Getting Real With Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. He has over 30 years’ experience and is using that to move forward in the business world. He is a leader and a great role model. He has held several leadership positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and as a Vice Chairman. He received a bachelor’s Degree in business from Michigan State University. Michael Burwell believes that a balance of education and experience are the keys to success in the business market and with his education and professional experience together he has made an outstanding reputation. His day starts at 5 a.m. with making his bed, whether he is traveling or at home. Making his bed is his first accomplishment for the day. Then while riding a bike, he will think about what he needs to accomplish by the end of the day. It helps him think about what to accomplish for the month, week, day and so on. See This Page for related information.


Michael Burwell is always keeping up on the latest trends of his business and where they next best technological breakthrough might be. He has a way of improving himself and keeping himself up to date with events and activities. Burwell has developed strategies and has some sure fire ways of communication and developmental skills that keep him on the upper edge of his business. For one, being a good listener is important to communicating with business partners and future endeavors that will grow the company he works for and the company he chooses to do business with. Keeping a positive attitude and being consistent and on task is of utmost importance for accepting feedback from peers and management. Learning from past failures is another way to stay on top of things and how to grow and move ahead in your business. Connecting with others and keeping an open mind are the keys to a successful growing business as well. His methods for success include, staying focused and looking forward, moving ahead and being relentless in all he does and wants to accomplish in his professional and professional life.



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