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Dr. Villanueva: Revolutionizing Dental Practice through Autonomous Management

For many businesses including dental practices, putting clients first is paramount. However, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has successfully challenged this notion by putting doctors and in essence, employees, first. This reversal of the common organizational practice is aimed at giving dentists and other Chris Villanueva medical practitioners complete autonomy. In the end, this translates to customer satisfaction through improved services as a result of less bureaucracy and a sense of ownership among the practitioners. This revolutionary management model in dental practice has been one of the primary success factors at MB2 Dental; a dental practice founded by Dr. Villanueva. It is a hybrid system of management that borrows from his experiences in corporate management and sole-ownership in the dentistry sector.

Using the autonomous management model, Dr. Villanueva has successfully overseen the organic growth of his company into one of the leading dental practices in the region. MB2 Dental,currently boasts of over 500 employees. It also has operational footprint in six states through dozens of affiliated practitioners. By focusing on the personal growth of employees, MB2 Dental’s close-knit management approach ensures that it promotes innovation within its ranks. Patients benefits from such innovations in the form of improved practices and services through trickle-down effect. Therefore, by putting doctors first, MB2 Dental essentially puts patients first. A strong opponent of micromanagement by chief executive officers, Dr. Villanueva relies on teamwork, collocation, open work environments and self-refection as the best avenues for bringing new ideas to life. He is also a staunch believer in the importance of technological advancements in improving patient experience.

For Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a dentistry degree holder from Nova Southern University believes that his hybrid model of management is aimed at finding the equilibrium between the operational objectives of providers and businesses. The youthful management practice at MB2 Dental challenges the uninspired traditional practices in the industry. By adding a sense of fun in the practice, Dr. Villanueva ensures that dentists drop the drab individual-based practices that hampered greater growth and improved customer experience. In its place, the alumnus of University of Florida introduced a principle of together and work-based collaboration and teamwork. Founded on a progressive business culture, MB2 Dental is dedicated to breaking down management barriers by introducing progressive management practices such as bi-yearly retreats where employees bond. Its disruptive management model is wholly committed to supporting dentists without negatively affecting the quality of services offered to the clients.

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