Robert Ivy talks about tips on how to develop professional skills

A majority of professionals’ master work-related skills while on the job and in school. Although, certain positions require more than school and experience. These posts need certain societies to offer extra training.

Ways of enhancing work-related competence

By 2010, there were about 92,000 professional and trade organizations in the United States. For years, professional organizations have been observed to attract individual employees. Trade unions, on the other hand, work in collaboration with companies. Institutions of higher learning offer individuals an opportunity to be part of a professional society. Although competing for awards and venturing in leadership roles at a place of work helps build the capacity of professionals.

Networking also plays a huge role when it comes to capacity building. Some organizations are famous for planning networking opportunities for their members. Other platforms where one can grow their skills and expertise include attending job fairs and membership to professional bodies. However, indulging in these activities requires a monetary contribution. It is postulated that association membership ranges from $50 to $1000 annually based on the organization.

About Robert Ivy

He is an architect and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). This professional is a graduate of Tulane University and the University of the South. Robert Ivy initiated his career in the early 80’s. For years he worked at Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy for over a decade. He also worked as a juror for a board that chooses architect Frank Gehry who designed the prestigious National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Follow him on Twitter

In the late 90’s Robert Ivy started his editorial journey. He has since worked for “Architectural Record” as an editor and as vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Robert also contributed greatly to various magazines including “SNAP” and “The Magazine of Sustainable Design.” Robert Ivy has assisted “Architectural Record” win a couple of awards including National Magazine Award and Premier Magazine Journalism Award.

Robert is a recipient of McGraw-Hill and the Crain Award. Robert Ivy occasionally seats on the Design Futures Council as a senior fellow. This architect had published a variety of works such as “Fay Jones: Architect,” a renowned biography that demonstrates work done by Frank Lloyd Wright’s protégée.


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