An Overview On Michael Burwell Expertise And Capabilities


It is never easy to survive in the business world if you not only know where to start but also espouse the best ideas. Today’s business market is quite competitive and demanding. Every investor has to embrace the best investment ideas, seek effective advice as well as harbor distinctive wisdom. One strategy that Willis Towers Watson opted for is hiring the best personnel in the market. The company acquired the services of Michael ‘Mike’ Burwell to act as the Chief Financial Officer.


Willis Towers Watson is a widely recognized risk management, advisory, and insurance brokerage company. There is no doubt that Michael Burwell perfectly fits at Willis Towers Watson. His experience and expertise in the field of management and his leadership skills are a blessing to the company. Michael has always been prepared for bigger challenges and being appointed as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson is a dream come true. He is also more than eager to bring into use his skills and is willing to indulge in new challenges in the global advisory and reinsurance brokerage sector. Visit This Page for related information.


A Loyal Leader at PwC

A competent and praiseworthy employee can be recognized if he or she is able to help a company grow and rank among the best in the business world. Indeed, Michael Burwell proved this when he was working at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) where he made his name. This was prior to joining Willis Towers Watson.


While working at PwC, he was the driving force behind the growth of the company to international levels. His competence and diligence presented the company a means to improve its finance and treasury departments. At PwC, he worked at the Transaction Service Packages department and he was able to shape his reputation as a competent leader and auditing expert.


Academic Background

Education wise, Mr. Michael Burwell excelled with flying colors. He is an alumnus of the Michigan State University. At the university, he was able to amass skills in finance, certified public accounting, portfolio management, mergers and acquisition, and in leadership. Burwell has also used his experience and skills to inspire many other individuals who want to follow up his footsteps.


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