Journey Of Infinity Group Australia

Entrepreneurs and business consultants like Robert Kiyosak often argue that the success of a company depends first on the knowledge and experience of its founders along with their cooperation the founder have with their employees. Well, Infinity Group is fast proving this argument as correct. Earthed in Bella Vista, NSW Infinity Group Australia was just introduced in the market six years ago but is already on the ladder of success. This does not come as a blow because its founders Graeme Holms and Rebecca Walker happen to be gurus in the field of financial management which is the central role of the firm.




Graeme Holm is the pillar of the success story of infinity group. The co-founder and director of the firm dream of Infinity Group Australia began way back in 2001. Here, he realized that most families are struggling with debts and the financial firm available in Australia are not making their situation better as there are offering the clients a poor financial. Due to this, Graeme was inspired to begin a company that as relatively good financial deals that will favor all the members of the Australian community an help them to reduce their debt, manage their finances and create wealth for them hence the emerge of Infinity Group Australia.




In an attempt of making his company pop out as the best in such a competitive niche, Graeme came up with the idea of incorporating financial coaching because most of the people barely know how to manage their finances. Incorporation of this idea did not surprise those who knew him because with his 15 years’ experience such a brilliant idea would have definitely emerged from Graeme Holms. He hence reached out to Rebecca Walker through a friend as she is an expert in this field and established the Infinity group Australia in May 2012. Learn more:




Today the company is doing well not because of is idea but because of the great team he has with him who embraced his concept of Infinity Group Australia positive. To be precise, Infinity Group works with an estimated 50 members alongside various financial coaches who handle the economic issues of each client with the magnitude it deserves. It is such cooperation that has enabled the firm to stand and grow fast since its establishment, with such a spirit more is to be expected from the company in the next three or five years. Read more about Infinity Group Australia reviews.



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