Marc Beer

Marc Beer is the CEO and founder of Renovia Inc which is a medtech company based in Boston. Marc Beer is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology development as well as commercialization. Apart from Renovia Inc, Marc Beer has worked in several other Medtech companies that have succeeded under his leadership. Beer was the CEO of ViaCell in 2000 which is a biotechnology firm that focuses on the preservation, collection and development of blood stem cells for the umbilical cord. ViaCell grew to be a great company under his leadership growing to have 300 employees. Marc Beer has also founded several other companies which include Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee among others, and he was the former CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.


Renovia Inc is a company that Marc Beer founded to help women with pelvic floor disorders by delivering diagnostic and therapeutic devices to them. These devices are first-line and digital, and the company strives to discover new devices that women with this disorder can use. The company announced the financing of the Series B equity with $42.3million in funds. This funding includes $32.3 million and 10 million dollars to be used in venture debt. The purpose of the funding is to help Renovia Inc in conducting trials, corporate development, product development pipeline and future commercial launches. The Series B financing was held by leading healthcare industries such as Ascension Ventures, Perceptive Advisors, Inova Strategic Investments and Longwood Fund. Other corporations that participated in the funding include western technology Investment and OSF Ventures.


Marc Beer acknowledged the presence and participation of the other corporations and greatly honored their support. He was grateful that he had the support of firms that shared the same interests as him which was to improve the lives of those living with pelvic floor disorders through proper diagnosis and treatment. Beer added that the combination of the top-notch technologies from all those that participated would provide their customers with efficient scientific data to equip them with knowledge of new treatment options for pelvic floor disorders. The ultimate goal is to inform the public of pelvic floor disorders and in the long run lower the healthcare costs required for its treatment. Renovia Inc plans to develop the treatment for pelvic floor disorders especially urinary incontinence that affects close to 250 million women worldwide. The funding will help in diagnostic product pipeline to treat this. Learn more:

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