What Does The New Willis Towers CFO Michael Burwell Bring To The Table


Willis Towers recently made key changes in their management structure with the appointment of Michael Burwell as their new Chief Finance Officer. Burwell replaced Roger Millay who proceeds on early and voluntary leave. The insurance company’s chief executive, John Halley, hailed Burwell while expressing his optimism about the heights his input and experience might help the company soar. But what does the new CFO bring to the company?




Before joining Willis tower Watson, Michael Burwell had worked for over three decades with the Price Waterhouse Coopers. Here he served in several managerial positions including serving as the company’s chief financial officer and chief operations officer for the auditor’s United States division. He served in the audit and transaction advisory departments with a particular interest in mergers, acquisitions, and business valuations. The new employer hopes to bank on this experience to help achieve the company’s expansionary goals.


Managerial skills


Michael Burwell may have started his career at the junior positions at PWC, but his loyalty and administrative skills saw him quickly ascend the leadership ladder and serve the company’s head of global transformation. At each career level, Burwell has accumulated valuable skills on how to deal with different clients in order to drive results to the company. He, therefore, brings a wealth of organizational expertise that Willis Tower’s CEO hopes will go a long way in helping add value to the current management team.


Insurance know-how


While working with PWC Michael Burwell was entrusted with such roles as conducting business valuations as well as processing of mergers and acquisition. Willis tower insurance company also runs an audit and valuation division and therefore stands to benefit immensely from Mike’s inputs.


More about Michael Burwell


Michael first graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan University before topping it up with a CPA accreditation. He spent most of his career working in the different departments of PWC where he worked for 11 years in audit experience and 12 more in the transaction services. He also spent a few years in private practice honing his finance and consultancy skills and hopes to use this experience to enrich his input with the new position. See This Page to learn more.


Visit Burwell on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-burwell

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