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TEACH Loans Killing Teachers With Personal Debt

Public education is undeniably important in modern society. Not just in the United States, Japan, Australia, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, The Gambia, Crimea, or any other particular country across the globe – public education is the ground from which future generations of adults, leaders, politicians, doctors, and literally everyone else grow.

Without a solid system for public education and programs that support it, a society is certain – according to research known all around the world – to drop in nearly every measure of comparative greatness and overall performance.

Despite the United States of America formerly hosting one of the greatest public education systems around the globe, its current landscape of public education is dismal, at least compared to its potential.

Recently, the United States Department of Education officially launched an investigation into the status of its grant program for teachers of public schools around the nation.

Grants are sums of money that are given out to various organizations, governments, businesses, and sometimes individuals to help them accomplish various goals. Almost always, at least in education, grants are for very specific purposes that must be proven to be fulfilled. Detailed documentation is the least a civic-minded government can ask in return for literally handing away hundreds or thousands of dollars to people in important positions to take care of various needs.

In the United States, teachers were granted loans over recent years in countless low-income primary and secondary schools across the nation. However, even though those teachers were almost always of low-income households – after all, they worked at low-income schools that inherently have little leeway to pay their hard-working, much-deserving teachers more – those grants mentioned above were switched into personal loans that such teachers are themselves responsible to pay back.

Such TEACH grants helped teachers pay for college degree tuition in order to teach important subjects in low-income schools. Now they have to pay them back just like any other loan.


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