U.S. Government Contemplates Closure Of School Space Satellite Programs

How many times have you thought about venturing into outer space? As students, most people around the globe – you were almost certainly taught this lineup, too, if you went to school in the United States – are familiar with the eight planets of the Solar System.

For whatever reason, even though humanity’s population continues to rise with seemingly no end, climate change could permanently change the globe, and despite the fact that exploring outer space simply seems cool, primary, secondary, and four-year schools and universities across the United States haven’t made available funding for programs related to satellites, outer space, and other planets outside of Earth – there are some exceptions, thankfully, though not too many.

According to recent announcements from the United States federal government,https://theconversation.com/new-federal-policy-would-hike-student-spacecraft-costs-threatening-technology-education-96388 the highest level of bureaucracy across America, the Federal Communications Commission may soon eliminate programs that have traditionally allowed students in both high school and college to build satellites that literally get launched into space.

If such regulation disappears at the will of the FCC, schools that are unlikely to still be interested in such programs could be forced to fork over a whopping $135,350 each and every year, not to mention a cool $30,000 just to apply.

Even though devices that cost just a few thousand dollars like the CubeSat – a cubic satellite that hovers in low-Earth orbit – are most often used, the cost of such programs could skyrocket upwards of 30 times of their current cost in coming years.

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