Talkspace: Innovatively Filling the Gap in Therapy Services Provision

In a move that is aimed at breaking down barriers associated with mental health including stigmatization and bias, Talkspace has announced a partnership with celebrated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. The new partnership will see Michael Phelps candidly talk about his lifelong battle with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression with the goal of […]... Read More

Journey Of Infinity Group Australia

Entrepreneurs and business consultants like Robert Kiyosak often argue that the success of a company depends first on the knowledge and experience of its founders along with their cooperation the founder have with their employees. Well, Infinity Group is fast proving this argument as correct. Earthed in Bella Vista, NSW Infinity Group Australia was just […]... Read More

Talos Energy CEO Takes Huge Risks That May Just Pay Off

In the wake of massive floodwaters that ravaged Houston after Hurricane Harvey swept its wrath upon the biggest city in Texas, Talso Energy CEO Tim Duncan hunkered down at his mother’s kitchen table and cobbled together the biggest deal of his life. Like thousands of other Houston residents, Duncan and his family barely had time […]... Read More

Clayton Hutson Head of Rigging on Soul2Soul World Tour (Updated)

Soul2Soul Joined by Industry Sound Producer, Clayton Hutson A notable event is taking place in the music industry, specifically live stage shows. Long sought after Nashville native Clayton Hutson, Sound Engineer, and tour Manager, is joining the Soul2Soul: World Tour of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The second part of the journey will be visiting […]... Read More

U.S. Virginia High School Student Wins Transgender-Related Lawsuit

Slightly more than two years ago, the state of North Carolina’s governor signed into law a piece of legislature widely known as the “bathroom bill.” The discriminatory law, also known as House Bill 2 or the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, kept transgender people of all ages away from bathrooms that weren’t of the […]... Read More