago, the company has remained profitable because of its successful development strategies. He adds that the company is guided by its motto, which is to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. Additionally, he points that the company is flexible in its operations that includes looking for dynamic partnerships and taking time to value any deal. That is how the company remains profitable at all times, unlike many government-owned companies.McDonald puts it clear that the company treats its customers and staff as family and this keeps the clients hooked to the company through processing high standard products.

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