A closer look at the life of financial expert Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has always had a passion for helping other people in society. His background in finance has been instrumental in enabling his achieve his goals. For him writing was a path, he was initiated to by his father. Before then, he was working for a charity organization in Georgia. He began to generate wealth when he ventured in financial writing. He has since been able to draw the attention of numerous people through his knowledge and experience in finance.

Early in his career, he served in low-income communities. Helping people living in these areas enabled him to utilize his skills in financial management. He attributes his success to time management. According to him, time management has made him productive as a professional. Aside from being a prolific writer, he enjoys reading from time to time. One of the books that have shaped his vision is “Capital in the 21st Century.”

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is a native of Washington D.C and moved to South America during the early years of life. He is an economics major and a graduate of the University of Cape Town. He has held various positions during Bauman’s career.

Among the organizations, he worked for include Slum Dwellers International, a project that helps underprivileged people access affordable homes. Ted has also worked for multinational organizations such as the United Nations. During his tenure with the United Nations, he offered consultation services for this esteemed organization.

Having worked in South America during the early years of his career, He moved back to the United States in 2008. He was called upon to fill the position of head of International Programs. In 2013, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor.

He later started “The Bauman Letter,” a platform that teaches people on how to manage their wealth. This professional is a skilled writer and uses his expertise and experience in economics to assist people in matters of finance. Currently, Ted Bauman spends a significant amount of his time writing for “Smart Money,” a newsletter that guides people in stock trading.

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